Standardized Test Improving Education in America Essay

Others say the tests are not fair, the test narrow curriculum “teaching to the test,” and that unnecessary testing doesn’t help produce Innovators and critical thinkers. Many of these assessments result In significant consequences for students, teachers and schools. Low scores can prevent a student from progressing to the next grade, teachers getting fired, and schools closing. While high scores will get schools federal and local funding, and are used to reward teachers and administrators with bonus payments.

During my research I was looking for who exactly were talking, what they were saying, and what did certain individuals benefit from being on that side. The people who were talking were parents, students, and school administrations (principals, teachers, and superintendents). I never found anything from the actual test makers, and I was surprised to see that students had a voice in this debate. For the most part, students, parents, and the school administrators were against using standardized to track academic success.

There were small cases were I found people who were persistent who were for it. I assumed they worked in school districts where the students do relatively well on these assessments. The students are against taking these test because they are taking away from their daily learning, and adding more stress to their work load that doesn’t benefit them at the moment. The schools are against it because teachers are being evaluated by the test and teachers whose students aren’t passing the test are getting fired.

Good teachers are getting fired because their students are performing low on test, which leaves the mediocre searchers who are teaching the test to get students to pass, but aren’t Instilling other necessary factors into the curriculum. Parents want what Is best for their children which Is why they are siding with student and schools. For the opposing side, they don’t see a problem with the way the system Is because their school Is performing high. Throughout my research I found a lot of opinions; why they don’t agree with standardized testing measuring academic achievement or ways they believe the system could be changed to be more effective.

This Isn’t such a hot topic, so there Isn’t a lot of action taking place, mainly Just people talking about It. What I found to be amazing Is that out of everything one who has an pollen on the subject, only the students nave took upon tenet selves to 00 something auto It . Students across ten country have put together organizations, organized walk outs, opting out, and are teaching and spreading awareness to their fellow peers. I believe with this topic, there has already been so much discourse going on throughout the years, talking isn’t going to get anything done. It now takes action, which what many students are now doing.

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Standardized Test Improving Education in America Essay
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