Spying on Children Essay

At what age does spying or snooping into cchildren’s phone and internet activities, become an invasion of privacy to your kids? Can looking out for cchildren’s best interests be considered inappropriate snooping past a certain age? For many parent’s it is a tough topic. Perhaps spying or snooping is not dependent on a certain age, as there are many different scenarios to take into consideration. It is obvious that every paren’t wants to ensure his or her child a bright future, which could lead to snooping.

However once children reach a certain age they should be ble to make their own choices, right or wrong, and be held accountable for their actions, independently from their parent’s. Each paren’t should decide at which age this occurs, but once parent’s make the decision it becomes an invasion of privacy to snoop on your kids. Many children learn through their experiences away from their home and parent’s. I know as a teenager growing up I did much of my learning through my friends and in the media.

A poll showed that a whopping 22% of “teens and tweens” log on to their ocial media of choice at least ten times a day! (http://pediatrics. aappublications. org/ content/127/4/800. full) That is incredible that kids are spending so much time on social media, where much of their learning is probably derived. In the study it added that of the polled teens and tweens 75% owned a cell phone, 25% of them use their phones for social media, and a total of 54% of them use it for text messaging. The fact that these teens have the ability to communicate instantly only increases the onnection to each other.

Having parent’s snooping through cchildren’s social media can be annoying and can make kids feel like they are not trusted or have bad Judgment. As a teen, parent’s spying can be one of the worst nightmares. What if they find something? What’s going to happen after they do? It is very common for teens to hide things from their parent’s such as where they are, who they are talking to, and of course the manner of speech itself. However, if parent’s snoop too much then children will never fully get the opportunity to experience key steps in their lives, such as their first beer or sneaking out of their rooms at night.

It can really hinder their enjoyment of “the best years of their lives” as well as real world learning and life experiences. Overall, there is a thin line between being overly-protective and not cautious enough among parent’s; at the same time there has to be a certain age at which a child is no longer a child and should be accountable as an adult would. The challenge is to identify at which age this occurs among teens and tweens. Spying on Children By Katelyn29

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