Stages of The Bidding Process Essay

Business Systems Integration and Consultancy


‘Success does non come in a twenty-four hours ‘ -It ‘s merely a general expression, but I have learnt that it should be considered as a cardinal issue in implementing a new CRM system. During the class of this faculty, I got myself transformed from a complete proficient understanding to a existent clip adviser. The basic thought of this faculty is, to supply us with an thought on how to incorporate the concern systems by integrating high degree schemes, for the contemporary administrations.

Aluxtel, a mid-sized telecommunication and amusement company was holding jobs with its corporate civilization. The communicating spread between the assorted sections of the administration was found to be increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Hence in order to make full these spreads and besides to raise the company ‘s gross revenues figures, a program to implement a new CRM system was devised. Since Aluxtel needed an expertness manus in implementing the new CRM system, we formed our ain consulting house and went through the assorted suggestion phases like the RFI, RFP and the BAFO in order to win the command.

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Stages of The Bidding Process Essay
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We formed our confer withing house and allocated the functions non merely in a random mode but as per the past experiences and educational backgrounds. I played the function of a ‘Systems Analyst ‘ . Even though I was assigned with the above function and was made to manage the proficient facets, I made certain that I actively participated in the all procedures.

The first phase in the biding procedure is to come up with a response for the RFI provided. Since this being the first response exhibiting our company profile which we were approximately to bring forth to the client, our full group brainstormed together for long hours and came up with a profile of that of a mid-sized company. During the brainstorming session we went through a batch of misinterpretations, like fundamentally in our company profile I felt the demand to advert about the fiscal facets and besides the figure of bing clients across each spheres and each part of the Earth. I was besides non happy with the information about the employee head count of our company.From my past experiences, a mid-sized company would hold a four figure employee count whereas we merely had someplace about three hundred employees. Besides I faced some hurdlings from my group while bordering the ‘Core Values ‘ subdivision for our administration. I wanted to do ‘Customer Satisfaction ‘ as one of the major nucleus values for us, but about all of them were with the impression that it should non be considered as a nucleus value alternatively, should be considered as a bringing policy of an administration. Anyways as per the stating ‘Majority Wins ‘ , since many of my group mates did non agreed to my suggestion I was made to dump my thoughts. We successfully submitted the RFI and made a spring to the following phase, the RFP phase.


Since we had to come out with a proposed attack and besides with an overview of our execution scheme and timelines for this undertaking, major portion of our attempt was required in this stage. From the information about the current system and the cardinal demands prescribed in the RFP, a thorough analysis was made and the major jobs faced by Aluxtel were identified. After much aberrance within our group, we came out with a conceptual theoretical account for the CRM system. I came out with a suggestion to present web portal as an interface in the new CRM system and in the ulterior phase even IVR was added as an interface. As we planned to present ‘Internet ‘ as an input channel, we made a thorough analysis by using the Porter ‘s Five Forces technique. We studied factors like: how easy it would be to present cyberspace in the administration, fight, supplier power, power possessed by consumers and sorts of menaces from alternate services.

Owing to the communicating spread being reasonably much wider between the selling and the gross revenues section, I suggested the debut of a common database called the ‘Marketing Department Analysis Database ‘ , in which the selling section could update the inside informations refering to the merchandise offers based on the market research, which in bend could be retrieved by the gross revenues section without any clip holds or miscommunications. After much indulgent and analysis a response to the RFP provided. But subsequently when we received the remarks from the client for the response provided, we came to cognize that we were in a reasonably much bad and held up province. Though there were many positive points in the feedback provided, two major concerns were raised. One being that in the RFP response we came out with a solution which was much concentrated on the proficient facets i.e. our solution was a mere measure by measure attack of implementing the new CRM system whereas much focal point was non given on the scheme that has to be incorporated in implementing this CRM.This is chiefly because we all were ab initio holding the technology chapeau alternatively of the direction chapeau. The 2nd concern was that the inside informations about the clip frame specified for the execution was non equal. Though we phased our execution procedure into different phases, precise clip slots were non provided by us for each of them.

Even though we conceded the RFP phase, we were to get down once more from the abrasion in order to come out with a high degree execution scheme instead than with the common CRM execution techniques. When we understood that we were really much behind our rivals, we started to work like ne’er before. I did a batch of research on the execution scheme forepart and came up with many thoughts among which some were agreed by my squad members after much brainstorming.


We made usage of the SWOT analysis techniques to acquire a clear image of Aluxtel ‘s present state of affairs. We learnt that for scheme to be successful, effectual execution of the undermentioned three factors are required 1 ) It should possess long term, simple and agreed aims. 2 ) Deep apprehension of the competitory environment. 3 ) Objective assessment of resources. After much hiccoughs, we eventually zeroed down on the ‘Customer Centric Approach ‘ as a cardinal issue of our execution scheme. I felt the new system should be devised in such a manner that the client ‘s satisfaction was to be considered as the base and common end across the sections and all the employees within the administration should work together to endeavor it.

As I was managing the function of the ‘Systems Analyst ‘ of the house, I sketched the program to transport out the informations migration procedure. Since a clear image of some of the issues was non provided by Aluxtel in the informations migration imperativeness release, I opted for and attended an interview with the Aluxtel executives. To be blunt adequate I did non acquire much information that was required out of that interview, possibly I should hold framed the inquiries in a better manner for them.

I easy handled the basic jobs like the field split mistakes, inconsistent/incorrect entries and the information ‘s with different representations. The chief hurdle that I faced in this procedure was with the manual cleaning portion, since exact information about the informations that needed to be cleansed manually was non provided.

Even though I feel that the attack which I came up for the informations migration procedure was good plenty, now I feel that there are some issues that could hold been dealt in a better manner. The first being the ‘Time ‘ factor – sum of clip for which all the call Centres should be shut down in order to migrate the information. In the concluding presentation I stated that the migration procedure could be carried out in a stretch for four thin yearss during the weekends ( Thursday – Sunday ) between 11pm-6am, alternatively I should hold planned the migration procedure in the weekdays. This is because usually it is in the weekend darks that the clients would remain back at place in a relaxed temper and pass rather some clip both in telecasting every bit good as in shoping the cyberspace. Hence the clients register their ailments or browse and put their new orders chiefly during this continuance, which in bend implies that the call Centre traffic would be high at such times. But in the weekdays the call Centre traffic would be reasonably low which stands as an optimum clip for the migration. The above point chiefly holds good for Aluxtel, since it is a telecommunication and amusement company. Second, I should hold come up with an accurate audience cost for the migration procedure. Though merely after a market study the audience costs indicated were obtained, it could hold been much more precise. If in instance I could drive myself to the past and implement this information migration procedure once more, I would do certain that the above mentioned points are addressed in it.The worst and besides the good portion of this information migration stage is that all of my group members readily accepted my suggestions owing to my past experience in this field.


If I were to undergo the whole life rhythm and come out with a better execution scheme, so I would take precise attention of the undermentioned schemes. First, it was stated that merely the top direction and the senior degree employees knew about the new CRM system whereas the staying portion of the employees from all the assorted degrees of the concern did non had any thought about its construction, its benefits and finally besides its usage. Hence I would propose to ab initio brief the employees about the new system and besides conduct a study among them. Because it is fundamentally traveling to be the employees who are traveling to do usage of the system to the full extent and besides they would be holding a better penetration about the bing system which would in bend be helpful in make fulling the spreads, if any arises in the new system. Even the basic knowledge-collection of utile information that is present should non acquire stagnated at one topographic point whereas it should be permeated across all the different groups in the administration, for new system to be successful. The cognition that I am seeking to convey into image is the silent cognition, which as stated by Polanyi is ‘the result of exerting single opinion, accomplishment and practise ‘ . It is gained through experience and is specific to every individual. Though it ‘s difficult to spread it within the administration, a face to confront interaction between the groups for a drawn-out period of clip would give out positive consequences. When interaction comes into image, so the idea of ‘psychological contract ‘ dads in automatically which as stated by Rousseau is ‘an underwritten set of outlooks between everyone in an administration and, unlike the written contract, is invariably altering ‘ . Both the employer and the employee should possess such reciprocally high duties so that the psychological contract gets balanced between them which in bend outputs better outcomes as a whole. Besides Rousseau states that ‘only when both parties have something to derive that they will work to guarantee a successful consequence ‘ which clearly means that the employees be provided with a clear position of any alterations that is traveling to be introduced in the administration and besides the benefits which they could harvest from it. As per Mintzberg, ‘Organisations must do sense of the past if they hope to pull off the hereafter ‘ . Besides the employees are the Southern Cross of any administration and even if some per centum of them walk out of the pitch i.e. have no involvement in the new program, so evidently the system is a failure. Second, we suggested ‘Internet ‘ and an improved ‘IVR System ‘ as extra input mediums for the new system but I besides feel that ‘Text Services ‘ via Mobile could be considered as an input option. This is because presents in the telecommunication industry most of the updations by the bing clients are done via Mobile services. Hence I feel that this option would in bend cut down the call Centre traffic to a great extent and besides the clients could be updated in a timely mode about the latest publicities and offers that Aluxtel has for them. Third, I feel that some issues should be addressed in the ‘Training ‘ division. Though workshops and preparation was planned for all the divisions across the administration, I suggest that a scaling system could hold been implemented to calculate out whether the employees have acquired the needed cognition from the preparation Sessionss. Besides the certification of the preparation stuffs should be given a higher precedence. Since the abrasion factor refering to the employees of an administration is a ne’er stoping menace, it is necessary to document and keep all the stuffs that could be used by the incoming employees in order to understand the system. Hence a depository should be created as a portion of the new CRM system which paves manner for an easy retrieval of the needed information ‘s by the employees. This depository would incorporate all the required information about the new CRM system like the proficient informations, ways to utilize the CRM system, etc.The employees could so do usage of this descriptive cognition -factual information about techniques and tools in order to acquire their scruples clarified on their ain whenever required.

Lessons Learnt

This faculty gave me an penetration about the assorted phases in the command procedure get downing from the RFI readying, the RFP readying and the Final Implementation Presentation phase ( BAFO ) .During the above procedures I went through and larn the full life rhythm of the audience pattern. Professionalism is a major factor that I learned from this faculty and besides seasonableness which is once more a subset of professionalism is one factor which I would proudly state I acquired from this faculty and would follow it for my full calling. Though I have already worked in an administration, I have non been in such close propinquity with clients i.e. I did non had the chance to interact with the clients straight which I think was fulfilled in this faculty. I got a existent gustatory sensation of what meetings with clients are all about, the ways to acquire replies from them and besides to construct up on our solution with the minimum information ‘s they provide. Last but non least, Group work is one facet which I would state I acquired and made usage of the best of it. Because working in a group has both Pros and Cons and fundamentally I learnt how to acquire accustomed and convince people within the group. As the stating ‘Not all Five Fingers of us are the same ‘ , and in malice of it we make good usage of our custodies. Similarly the above theory should be extended when we work in groups excessively.


The Business Systems Integration and Consultancy faculty, paved manner for me to acquire a transmutation from the proficient side and bestowed me with a gustatory sensation of what both concern integrating and audience is all about. Now I reasonably much feel comfy to be a portion of the adviser fraternity in the hereafter. I would guarantee that I non merely learnt the basic constructs of ‘Customer Relationship Management ‘ from this faculty but besides learnt a batch about the ‘Client Relationship Management ‘ which I feel personally, is much more of import than winning the command.


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