Sports Betting Essay

Sport Betting The issue of sport betting gives rise to many controversies and opposed by lots of people since Malaysian government legalizes sport betting and will give the license to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd to be the first and only legalized sports betting operator. In doing so, government wishes that Ascot would help them to curb illegal betting, especially during the time of the FIFA World Cup and to avoid losing tax revenue estimated to be up to 4 billion ringgit a year due to illegal sports betting.

The service of sport betting will be offered through selected Sports Toto outlets and through the telephone for non-Muslims aged above 21 only. The government stated that the legal gambling industry will contributes enormously to the economy and generates huge income for the country. According to a statistics, total tax revenue of Malaysia in 2009 amounted RM158. 6 billion, and the gambling industry contributed RM3 billion or 2% of it. From the public’s point of views, the legalization of sport betting brings negative impacts to the social harmony.

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According to the survey report of The Against Domestic Violence Society of Penang, more than 60% of Malaysians are involved in at least one gambling activities, 40% of people are gambling every week and adults spend an annual average of RM6, 000 to buy lottery tickets. This would lead to the lost of family fortunes and then family would be broken down. As a result, the number of family violence would be increasing. The husband who loses money would turn into violent or force his wife into prostitution to feed their habit or help to pay debt. Additionally, legalization of sport betting would negatively influence young people.

They are the future masters of nation. When government legalizes the sport betting, they are intended to train the young people from national potential leader into the potential gambler. Moreover, they think sports betting would adversely affect the country’s economy. When people are too dedicated to participate in gambling activities, they will spend the money in the gambling which does not stimulate the economy rather than spent in the capital economy. Money that can be invested, loaned and recycled through the economy is being used in gambling activities.

More and more money is betted on gambling rather than spent on primary and secondary education. Besides, people would loss the motivation to work and cause low productivity, finally leading to economic problems. At the end, they would borrow money from loan sharks and get themselves and their families into debt. When they are unable to pay the debt, social problems would arise, such as involved in the theft, suicide, family violence, child abuse and others. Finally, when the social problems become critical, it would seriously threat to the national security. Sundry Shop

According to the Oriental Daily, the reintroduction of licenses to trade in controlled items has hit a raw nerve among sundry shop owners and they have collectively decided to stop selling those essential items from June 15. As stated by the president of Federation of Sundry Goods Merchants Association, Lian Xing Quan, the boycott was caused by the profit of selling the controlled items is too low. For example, the profit from the sale of 1kg of sugar is three sen, 5kg of cooking oil is 20sen and 1kg of flour is three sen. Furthermore, a sundry shop needs about 9 to 11 licenses, which will cost a merchant RM1, 107 annually to renew.

Besides, they claimed that enforcement officers will regularly check the Chinese grocery stores instead of the Malays grocery stores. Due to the numerous issues that are raised up by Lian Xing Quan, this news has created negative impacts to the Chinese society. It has pointed out the issue of racial discrimination when the enforcement officers are more likely to check the Chinese grocery stores. Since most of the controlled items are sold by non-Malays and Malays groceries shops, this make the Chinese felt that they have been treated unfair where most of the Malays are less likely get into the trouble.

For example, the Malays who stayed in the villages most likely enjoy the privilege of not getting the licenses to sell the controlled items. As a result, it has caused unpleasant among the Chinese. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the concept of One Malaysia which it resulted the lack of respect and appreciation for other races. For example, the case of the enforcement officers is more likely to check the Chinese grocery stores, which caused the difficulty to achieve the goal to maintain and enhance the unity in the diversified culture.

If the issue of racial discrimination still continue, it will be very difficult to change the negative perceptions although strong facts are presented to prove their misconception when one ethnic group has formed a high level of prejudice towards another ethnics group. Consequently, this has significantly brought a threat to the national security due to the divergence. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. “Gambling. ” The Against Domestic Violence Society of Penang . www. violence1125. org. my/cms/index. php? option=com_content&view=article&id=50:2009-10-04-19-58-21&catid=36:gallery&Itemid=58&lang=en (accessed June 14, 2010).


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