Sports And Drugs (369 words) Essay

Sports And Drugs
“The Sports World Should be Drug Free” This article was derived on the
question: Why the sports world should be drug free? Barry McCaffrey’s answer
to this question is based on a simple assumption that drug usage in sports has a
direct impact on children which will ultimately lead to downfall of sports. The
essay takes on the belief that all or most kids look up to athletes. And if
these athletes do drugs then kids will do drugs. It is directed to the athletes
themselves, coaches, and the parents of all children. McCaffrey states that
after the death of athlete Len Bias, youth cocaine use suddenly dropped (page
1). It seems that this is a safe assumption because after a death of a famous
athlete, people as well as children learn the disastrous effect of drug use. He
also believes that when athletes use drugs and are rewarded for their
athleticism kids get the misimpression that drugs are not dangerous to their
well being, dreams and aspirations (page 1). This essay is compelling and also
logical. We as a culture know that children look up to all athletes. They are
pictured on cereal boxes, sneaker ads, cartoons, etc…. The author makes the
natural assumption that if these athletes use drugs that kids will get the
picture that it is alright for them to use them as well. His argument is very
convincing especially for a parent. He gives evidence that professional
organizations are know getting involved to take a stand against drug usage.

McCaffrey states, ” Eighteen Major League Baseball teams are showing anti-drug
public service announcements in their stadiums at home games. Major league
soccer is sending strong anti-drug messages to its young fans. On October 23rd ,
as part of the Office of Drug Policy’s athletic initiative, the first ever
“National Coachathon Against Drugs” will see coaches across the
nation?from pee wee to the big leagues?starting practices with messages
against drugs” (page 2). The only thing about McCaffrey’s argument is that
he didn’t consider the other side’s point of view. He must of thought they
did not have a relevant case to even consider their view. He did a good job
researching and making a firm strong point.

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Sports And Drugs (369 words) Essay
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McCaffrey, Barry R. “The Sports World Should Be Drug Free” St.

Petersburg Times. September 9, 1998. p. 12A


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