State of the Union 2011 Essay

The State of the Union address is the speech the President makes to a join session of Congress at the beginning of the legislative session. This address is in accordance with the Constitution, which provides that the President shall ?from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union?. For 221 years, our leaders have fulfilled this duty. On January 25, 2011, President Obama delivered the annual address to a join session of Congress from the House Chamber at the U.S. Capital. He gave a report on the financial condition of our Nation under the new divided government. Since the Republicans won back control of the House and increased their number in the Senate last November, getting support from them will be a big challenge for the President of the United States. He was talking about the past two years being as that as anything the Nation has been threw since the Great Depression. But we are in a different condition today. The economy is growing, there was more than million jobs created last year, stock market is going up, and Corporate Profits are healthy. Even though President Obama stresses that there is so much more to do, there are so many Americans still struggling every day when the costs of living are still going up. Obama accentuates that as a Nation we need to make sure we are competitive and that we are consistently growing.
He proposed five ?pillars?:
?Deficit Reduction
?Reforming Government
Barak Obama?s principle focus is on creating more jobs and thereby strengthening the economy. His focus is on making sure that the economy is working for everybody, for the entire American family, making sure that people have decent jobs and benefits.

Obama is also proposing on cutting expenses for the next five years. He understands that dealing with deficits and debts needs to be done in a responsible way. He emphasizes on reforming the government and finely making sure to keep America safe.

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State of the Union 2011 Essay
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In conclusion, President Obama is promising to work hard to make sure that the American Dream is obtainable to anyone who wants to work for it. He understands that this will take a lot of work and a lot of challenges, but he believes that anything is possible as long as we will come together as people, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. ?As long as we focus on what binds us together as people, as long as we want to find common ground, that what its going to take to built the future ?.


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