Stop School Violence Essay

Nathan Eick
October 10, 2000
English Comp. 1
Preventing Violence in Schools
There are many things in this world that make me angry. For example, people driving to slow in the left lane or people not taking responsibility for their actions. The thing that makes me furious is people blaming school violence on material objects and not people.

Sure, video games and movies are capable of corrupting youth, but why are they allowed to have those things if they cause corruption. My theory is that the parents are the reason for school violence. With everyone being busier here in the twenty first century, the family has taken a back seat to work and activities. Many children are forced to stay at home after school, when both parents are still at work. That is when children play the vulgar video games and watch the violent television shows. If parents would get a schedule to work and be home when their children get home from school then may be some of the television shows would not be watched, maybe eliminating some violence in schools. There are many good wholesome movies, television shows, and video games, but they are not the popular ones. Children always want what is hyped up the most. If we eliminate advertising the vulgar entertainment until late night then most children would not see them. It is not to say that I have never watched or played these types of movies or video games, but that there is a certain age that I think people can determine reality from imaginary.

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Stop School Violence Essay
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In conclusion, I think that school violence is not to be blamed on the entertainment business, but on the lack of family time with parents. Parents know what they consider good, and that is what they should allow their children to watch and play. If we control what the children receive into their minds, then we can control most actions caused by what they watch.



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