Standards Essay

I believe that education Is a need In the society: therefore, every person should be given ell the chances and privileges to be In school and learn. No one must be deprived with one of the alms of the government especially the Education for All (EPA). I believe that every child has a unique character in the diversity of learning towards growth and development.

And I am certain that as a would-be teacher, there’s so much reward which I can derive from being able to impart knowledge to the growing child and snare the attitudes that well govern him/her wrought life and I should pattern this to my teaching strategies. It Is my aspiration to help children meet their fullest potential In developing their physical, Intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life providing them a safe environment, productive stimulating atmosphere, and ideal interactions.

My way of instruction must be suitable to the learning styles of my students. I believe in Howard Gardener’s theory to Multiple Intelligence, therefore I should use varied activities which will cater the students’ needs. I will Impart to every child the better understanding that their capabilities should Intertwine directly with each learning styles In the reinforcement of multiple intelligences. I will also provide each and every child with the necessary skills and knowledge for life-long learning. Also believe in the Cone of Experience that was developed by Edgar Dale, according to this philosophy, the more senses that are used, the greater the ability to learn from and remember an event or experience, Therefore, I will give hands-on activities will greatly affect their five senses. Believe that children should deserve a classroom hat Is conducive in nature and provoke Interest. The exchange of Ideas must be lively that the learners do not care about the time. They must be like the river that continuously flows until it reach the sea.

It must never stop unless they are satisfied with their answers. They must have the liberty to speak what they know and what their hearts say. Learners should also have the freedom to state their opinions for it triggers their reasoning skills. Hence, I should apply the art to questioning In every discussion that will take place, that they should be exposed more to ‘how’ and why’ questions rather than What’ and Who’ for in real life situations, we have to formulate our own solutions to our problems. They must learn how to sort out their motives to come up with the desired result.

It is with their reasoning abilities that they tend to choose and decide what particular perspective they should go and it will be one of my duties to guide them in arriving to such perspectives. Furthermore, I will also Impart them with value-laden thoughts that will govern their lives. Somehow, books deer not enough but I must be able to unlock the morals conveyed In the printed trials. Thus, I will have to supplement it with experiences that will wake them up to the undergoing problems and issues of the generation, hinder them from (if must) or make them continue the attitude they possess for it is an asset.

They should also De taught Walt ten DSSSL Skills, In order to prepare teem to ten real Tie context Their knowledge towards this will be helpful wherever they go. It will be their swords towards the challenges they will encounter. Communication is very much important in order to become globally competitive. As a would-be teacher especially in the field f language, I believe that the four macro skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing, must be taught to the learners in their early years, because these skills will be their foundation to become ready in the next levels of their learning.

Above all, I must be an inspirational role model of good virtue and attitude to them. What must be seen to me can be all imitated because I am inculcating the goodness in them, therefore I must be very much careful of my actions. I believe that as a would-be teacher, I must be willing to be flexible enough to varied situations and be adaptable n utilizing my knowledge and wisdom to the various pedagogical principles of education in giving opportunities to every child’s life.

I must provide them the accurate and best tools in their learning to become successful in life, to have self- confidence, boost their moral, activate affection especially love and respect to themselves and for others for it will be the foundation of a good relationship among them. As to other teachers I also believe that, it is very significant to be pragmatic to the quality of my work more than anything else. I must take advantage of the unique opportunity to teach beyond the mandated standards without violating the Code of Ethics for teachers.

I believe in being patient and persistent when reaching out to the diversity of my learners. My greatest aim as a would-be teacher is to instill the love of learning and the value of respect in my students so that I can efficiently and effectively inspire and encourage such desirable traits to them. With these, I believe that I should strive hard to become an effective and efficient educator that I can be- always have, always will!

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