Stogie Guys: Personal Website Review Essay

While searching the internet up and down for the ‘Discovery’ of Tobacco by Christopher Columbus i landed on a particular website that caught my eye. I came across a website that was actually kind of like a newsletter/blog, for tabacco. Stoogie talks about cigars and tobacco. Not only do they Just give you an online “cigar university” that teaches you all the different ways to select, buy, cut,ash, smoke your cigars or dates for certain events, they have history behind how tobacco was found, who it was found by and how everything happened.

When you first visit the website t has advertisements for cigars to buy, a sign up box for their free email newsletter, cigar event dates, a question of the month and multiple different posts from past dates. I went through the cigar university page after visiting the page about how Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ tobacco back in 1492 when he took the voyage to the new world. Christoper Columbus was given the tobacco by Indians who had the leaf on their land ( The New World , as we know it) after seeing the native americans smoking the leaf.

Christoper Columbus was the first to ‘discover’ the tobacco plant and bring it to America. After arriving in Cuba with his crew Columbus and his other partners that participated in his voyages learned how to do many things with this new found tobacco. They learned how to burn and inhale the smoke, make pipes and various other trades all by watching the native americans practice thier culture. Cigars become big in Spain and Europe after the ‘discovery’ made by Christopher Columbus and his crew. Stoogie boys has quite a bit of interesting information that i was glad to read because the information this website was really good.

They have many things to accent their website to make it better. Stoogie Guys have all the links to their site information which include the following: About, Reviews archive, cigar university, news, reviews, top, commentary and tips. Stoogie Guys have multiple pictures and ads on their website but when i went to go on and research Christopher columbus they had a picture of him, a vast vvariety of links leading to other sites with more information on tobacco, a comment section, a recommended newarticle page, links to all the team members pages who helped put together the page and many retailers.

The information i gained from visiting this website (Stoogie Guys) was a ood amount a really explained simply how things happened and what the causes and effects of this topic brought to our community today and back in the day. The pictures on the site gave me a very good idea of what tobacco looks like before its made into something else, the process in which it was made, how to use the product and what Christopher Columbus and the men he voyaged around the world with when they made this discover looked like.

It gave me a pretty good picture of what was going on they found tobacco and how the voyaged happened, what happened when they got there, what the Indians did when they did get there, why the Indians aught them about this, how did they teach them about this new drug and what obstacles or barriers they had to face. For example: language barriers, teaching them all the different techniques, seeing if they got the art down and know how to do it tnemselves ana any otner oostacles tnat came In tnelr way ana now cnrlstopner Columbus and how his voyage partners handled all these things.

Eventually when Christopher Columbus and his men went home, one man in particular decided to share it with his country. Rodrigo de Jerez. Upon his return to his hometown in Spain, which was Ayamonte. Jerez continued smoking and introduced his habit to his home own. The smoke reportedly frightened some of his neighbors, resulting in the Spanish Inquisition imprisoning him for his use of the “devil’s smoke which made Rodrigo de Jerez the first victim to fall to the new anti tabacco laws that were later put into motion.

Jerez went on to spend seven years in prison for his so called “sin” and was released when smoking started to become okay, when it became custom and when it was no longer frowned upon and misunderstood by other people in his hometown. People would eventually learn of this new found item and it wasent making people fall to anti smoking tabacco laws. I learned a lot by reading through this website, things that i did not know about in this time of history.

This newarticle that i read on Christopher Columbus and his voyage men learning about tabacco and bringing it from the new world back to Europe and spreading their new found discovery and item to share with people was very interesting and i came out in the end with more knowledge. The site give me plenty of information but even if i thought it wasn’t going to be enough to write about, it gave me plenty more options within the website and out of the website ( not that i actually needed it ). This website does do as advertised and ore. t tells me what time frame things happened in, it gave me the names of people, towns, cities, laws, etc. Stoogie Guys had a good setup and many pictures and links to help me find what i needed, so i am completely satisfied with how this website turned up for me. I had a lot of information and data at my disposal and I knew that i would have enough information to write a paper or and newarticle about tabacco or specifically cigars. I would recommend this website to someone that had the same essay topic as me or if they needed it for other purposes. I would visit this website again if needed more information on my topic.

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Stogie Guys: Personal Website Review Essay
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