State of the Union Message to Congress Essay

History 173 T-Th 2:oopm October 31, 2013 State of the Union Message to Congress The Great Depression brought on economic hardship to Americans unlike anything ever seen. The country had faced periods of recession before, but this was a crisis that had stripped human beings from all hope of survival. The president at the time of the Depression was Herbert Hoover who did not have the necessary attitude to provide Jobs or any sense of recovery for the American public during this catastrophe. Therefore, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1933 as president with pproximately seven million votes over Herbert Hoover.

When Roosevelt took office he was enthusiastic, appealing, and prepared to make positive changes for his fellow Americans. During his three terms ofa total of twelve years in office, Roosevelt altered America following the Populist Party in 1890 that founded the idea of improving happiness and welfare to humanity. Roosevelt’s remarks in his State of the Union Message to Congress on January 1 1, 1944 are significant because it reflected the ideas of the Populist movement in the 1890s, it clearly stated the New Deal Liberalism, and demonstrated the necessities of the people that suffered from the Great Depression.

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State of the Union Message to Congress Essay
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Between the years of 1880 and 1890, reformers all over America were unhappy with the quality of life that was a result of an industrializing nation. The Populist Movement in 1890 wanted more government intervention of the economy. This movement focused on objectives such as effective politics, restricted power of big businesses so that the less fortunate were heard as opposed to pushed to the side, improved poverty and encouraged social Justice. These ideas are synonymous with he document President Roosevelt released in 1944.

He was looking towards a more reasonable economy that encouraged all beings to equal fairness. Farmers and labor unions first guided the efforts for change in the new industrialized order during the 1890s Populist Party. They then lead themselves to be called “Progressives,” and came up with this name because they affiliated with diverse active arrangements to improve American life. Once more, like Roosevelt declared in his State of the Union Message to Congress, “under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be stablished for all regardless of station, race, or creed. The people that were involved with being a progressive were elite Americans and middle class Americans who felt the call to step up as the roll of leaders during this old liberalism era. They had most of the power to make out new laws and identify unruly disagreement between capital and labor Populist Party. They agreed that the power of the government should be widespread as quickly as possible to end poverty and injustice. Populism and Progressives fascinated supporters from various groups providing hope for society. This Populist movement reflects Roosevelt’s ideology in helping America pull out of the great depression.

In IY32, tne electlon 0T FranKlln Roosevelt as preslaent created a new era 0T liberalism during the 1930s and the 1940s. This was known as the New Deal Liberalism. Roosevelt shaped government proposals for the better in hopes to avoid another economic crisis. He was trying to get the economy out of depression and not fold deeper into it. The design of New Deal Liberalism was a thought by Roosevelt of a superior government that modified the social order to gain fairness. His purpose was to protect his people from the trials and tribulations they faced having lost all their money, their homes, and their dignity to the recession in the 1920s.

Roosevelt felt that the government had to contribute more to increase welfare of the people. Having this New Deal Liberalism started restoring people lives by going back to work and benefits for all people who were unable to work. The nation’s future was finally looking up. Roosevelt hired intelligent supervisors that dedicated their lives to helping him make these New Deal programs a reality. In New Deal Liberalism he created multiple programs to help citizens get their lives back from the great depression. Social Security Act was made which was the leading most popular program in American history still to this day in the 21st century.

Social Security Act gave people old age pensions for workers, a federal-state system of payment for unemployed workers and a program of income to help the widowed and people with disabilities. Some other forms of benefits Roosevelt established were banking reforms which forced banks to follow a criteria and a number of laws before they ould reopen. Another act was the Civilian Conservation Corps, which helped employ young men get Jobs that improved state national parks. Federal Emergency Relief Act gave money to the government to be dispersed accordingly.

In the State of the Union Message to Congress document that Roosevelt inscribed spoke about the Second Bill of Rights, which ties all the New Deal Liberalism programs together. The Second Bill of Rights consists of employment with wages people can live off of, independence from unfair monopolies and competition, families to have decent housing, medical are and unemployment benefits, and good education. As said by Roosevelt regarding the Second Bill of Rights, “in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well-being. The causes and consequences of the great depression took a toll on American living and made it a necessity to adopt Roosevelt’s agenda and programs. With the stock market crashing in 1929, stockholders lost more than forty billion dollars. Since banks used their customer’s savings to invest in the stock market, there was no way to recover their money; therefore, it forced the public to go bankrupt. Over nine thousand banks had this issue and closed down leaving people with no funds strictly relying on work.

Then supply exceeded demand in the country, which forced employers to fire their workers leaving America at about 30% unemployment rate. People began to trade haircuts for onions and worked a full days labor for peaches and eggs Just to survive, (America: A Concise History, page 696). The majority of Americans were starving with no hope to look forward to. They were looking for a way out, and this is when Roosevelt stepped in and came up with the new deal liberalism. This plan was necessary because it helped relief, recover and reform Americans after the hardship faced by the Great Depression.

The programs passed during Franklin Roosevelt’s term in office made America a better place. Franklin D. Roosevel rs state 0T tne Unlon Message to congress In January IY44 gives a vast sense of hope for Americans to be able to get back on their feet. His remarks were influenced by the Populist Party in the 1890s that founded the ideas of a better living for Americans. It also clearly stated the significance of New Deal Liberalism and how this era focused on helping provide work and income to Americans that lost verything they had in the Great Depression.

The economy fell financially and people were homeless, hungry and dying, not being able to see a way out of this devastation. Although the Great Depression would not come to a complete end due to World War II, the New Deal helped aid millions of Americans by providing Jobs and most importantly give the American people back their hope and well-being. Many Americans accepted what Roosevelt had to say and accepted the many programs he came up with. This document was a turning point for America and restored lives all over the country.


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