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This chapter discusses the related works that this survey has relied to in its development. Chapter 2 discusses how published surveies and literatures contributed to the conceptual preparation of the survey. Furthermore. the foundation of this research with respects to its model is besides defined and described in this chapter.

Review of Related Literature

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Harmonizing to the book of John Ivancevich in his book entitled Human Resource Management 2007. he specify Human Resource Management as a map performed in organisations that facilitates the most effectual usage of people to accomplish organisational and single ends. Besides he said that we must understand clearly that to turn. prosper. and remain healthy. they must optimise the return on investing of all resources. Furthermore. stated that Human Resource Management map today is concerned with much more than simple filling. housework. and record maintaining. When schemes are integrated within the organisation. Human Resource Management plays a major function in clear uping the firm’s human resources jobs and develops solutions to them. Today it would be hard to conceive of any organisation achieving and prolonging effectivity without efficient Human Resource Management plans and activities.

This literature discussed the importance of Human Resource Management in a certain organisation or company. It is related to this survey since this survey will be concentrating on the Human Resource Department of National University. This literature besides shows the consequence of Human Resources in an organisation.

It is frequently recognized that new engineering is built-in to a Human Resource Management scheme. both in its usage in recommending a strategic attack to the usage of labour and in the nexus between cybernation and more flexible
production. New engineering can heighten the ends of direction: cybernation and the usage of numerically controlled machines have all tended to do single occupations more self-contained. more skilled and more varied. cut downing the demand for supervising and increasing the grade of workers control over their ain activities. ( Reassessing Human Resource Management. Bliton et Al. . 1992 )

This literature discussed the integrating of modern engineering with the maps and procedure of Human Resource Management. It besides shows the effects of cybernation of the procedure of the Human Resource Management. It is related in this survey in a manner that the advocates will besides incorporate the usage of modern engineering to the procedure of the Human Resource Management to optimise its maps.

Review of Related Studies

In the survey of L. R. Decena in 2008 entitled Dynamic Expert Locator: An Application of Human Resource Information System at the University of Baguio. She stated that many organisations are happening a better manner of put to deathing Human Resource Management maps because efficient and effectual direction. One of the latest engineerings that would reply this is the debut of Human Resource Information System. it helps the organisation achieve their ends. increase the degree of employee public presentation. save cost through the improved efficiency and productiveness of workers. and better the ability to pull off alteration.

This survey is about the presenting an Information system to Human Resources. It says that it would be better to put to death its map thru information system. It is related to the survey since the advocates will besides be utilizing an Information System in the procedure of the Human Resource. Organizations today incorporate the usage of engineering in pull offing their human resources called Human Resource Information System. This aims of bettering the quality of direction with regard to planning. employee information entree. and the employer regulative conformity. This has become one of the most importance tools for many concerns.

The survey besides finds that manual readying and updating of employees-related paperss takes a batch of clip which sometimes causes holds. Problems in the HR section are due to the most manual process usage in the HR Department. Besides in this survey it is stated that due to manual rating of qualified attack it took a batch of clip for the readying of choice line-up and rating studies in the Human Resource Department. because of this a Human Resource Management Information System program is needed to turn to said jobs. A enlisting faculty that must bring forth a study interview trial and assignment consequences must be create. ( M. B. Maddul. Human Resource Management Information System Plan of Ifugao State College of Agriculture and Forestry. 2009 )

In this survey it besides introduces the used of Information System in pull offing Humana Resource Department. This is besides states that the job arising in the HR Department is its manual procedures particularly in the enlisting procedure. Since the survey that will be develop by the advocates focuses more on enlisting this survey will be a great aid in the development of this survey.

The survey about Local Area Network-Based Human Information System for PLT College Incorporated by A. A. Buyacco in 2003. stated that bing system of manual Human Resource Information system should be operationally modified through the cybernation of procedures in all the sub-unit offices. Networking provides fast coordination of computing machine generated informations on Human Resource Information System and provides easiness of record retrieval and study coevals. Thru this it will be able to get by with the modern society’s growth and demanding population of employees.

This survey states that the cybernation of Human Resources procedure like implementing LAN base system will be a large aid in the employees specially in back uping a big figure of employees. In the survey of the advocates this merely proves that the usage of networking will be a aid to the procedure of the HR Department particularly in record retrieval that will be requested by different sections that the HR section serviced.

Human Resource processes depend to a great extent in spreadsheets and paper records. Resumes and employee files are maintained in difficult transcripts. and the employee rolls and workers compensation information were tracked on spreadsheets. Employee’s records are often lost. and informations inaccuracy led to payroll traveling to the incorrect sections and employees looking in the incorrect cost centres. Findingss in this survey shows that the manual and traditional manner of processing in the Human Resource gave rise to the incompatibility and inaccuracy of information reported. slow processing and coevals of the information. loss of needed information or information and deficiency of required Human Resources for the HR Department. In this related survey. the proposed system provides for timely coevals of studies and other needed information.

This will hike productiveness of the HR Department in footings of the achievement of its maps. It is stated that is can salvage 90 % of the clip required to manage the same process utilizing paper. It will typically hike productiveness while bettering client service and supplying far better internal controls. On this survey it is recommended that workflow mechanization is the best solution to bing jobs that were found herein and that it should be implemented to turn to the jobs of low productiveness. accomplish a higher grade of working expeditiously and better its functionality in footings of measuring the accomplishments of its work force for better direction. ( G. R. Hufana. AMA La Union Corporate Human Resource Information System. 2004 )

This survey states that the manual procedure in the Human Resource Department will take to assorted jobs and that the solution for this is through implementing an information system that will take to a more productive and efficient consequence.

In the Study of C. Zamora entitled Human Resource Information System of University of Luzon in 2010 provinces that Human Resources have come to play a really critical function in a concern. New engineerings are now being introduced on a regular footing in order to do a Human Resource section more effectual and efficient. This enable much simpler yet more modernised system. It besides offers that one of latest human resource is the debut of Human Resource Information System ; it is an incorporate system is designed to assist supply information used n HR determinations. It does non merely simplify the determination devising procedure. but besides assistance in complex dialogues that autumn under the Human resource umbrella. The basic advantage is to computerise employee records and database and to keep an up-to-date history of the determinations that have been made or that need to be made as portion of human resource direction program.

This related survey provinces that the manner to decide the jobs that arise in the human resource section is through implementing an information system. On this survey it focuses to assist the human resource section on determination devising undertaking. This survey is related to the proposed survey of the advocates since it will include a Decision doing faculty of map that will be applied on the enlisting procedure.


The advocates have found out through all this collected literature and surveies that the usage of an Information System in the Human Resource Management field will be hold a positive consequence on their procedure and besides on their work efficiency. It besides defines the maps of Human Resource Department and its importance in an organisation. The gathered information will function as a footing in prosecuting this survey and will supply extra thoughts that will hold a important consequence on the survey. This will besides function as a usher in developing this survey. The integrating of modern engineering will work out the drawn-out period for ranking and designation of qualified employees for engaging. publicities and wagess ; time-consuming retrieval and inappropriate storage of histories ; erroneous studies and incapableness to bring forth timely studies about employee and section.

Conceptual Model

INPUT PROCESS OUPUTFigure 1. 0 is an IPO chart that shows the conceptual model of the system. This shows the assemblage of information. Data aggregation was done in the Human Resource Department of National University. The advocates conduct an interview to the forces and staff of the Department. The advocates use PHP/ JAVA in making the plans and the user interface while we use My SQL as the back terminal of the system. The usage of broadband with burden is to direct presentments to appliers. The procedure that will be used is Rapid Application Development. which includes Requirement Planning Phase. User Design Phase. Construction Phase and Cutover Phase.

Definition of Footings

The undermentioned footings have been defined to help in understanding the proficient footings that was used in this survey. Computerization – it is the procedure of change overing an manual procedure to automated procedure through the usage of modern engineering. Computerized Election – it is the procedure of change overing an manual procedure of election into automated through the usage of modern engineering.

Biometricss –

Local Area Network – refers to a computing machine web that connects computing machines and devices in a limited country such as place. school. computing machine research lab or office edifice. In the survey. it is use to ease an on-line scrutiny for the appliers.

Ocular Basic. Internet –

MS Access –

Manual Procedures – refers to the procedure that is done without the assistance of modern engineering like computing machines. In this survey it refers to the procedure of the Human Resource Department like. engaging. record maintaining. manual rating. etc.

Organization – it is an entity or a concern that have Human Resource section.

Recruitment – refers to the procedure of engaging or choosing applier for a certain place.

SMS – refers to short communicating transmitted by word from one individual to another. In the survey it will be used as a manner of advising appliers about their employment position.

Figure 1. 0 Input-Process-Output ( IPO ) Chart

Evaluation of Project Acceptability

3-PT E-Recruit System: An Online Recruitment System with SMS and DSS Function

Requirements Planing Phase
• Planing
• Analysis
User Design Phase
Construction Phase
• Programing
• Coding
• Unit integrating
• System Testing
Cutover Phase
• execution

Information & A ; Knowledge Requirements
• Research
• Observation
• Problems Encountered
• Interviews
• PHP/ JAVA codifications
Software Requirements
• My SQL
Hardware Requirements
• Personal computer Unit ( at least processor Core 2 Duo )
• Broadband with burden
Peoples Requirements
• Human Resource Officers/ Employees


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