Stat 101 Project Essay

College of Business and Economics
Department of Statistics
Fall 2013
Project (1)
Group No. ( 5 )
Rigidity of Employment Index
The rigidity of employment index is the measurement of the regulations of employments.

With measures ranging between ( 0 – 100 ) higher ratings mean more rigid employment and less ratings indicate less rigid employment by companies.

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The rigidity of employment index consists of three sub indexes :
1.A difficulty of hiring index .

2.A rigidity of hours index .

3.A difficulty of firing index .

The United States and Canada currently hold the first and second place in the rigidity of employment ratings and the countries that we are about to discuss are ranked as below :
Rigidity of employment index,
The REI index For all three countries is 13 , which is low which indicates low rigidity of employment and all are ranked 128 Globally .

The Human Development Index (HDI) :
The Human Development Index is the latest in the series of global human development reports published by the UNDP which is an empirically grounded analysis of major development issues trends and policies all around the world.

HDI is a country-level measurement of social welfare based on national values for average life expectancy, rates of adult literacy, school enrollment and gross domestic productivity per capita .

It is commonly used by scholars, policy makers and development professionals to compare the levels of development in each country and to measure each nations progress of development .

HDI lacks any information about the distribution of health, education or income within countries because it is based entirely on national averages.
he 2013 Human Development Report is the
latest in the series of global Human Development
Reports published by UNDP since 990 as
independent, empirically o
the HDI for KSA is 0.78 , which is high and which is better than Oman . KSA is ranked 57 Globally .

the HDI for Oman is 0.731 , which is high but it is less than KSAs .

Oman is ranked 84 Globally .

the HDI for Qatar is 0.834 , Which is the highest among the three countries . Qatar is ranked 10 Globally .

Global Competitiveness Index :
The global competitiveness index is an index which consists of three sub indexes which are :
1.The technology index .

2.The public institutions index .

3.Macroeconomic environment index .
The global competitiveness index was first introduced by the World Economic Forum ( WEF ), based in Geneva, Switzerland in 1979 .

The global competitiveness index covers 131 countries and it provides a mirror image of a nations economic environment and its ability to achieve desired levels or prosperity and welfare of its people .

The GCI tries to provide an image which is as close to reality as possible and the GCI draws its data from two sources :
1.International hard data sources .

2.The Executive Opinion Survey .

The GCI has been conducted annually for 30 years and going and it has improved over time to include new data points essential to the Global Competitiveness Index .

Global competitiveness index,
Value (1-7)
1.The GCI for KSA is 5.10 which is above average and is better than Omans and KSA is ranked 20 Globally .

2.The GCI for Oman is 4.64 which is the lowest compared to the other two countries and Oman is Ranked 33 Globally .

3.The GCI for Qatar is 5.24 which is high and is the highest among all three and Qatar is ranked 13 Globally .

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