Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Essay

I personally do non believe there are many positive facets of stereotypes. You can non organize judgements about everyone in a group based on one individual. Just because one has tattoos. it doesn’t mean that they are tough. chilling. or delinquent. Ones pick to hold tattoos is their originative manner of showing themselves. Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet 2 Negative Aspects of Stereotypes Stereotypes have several negative facets. When people are put into these groups. people judge them before acquiring to cognize them and organizing sentiments on what sort of individual they are without even giving the individual a opportunity.

It causes people to believe negatively based on person else sentiment. Stereotypes and Prejudice Defined and Their Differences A stereotype is a idea that may be adopted about specific types of persons or certain ways of making things. but that belief may or may non accurately reflect world. Prejudice is an sentiment or judgement that disregards the facts. Stereotypes are really slackly based on fact… . . Irish like to imbibe & amp ; fight. Southern people are all dense. Latin americans are sexy & A ; good terpsichoreans. etc. Prejudice is when people judge person they meet based on stereotypes. The Relationship between Stereotypes and Prejudice.

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Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Essay
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While they may look similar at first they are really rather different. Stereotyping is presuming that all people belonging to a certain group will all act in a certain manner. This is non ever done with negative purposes ; it’s frequently done through a deficiency of understanding Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet 3 or cognition. and sometimes even through wit. Prejudice is exposing negative feelings or actions towards a specific group of people because of something that separates them from others. and is about ever done through hatred or fright of the thing that makes them different.

Preventing Prejudice You can’t forestall it wholly. But instruction is a large thing. Helping people get to cognize and understand other groups and civilizations. Teaching and larning that all people are created every bit. That no affair what their race. gender. faith. ethnicity or sexual orientation we are all human. Making certain that people know the effects of being prejudice causes and that it will non be tolerated. Bing open-minded and make non be so speedy to go through judgement.


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