Stalinism and Stalin's Ideology Essay

There are 3 separate ways that Stalin’s ideologies will improve the state of the USSR. The first is through the idea of class based violence. Basedoffthe concept of 17thcentury France and the idea of class based revolution. The idea is that you take the Agricultural sector(TheMajority) and you turn them against the Nobility(Minority). You play the numbers game pretty much and overwhelm the upper-class with sheer force. This will work in the USSR because make up less than 1% of the population so if you mount up the other classes then you can run the country.

Mass Executions are the next ideology of Stalin If you look at Stalin’s ideologies and strategies he was an advent studier of tactics imposed byRobespierreand the French Revolution.Basically,the tactics he imposed were wiping people out of the record books literally. They literally wiped people out. It’sa wonderful waytoget rid of adversaries and to develop how you want too.

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Stalinism and Stalin's Ideology Essay
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His Economic policy was the most brilliant tactic throughout this whole thing. He did something that was unthinkable at the time to push his own agenda. He flooded the market with money thus caving it in. This seems likeit’snot a smart move butit’sbrilliant. Through flooding themarket,he tore down the old system thus pushing in communism as a viable option. Stalin is the best thing that could ever happen to this country.

Cold War Movies
Rocky IV:Rocky IV the fourth installment of the Rocky Series that released in 1985, is a movie that showcases not only good drama that satisfies the audiences expectation of action and adventure, but also subtly depicts the Cold War and the idea of the “Us against Them”, that is, the United States against the U.S.S.R. The movie is well recognized as one that propagates the Cold War agenda that it is popularly known as:Rocky IV “the one with the Russian”.

The day After:Basically about the Warsaw pact and how it was almost broken on the West Berlin/East Berlin boundary line. Made in 1983 the movie depicts what it would be like after a nuclear explosion. It depicts the before, during and after of the nuclear in a midland Kansas small town. It really gives a realization tothe affects that the cold war could have.

WarGames:War Games was released three years into the first term of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, and four years after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Under Reagan, the US adopted a much more belligerent stance towards the Soviet Union. War Games thus tapped into renewed fears in the early 1980s about the prospect of a global nuclear war. Because of the increased tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, this period is often referred to as the Second World War. And most historianrefer to the cold war as a game
Red Dawn:The release of the remake of “Red Dawn” (1984) takes us back to the Reagan era when the Cold War still dominated American culture. Amazingly, an entire generation of Americans has come of age with no memory of this period when the battle with Soviet communism animated American life and politics. Indeed, the original “Red Dawn” remains an artifact of a time of heightened tensions when wareither conventional or nuclear–between the United States and the Soviet Union seemed a real possibility.

Fire Fox:The film’s sluggish 136-minute running time will defeat anyone hoping to discover a little-known gem among Eastwood’s work. But the surprise here is the middle third of the movie, an unexpectedly tense, dourly effective Cold War thriller that feels like a conscious stretch for Eastwood, him trying his hand at John LeCarreor Len Deighton-type material. His fondness for shooting close-ups of faces obscured in shadow is well suited to an espionage story that stresses the peril facing the dissidents who help Gant get to the Firefox.

Rambo 2 first blood:John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is doing hard time in jail when his former boss, Col. Troutman (RichardCrenna), offers him a deal. If Rambo travels to Vietnam to try to find the American prisoners of war, his criminal record will be expunged. Rambo takes the reconnaissance assignment and agrees notto get involved in any of the action. However, when his Vietnamese lover, Co Bao (JuliaNickson), is killed by American forces, Rambo forgets his promise and takes matters into his own hands.This shows the real relationships betweensoildersand civilians.

Stripes:Hard-luck cabbie John Winger (Bill Murray) — directionless after being fired from his job and dumped by his girlfriend — enlists in the U.S. Army with his close pal, RussellZiskey(HaroldRamis). After his barely satisfactory performance in basic training, the irreverent Winger emerges as the figurehead for a ragtag band of Army misfits. However, his hijinks threaten to cause an international scandal when he inadvertently commandeers a military assault vehicle behind enemy lines. Comedic interpretation of the war.

Invasion U.S.A :Retired CIA agent Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) is forced back into the business when a villain from his past re-emerges. Soviet Mikhail Rostov (Richard Lynch), a terrorist whom Matt once caught, wants to exact revenge. After failing to find Matt at his Everglades home, Rostov and his army of Communistguerrillas begin carrying out terrorist actsall over southern Florida. Millions of innocent lives are at risk, and it’s up to Matt, the National Guard and the FBI to save them.

World War 3:In 1987, Cold War tensions mount when Soviet insurgents capture the Trans-Alaska pipeline as retaliation for a trade embargo established by the United States. U.S. President Thomas McKenna (Rock Hudson) and Soviet Secretary GeneralGorny(Brian Keith) endeavor to negotiate a lasting peace, but, as anxieties escalate, American military officers Kate Breckenridge (Cathy Lee Crosby) and Jake Caffey (David Soul) may be the only ones who can prevent all-out war because of a few extremists.

The Atomic Cafe:This darkly humorous documentary consists of archival footage about nuclear warfare. Drawing largely on government propaganda and training films for American soldiers, the movie, presented in collage form, features clips from early in the Cold War era that are filled with alarming misinformation. Some segments address the alleged safety of nuclear radiation, “duck and cover” drills and other related topics, including instructions for living in a fallout shelter.


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