Stakeholder Management And Its Contribution To Project Success Construction Essay

Project direction is an germinating subject which is comparatively new in both pattern and faculty members hence cognition is drawn from other subjects to farther progress both theory and pattern in pull offing undertakings. Consequently this research will pull from different academic subjects for its theory and the building industry for its pattern.

To this terminal a undertaking could be described as a scheme used by administrations to accomplish its strategic end, the scheme could be suggested to hold a start and an terminal day of the month ( Turner 2009 p.20 ; Holton 2002 p.10-2 ) . It could besides be suggested that the word “ administration ” in the above definition by Turner 2009 could be called the undertaking stakeholder. Olanda and Landin ( 2005 p.321 ) defined undertaking stakeholders as a:

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Stakeholder Management And Its Contribution To Project Success Construction Essay
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“ aˆ¦group of people who have a vested involvement in the success of a undertaking and the environment within which the undertaking operatesaˆ¦ ”

This research is focused on look intoing the impact of stakeholder direction and its part to project success in the building industry. It could be suggested that the usage of PMI ‘s life rhythm phases be adopted for the full undertaking program as seen in figure 1 below.

Figure -Project Lifecycle

The undertaking induction stage of this study will include suggesting a undertaking research subject, delegating a undertaking supervisor or undertaking patron and suggesting a research program. While the undertaking be aftering stage will include reviewing of the available undertaking stuffs and the executing stage will affect composing up the literature reappraisal and undertaking methodological analysis. Handover and closeout will affect subjecting the concluding study to supervisor and award of Msc grade in Project Management. Lessons learnt could be suggested to be the feedback and experience gained in during the research.

1.2 Project Context

Project Context could be suggested to be the scene in which a undertaking is carried out ( ApmBok 2009 ) . In relation to the above description, the purpose of this research is in understanding with the above suggestion ( Achterkamp and Vis 2008 pg 749 ) .

1.3 Project Rationale

1.3.1 Academic Rationale

The academic research into undertaking stakeholders has been attractive and extended to research workers and professionals. Evidence shows that the building industry accounts straight for 10 % GDP growing in the UK ( Cridland and Wates 2009 p.5 ) , this goes to warrant the demand to look into the impact of stakeholder direction and its part to project success in the building industry and besides fulfil the academic demand of the award of Masters Degree.

1.3.2 Business Rationale

The economic deductions for any administration if undertakings fail will be lay waste toing sing the above study by Wates and Cridland ( 2009 p5 ) , this study shows that the building industry history for 10 % GDP growing. Project failure of any sort in the current economic clime will be the organisation its finance and occupations e.g. BP deep skyline in the US Gulf Coast where the prostration of a well led to human deaths which in-turn increased BP ‘s fiscal load.

1.3.3 Personal Rationale

It could be suggested that as a undertaking direction professional, shiping on this research will assist one better understand the rules of stakeholder direction. The cognition gained from this research will clear up any unreciprocated inquiries at the terminal of this research.

1.4 Aim and Aims

This research is aimed at:

Investigating the impact of stakeholder direction and its part to project success in the building industry


To research the rules of stakeholder direction and undertaking success.

To measure the benefits and challenges of stakeholder direction.

To correlate a relationship between stakeholder direction and undertaking success.

To suggest a scheme for mensurating the impact of stakeholder direction thereby measuring its impact on undertaking success.

To do recommendations for improved stakeholder direction patterns.

1.4.2 Project Scope

Harmonizing to Burke ( 2003 p. 104 ) undertaking range identifies when a undertaking has been successfully completed within specified demand. The range for this undertaking will affect activities such as composing the literature reappraisal, research methodological analysis and pulling on the findings of the above mentioned activities to come up with a decision and recommendation. The range of this research excludes the executing of the primary research.

1.4.3 Undertaking Deliverables

Undertaking deliverables for this research is suggested to be the result of the study at every phase of the lifecycle ( ApmBok 2009 p.135 ) . The deliverables as shown in Table 1 are generalised and capable to being revised at the terminal of this study.

Table – Undertaking deliverables



Project Research Plan

Introduction/ Background

Project Context and Project Rationale

Undertaking Definition

Undertaking Approach

Research Undertaking Schedule

Resource Requirements

Ethical Considerations

Literature Review

Research of theory and pattern within the building industry

Project Approach or Methodology

It involves the description of the procedure in the aggregation and rating of informations that will be used to accomplish the overall purpose and aims of this study.

Undertaking Proposal

This involves sketching a research proposal from the determination and the analysis done in the undertaking attack subdivision.

Decision and Recommendation

This subdivision involves the concluding summing up of all the informations used and showing recommendation ( s ) where necessary.

1.4.4 Assumption, Constraints and Considerations


The undertaking will be delivered on clip, quality and within budget.

The literature / stuffs needed to finish the undertaking will be readily available.

That the undertaking purpose and aims will be met at the terminal of the undertaking.


The clip required by the patron to finish the study.

Uniting three unrecorded undertakings at the same period. i.e. CPD, Group arrangement and thesis.


That the study will animate its readers to continue towards a primary research.

That there will be more research into the impact of undertaking stakeholders and its part to project success within the building industry.

1.5 Initial Literature Review

1.5.1 Stakeholder Management

Undertaking stakeholders have been widely discussed in assorted undertaking direction literatures. Fewings ( 2005 p.34 ) described project stakeholders as people that their involvement could impact the result of the undertaking while Olanda and Landin ( 2005 p.321 ) agues that although undertaking stakeholders are group of people with different involvement in a peculiar undertaking, they are besides interested in a successful result no affair the degree of involvement. Since this research will be concentrating on stakeholder direction, McElroy and Mills ( 2007 p.270 ) suggested that stakeholder direction trades with the relationships between stakeholders within undertakings. This relationship must be developed and structured so as to accomplish a successful result. McElroy and Mills ( 2007 p.270 ) description of stakeholder direction is converting because different organic structures of cognition are yet to hold on a peculiar description for stakeholder direction.

Fewings ( 2005 ) and Olanda & A ; Landin ( 2005 ) perspectives on undertaking stakeholders in relation to stakeholder direction is valid in that all agreed that stakeholders are made up of more than one person, so pull offing this relationship as described by McElroy and Mills ( 2007 p.270 ) will find if a undertaking is a success or a failure.

1.5.2 Project Success

Yu et Al. ( 2005 ) suggested that a:

“ ProjectA is a success if its created merchandise adds value to the client, sing the cost to the client at the point of credence ”

While there is no definite definition to what undertaking success is or what will be the best manner to specify success, this study would look into critical success standards used in the building industry to find when a undertaking is successful. The ApmBok ( 2009 ) defined undertaking success as:

“ aˆ¦the satisfaction of stakeholder demands measured by the success standards as identified and agreed at the start of the projectaˆ¦ ”

1.6 Project Research Approach

In this subdivision it could be suggested that a proposed research attack be developed, this attack would be aligned with the undertaking purpose and aims.

To accomplish the above this study has identified two methods or type of research, this are the Primary and Secondary research.

A primary research entails the aggregation of new informations or enlargement of bing theories in undertaking direction organic structure of cognition. This could be achieved by utilizing the undermentioned methods: the usage of questionnaires, trying and study.

Data for this research would be collected though documental research. This involves analyzing assorted literatures associating to the research ; given that this research is a secondary research, a qualitative method will be employed.

1.6.1 Ethical Consideration

Sekaran ( 2000, p17 ) defined moralss as

“ a codification of behavior or expected social norm of behavior while carry oning a research or undertaking “ .

Below in table 2 are the ethical considerations used to roll up this research.

Table -Ethical Consideration

This research was carefully structured to avoid any deceit or deformation of informations collected.

All information used for this research was adequately referenced to avoid plagiarism.

This study was written with due regard for the topic and writers

All information used for this study is in line with universities academic guidelines.

Sekaran ( 2000, p.261 )

1.7 Project Planning / Report Schedule

Burke ( 2003, p.94 ) defined undertaking agenda as

“ aˆ¦a procedure required to guarantee that assorted elements of the undertaking are decently managed and controlledaˆ¦ ”

The undertaking agenda will be used to delegate expected start day of the month and expected finish day of the month. The agenda is in a Gantt chart, this could be suggested to be in understanding with ( Burke 2003 ) definition. See Appendix 1 for more inside informations.

1.8 Project Resource Requirements and Budget

The resources required for a successful completion of this undertaking is listed in Table 2 and the cost estimation that would use to both primary and secondary research is in Table 3

Figure -Resources Requirement

Human Resources



Research worker

Researcher would transport out a secondary research and fix a primary research program to be used to further analyze the undertaking purpose


Academic supervisor

The academic supervisor would give counsel, reappraisal and proctor undertaking to determine if the undertaking is within range.


Undertaking patron

The undertaking patron and direction would be need during an existent primary research.


Table – Undertaking Budget




Cost for Researcher and supervisor


RGU and Sponsor

Printing of thesis and purchasing of Cadmium thrusts ( difficult and soft transcripts )


Researcher and Sponsor ( in the instance of a primary Research )

Conveyance is Dependent on the location of the administration and RGU library

Not Determined at present

Researcher and Sponsor

1.8.1 Risk Matrix

Risk direction is a cardinal country in APM and PMI organic structures of cognition ; undertakings are frequently associated with one signifier of hazard or another ( Raz & A ; Michael 2000 ) , commanding this hazard is an of import undertaking for any research worker. To this terminal, this study will take a proactive function in commanding hazards associated to this undertaking by developing a hazard program which can be seen in Table 4

Table – Hazard Matrix





Extenuating Measure

New Rating

Trouble in accessing informations for literature reappraisal




An early start would be suggested, so as to either alteration research subject or beginning for resources


The purpose of the research becomes to broad to manage




Ensure research subject is specific non excessively broad


Excessively many information




Start assemblage and set uping information on clip


Technological Trouble




Back up all files and attend categories on package preparation


Respondents for the primary research are non co-operative




Ascertain at an early phase the willingness of respondent


Delaies taking up to dead line




Early start ensures an early coating


The key depicting the coloring material cryptography is in Appendix 2

1.9 Report Layout

Figure – Report Layout


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