Stack for Chapter 1 Science

Cell a tiny building block that makes up every part of an organism
inherit to have a trait passed on from the parents of the organism
larva the stage of complete metamorphosis, or change, after an organism hatches from its egg
life cycle the changes that happen to an organism during its life
metamorphosis a series of changes in appearance that some organisms go through
organism any living thing
pupa the stage of complete change, or metamorphosis, where an organism is wrapped in a cocoon
What are some ways living things react to changes around them? They lose leaves, hide, or run away from other animals.
What three things do nonliving things not do? they do not reproduce, they do not react to changes in weather, and they do not grow and do not need to get energy.
How do living things reproduce? They make babies or seeds
What do living things need to grow? They need energy from food and or the sun.
All living things are made from… Cells
What is a cell? A cell is a building block of all living things.
What do cells do? They each have their own jobs to help the organism living.
What do you need to see a cell? A microscope.
complete metamorphosis When the organism goes through a complete change from larva to adult. The larva does not look the same as the adult.
incomplete metamorphosis when the organism does not change appearance throughout their life cycle. The organism only gets bigger from nymph to adult.
What is the changes that an organism goes through during its life? Its life cycle
What do plants grow from? Seeds or bulbs
What do all animals start as? An egg
What do living things inherit from their parents? Traits
What are traits that are not inherited? These are traits that animals learn?
Living things inherit traits from who? Their parents

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