Starbucks Delivery Essay

Today, consumers require products that are efficient, beneficial, fast and up to date. This is no different then in the service they require from everyday life. From the inception of drive-thrus in the late 40’s, to grocery stores creating self check out lines today, people want to get their products fast, easy and reliably. This is a reason for our proposal for Starbucks coffee delivery service.

As Starbucks is currently expanding into mass markets (lower priced) coffee brands that will help it compete with alternatives offered by competitors such as McDonalds (Forbes, 2010), a complementary service can be the delivery of ready to consume coffee. Many people have posted in various blogs their interest in this service. For consumers, it can be an alternative for driving to their nearest Starbucks, waiting in line (both drive-thru and in-store) and spend precious minutes waiting instead of going about their productive day.

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Starbucks Delivery Essay
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For the Starbucks brand, it can eliminate the need to continuous retail outlet expansion and no longer be bounded like their competitors geographical locations. The Starbucks delivery service will be accessible to registered customers. The client will register with Starbucks on a secure site and input designated addresses for their profile. They can simply place an order via telephone or smart phone application.

An address and time range for delivery can be selected and Starbucks Delivery Service will supply a ready to consume beverage. By gathering important information from consumers, Starbucks will have a better understanding of their client’s demo and psychographics. This information can help Starbucks stay in constant contact with clients and personalize marketing to their groups. The delivery service will consist of a mobile Starbucks hub that will be located in various parts of town.

At these hubs, orders will be distributed according nearest mobile hub location. As orders arrive, Starbucks baristas will prepare, just like in the retail outlet and sent off for delivery from on standby delivery service member. These beverages will be stores on mobile heated containers that will allow the beverages to maintain the desired temperature for consumption. Compared to retail outlets, mobile hub stations are very inexpensive and do not require much of the equipment and environment as a retail outlet.

This service will allow consumers to no longer have any delays in getting their much desired coffee throughout the day and having to avoid lines as well. As many conveniences, this service will mean a small additional fee to the consumer. This can be an average of $1 for the convenience of the delivery service. References http://www. wisegeek. com/how-do-drive-through-restaurants-work. htm http://blogs. forbes. com/greatspeculations/2010/06/14/starbucks-looks-to-win-back-market-share-from-mickey-ds/


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