Standard Form Of Contract With Quantities Construction Essay

This study will sketch the full scope of functions and duties within the JCT 2005 Standard Form of Contract with Quantities ( SBC/Q ) for the undertaking of ‘Oasis Leisure Complex ‘ . This undertaking is at the petition of the employer the Gallagher Brothers, Duck Construction ( UK ) Ltd have been successful in winning the contract to finish the edifice works.

For this undertaking the contract to be used is the JCT 2005 Standard Form of Contract with Quantities ( SBC/Q ) . With this type of contract being selected there are certain functions and duties that each party involved in the contract must detect. The cardinal forces involved in a contract of this type are as follows: –

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Standard Form Of Contract With Quantities Construction Essay
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Functions Within Project ( Standard Building Contract: Ed 2 & A ; Construction Contracts: Ed 4 )


Client – The client is the employer for the undertaking ; this can be a individual individual, a partnership or a big graduated table company. The client is the function which issues the undertaking demands and provides the support for the edifice works to travel in front. The client must choose a rule contractor or a representative who is skilled in this type of contract to guarantee the contract and undertaking are carried out right.


Principle Contractor/Project Manager/Representative – The rule contractor will work on behalf of the employer to transport out all the major elements of the edifice undertaking and the contractual processs. The rule contractor will be in contact with all of the cardinal forces within the undertaking liaising and teaching all of the external companies brought in to transport all of the edifice and design related work.

As can be seen on the diagram below ( Standard Building Contract: Ed 2 ) the rule contractor will hold to intercede with multiple parties throughout the whole of the undertaking ‘s continuance guaranting all the employers demands are carried out.

Architect – An Architect must besides be employed in most undertakings, this can be done by the employer prior to naming a rule contractor or they can be selected by the rule contractor when the undertaking is underway.

The designer ‘s function is to work with the client and the rule contractor to come up with an overall design from the demands laid down by the employer. They will guarantee that the edifice is functional and accomplishable and will supply all the drawings for the complete undertaking with exact measurings and inside informations for building.

The designer will besides work with interior decorators and engineers to finish the drawings for the undertaking to take form. They are responsible for any alterations that need to be made from the bing drawings. The functions of these specializers are: –

Technologist – The engineer will guarantee the construction and design thoughts from the designer are executable. They will stipulate stuffs and structural design for the contracted builders to follow

Designer – The interior decorator will specialize in tantrum out and interior country design and functionality. They will stipulate coatings and qualities of countries throughout the edifice undertaking.

Quantity Surveyor – The function of the measure surveyor is to supply measuring and bing from the designer ‘s drawings. The QS will transport out this undertaking to acquire an accurate cost theoretical account for the undertaking from the drawings they are supplied with to give to the employer as a jutting quotation mark for completion of the edifice. The QS will work throughout the undertaking seting the costing and concluding histories as the occupation progresses if any alterations or fluctuations occur.

Management & A ; Main Contractor

Person in Charge ( PIC ) /Site Manager – The function of the PIC/Site Manager is to be for good on site to oversee the edifice plants. They are normally specified by the rule contractor to move upon the function of the rule contractor via an onsite footing. The PIC/Site Manager is responsible for all edifice works taking topographic point onsite ; they are besides responsible for all way and specification given by any inspectors or Clerk of Works.

Clerk of Works – The Clerk of Works is employed by the client to work with the Architect in an onsite inspector function. The Clerk of Works duty is to guarantee that all the design elements of the designer ‘s programs are being carried out and are being done to the right specifications from the employer.

Contractor – The function of the contractor is to work on behalf of the rule contractor to name each of the specializer trades needed to construct the undertaking ; these specializers are known as sub-contractors. The contractor will beginning builders, glass cutters, pipe fitters etc to transport out each of the single undertakings that will necessitate to be carried out to finish the concluding construction. The contractor will besides intercede with providers to guarantee that right stuffs are ordered, the best monetary values are paid and that all stuffs are delivered to site at the right times. They guarantee that the Sub-contractors are cognizant of the work that is required of them and organizing all the elements taking topographic point on the site at specific times of the building procedure.

Plants Contractors

Sub contractors – This function consists of the builders, pipe fitters, glass cutters etc employed by the contractor. They are specializers in each of their single trades and will be responsible for the existent building and works that take topographic point on site.

Suppliers – This function consists of taking orders and providing stuffs on site that are required by the sub-contractors. Specific providers are usually stipulated in the contract and they will supply all of the needed stuffs for the undertaking for an in agreement sum. Materials that they will provide can dwell of sand for brickwork, block work, hardcore etc.

Problems & A ; Conflicts – ( Construction Contracts: Ed 4 )

Many of the single functions that have been outlined supra will hold ne’er worked in coaction with each other on a personal footing every bit good as the client potentially being inexperienced in the contract and building procedure. With so many different functions holding to come together and work expeditiously over a big graduated table undertaking necessarily jobs will happen as the programs take form. These issues are common with most undertakings and if managed right can be easy overcome, the usage of a JCT contract will help in work outing the jobs that occur and build a strong and dependable squad. Some of the common jobs and struggles are as follows: –

Large-scale Project Team – The size and graduated table of adult male power and people involved even within the smallest of building undertakings is really hard to pull off without jobs. With so many different trades and specializations coming together on one undertaking communicating and apprehension is cardinal. Many different professionals will no uncertainty be spread out across the state and will hold to work together expeditiously to guarantee the undertaking takes topographic point, is to the right specifications and on clip. The timing of each trade or skill taking topographic point must be streamlined in order to understate the jobs that may happen. Communication must be focused on at all times as this is the easiest solution to the jobs that occur with big scale squads.

Professional Pride – Due to most people and trades involved with the undertaking ne’er working with each other on a individual building undertaking pride and ignorance can play a immense function in struggles happening. Each person is responsible for their portion of the undertaking and will confront charges or countenances if they do non transport out their function decently. Because of this some trades or persons will experience that they are at a higher worth than other members of the undertaking and that other functions are inferior. This attitude should be avoided at all costs, the rule contractor should guarantee that all functions are working good together and take comparative stairss to counter any jobs happening or rectify any bing jobs by interceding with the forces involved.

Task/Timescale Overlaps – Almost all undertakings will hold a timescale associated with them. Most undertakings will be meticulously planned so that all edifice and audience plants take topographic point as expeditiously and swimmingly as possible. Each phase will be in line with all of the other undertakings to guarantee that no struggle occurs. Unfortunately task/timescale convergences are besides inevitable, damage restrictions or eventualities should be thought through to guarantee undertakings do non fall excessively far behind. The best manner to counter this job is to hold person meticulously proctor and set a semi-flexible timescale program which is developed as the undertaking takes topographic point, this will guarantee that the job planned constituents can be changed rapidly without excessively much break.

As shown above all the functions and duties are outlined in the JCT contract, this helps to minimise the jobs that can happen on a building undertaking. The JCT does this by clearly sketching each individual ‘s function and duty with in the whole of the building undertaking, it ensures that each individual is to the full cognizant of what is expected of them and if jobs do happen the contract lineations can be used to beginning and rectify the job instantly and expeditiously.


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