stellar evolution & layers of the Sun - Astronomy

Term Definition
Emission Nebula Large clouds of gas and dust. Rich in hydrogen. Stars are born here
Protostar Large cloud of gas and dust that is contracting due to gravity. Could ignite to form a star.
Nuclear fusion The combining of atoms in the core of a star to create heavier atoms.
Hydrostatic equilibrium The balance of forces in a star. Gravity pulling in and nuclear fusion pushing out.
Main sequence Most stars live here for most of their life as they fuse Hydrogen atoms into helium atoms.
Giant Stage of stellar evolution when hydrostatic equilibrium becomes unbalanced and a main sequence star goes.
Dwarf Low mass,low luminosity, small star
Supernova Extremely massive stars explode
Neutron star Born from a supernova, small core (size of city) has so much gravity that protons and electron and crushed into neutrons.
Black hole Born from supernova. Core of a massive star collapse upon itself. Matter and light are pulled into a tiny space due to gravity.
Planetary Nebula Small dying stars shed their outer layers, leaving their core behind.

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