State Bank of Patiala

State Bank of Patialais a public sector bank in India with its central offices at Patiala, a metropolis in the province of Punjab. The bank is an associate of the State Bank Group and offers nucleus banking solutions to its clients.

State Bank of Patiala ( SBP ) was established in 1917 by the male monarch of the so princely province of Patiala. It was so called Patiala State Bank. After independency in 1947, the bank became a subordinate of the province authorities of Punjab. In 1960, it became an associate bank of the State Bank Group. With the nationalisation of the State Bank Group in 1969, SBOP became a populace sector bank.

The State Bank of Patiala has identified specialised sections and designed varied merchandises to run into the demands of such sections. The sections are for the intents are as follow:

  • Personal banking
  • Agriculture & A ; rural banking
  • NRI banking
  • SME & A ; corporate banking
  • Government banking
  • Internet banking
  • A Mobile banking

The bank has now added a aureate chapter to its history by to the full networking all its subdivisions on Core Banking Solutions on 08.08.2005 and go the first to the full networked Public Sector Bank in the state.

Bank distribute throughaˆ¦ !

Equally far as the distribution channel of merchandises and services of the bank is concerned,I have come to cognize that province bank of Patiala has largely indirect channels of distribution of its merchandises and services but direct channels besides to some extent. The bank is holding assorted tie ups with many companies for the distribution of its merchandises. If the loan subdivision is taken bank maximal usage its indirect channel for the distribution of the merchandises which are as follow: –

Scheme for Financing of Commercial Vehicles under Tie-up with: –

  • Ashok Leyland Limited
  • Eicher Motors Limited
  • Force Motors Limited
  • Tata Motors Limited
  • Maruti udhyog ltd.
  • Mahindra motors

A Scheme for finance of Motor Cycles and Scooters under Tie-up with: –

  • Hero Honda Motors Limited:

Scheme for widening installations to Franchisee mercantile establishments in the signifier of Bank Guarantee/Term Loan.

  • Monte Carlo ‘ & As ; ‘Cotton County ‘

Bank is besides under the Tata nano particular funding strategy with the Tata motors. Furthermore the bank is in the MOU for loan to the pupils of the Frankfinn Aviation Services Ltd. which will guarantee 100 per cent funding of the tuition fee of its pupils for the annual classs in air power crew and cordial reception and travel industry. Furthermore for the NRI banking bank is holding once more indirect distribution channel and holding assorted tie up ‘s with:

  • Thomas cook money transportation
  • Wall Street money exchange
  • Western brotherhood money transportation

SBOP has besides assorted tie ups with foreign Bankss for the transportation of financess, currency etcA .The SBOP besides provides the assorted services like insurance, common financess etc. and for its distribution the bank is holding SBI- life, oriental insurance ltd, SBI- common financess SBI- card etc. Equally far as direct channels are concerned bank used the cyberspace banking and nomadic banking for its distribution of the merchandises.

Why SBOP usage indirect channel soaˆ¦ . !

Now the following thing arises that why SBOP largely use the indirect channel. As it is known that there are chiefly two channels of selling which are:

Direct Channel

A direct distribution channel is where a company sells their merchandises direct to consumers.

Indirect Channel

The indirect channel is used by companies who do non sell their goods straight to consumers.

But the direct channel has one major drawback i.e. characteristically present in conventional retailing which means it does n’t let any options. Furthermore, although direct selling saves channel costs, committee paid to every bit high as 30-35 % of retail monetary value. Besides enrolling developing motivation and retaining good sale people is hard and expensive undertaking. For direct merchandising face-to-face interaction must be capable of bring forthing a important value add-on to the consumer, compared to be buying from retail store. Finally channel becomes fail when fortunes alterations.

So in order to get the better of from all these jobs bank largely uses the indirect channels of distribution. Furthermore Suppliers and makers typically use indirect channels because they exist early in the supply concatenation. Companies choose the indirect channel best suited for their merchandise to obtain the best market portion ; it besides allows them to concentrate on bring forthing their goods.

So in nutshell it would be suggested to bank that the bank should seek to utilize direct channels in more footings because while direct channels were non popular many old ages ago, the Internet has greatly increased the usage of direct channels. Additionally, companies necessitating to cut costs may utilize direct channels to avoid jobbers markups on their merchandises. Depending on the industry and merchandise, direct distribution channels have become more prevailing due to the Internet. Like in present scenario everyone use the cyberspace for any kind of now the yearss Bankss are concentrating more upon direct channels instead to administer indirectly. SBOP is besides making the same.


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