Sports in America Essay

Sports in America Sports in America is a big part of daily lives for everyone. Known worldwide the United States is usually always the champion in sports, as said on the Olympics. Kids start practicing from a very young age which helps them growing. What people don’t see is that practicing a sport or hobby is a benefit, not all schools have it in the U. S. Being in sports brings many benefits for the teenagers, for example, learning how to use teamwork. While applying for colleges many schools look at activities that you ave done tthroughout your high school years.

According to the following sources, Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission, Athletic Footwear Association, and USA Today, about 35 million kids a year practice sports. But most of them usually plan on quitting the following year not realizing the good it has teached them to be on a good path for the future. High school athletes are 3 time more likely to graduate than non- athletes, and 92% less likely to get involved with drugs. Females in school are 80% less likely to get pregnant.

Athletes have significantly higher GPA’s than non-athletes and are less absent to school than most sstudents. They also have a higher sense of self-worth and social skills. Athletics helps build and maintain healthy muscles, bones, help control weight, prevent high blood pressure, and reduce feelings of anxiety. Kids do not realize how good it is for their own good Just to practice sports. Kids Just want to play during this age, even if winning would be great 90% of kids would prefer being on a losing team if they could play rather than warm the bench n a winning team.

Coaches have no clue how important is for kids to practice sports and 45. 3% of athletes have said their coaches have called them names and insulted teammates. Many little details make up the kids mind on quitting the team, like the calling of names, plus all the homework from school, and so they think they should not keep up with sports anymore and everything would be easier. Many other countries don’t offer competitive sports to the kids in high school. They start taking it for granted because they know there are no consequences.

There are athletes in other countries who are great in their sport but they don’t have any support from their schools or country to pursue their dream of playing. The odds of an American High School student to get a full ride toa Division I or II is 1 out of 90, for an international kid is 1 out of 600. To succeed in a sport in other countries money is required, the family need to send their kids to the U. S or Europe to play for camps so they could be recognized by someone. In America there are scouts everywhere, and also news on high school scores and stats all the time.

Citizens know exactly how schools are doing and their best players from their county school. Coaches should know as well to appreciate all the effort and hard work of each of their athletes. Athletes don’t realize the benefits of being part of a sport and how much good it does to them in their future and formation as a person. The Physical Program in the U. S has been doing the best to train and give opportunities of growing to those who want to succeed and give their best. This program tthroughout the country is most definitely in the top three of the world.

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