Story About a Disabled Person Essay

What is a handicapped individual? A handicapped individual is classified as any individual who is unable to obtain for himself or herself. to the full or partly. the normal demands of an person and /or is unable to take part to the full in the community due to defects either physically or mentally which may hold occurred since birth or subsequently in life. There are people who have overcome these defects and achieved great success through autonomy and diligence. One such individual that comes to mind is none other than my Uncle John.

Uncle John is my mother’s youngest brother. He was born on June 12. 1970. in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Uncle John was non born deaf and blind. Harmonizing to my grandma. when Uncle John was 16 months old he came down with meningitis. which robbed him of both his sight and hearing. The sad thing about this was that my grandparents were non cognizant about this and merely realized my uncle’s disablement when he was merely two old ages old. By so the harm to the nervousnesss in his eyes were excessively terrible to be rectified and there was nil that could be done for his ears. With great finding my grandma tutored my uncle at place in Mathematics. Language. Music and Art. My uncle was a fast scholar and picked up good in all the topics. But he showed enormous betterment and excellence in Music.

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Story About a Disabled Person Essay
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My grandma decided to acquire him a music coach although it took a toll on their support as my gramps was the lone pay earner in the house and he had a household of five immature childs to feed and educate. My grandma decided to sell bars to do excess money. My uncle progressed so good that he had completed all the 8 degrees of music in merely 5 old ages. When he was 15 old ages old my uncle decided to raise the load of my grandparents by learning music to gain a life. He was such a patient and caring music instructor that parents were waiting at the doorsill to inscribe their kids in his music categories. He had been learning for about five old ages when he decided to foster his surveies in music.

At the age of 21 he asked for his parents approvals to let him to prosecute his aspiration of being a concert piano player in America. My grandma was loath to allow him travel as she was disquieted that he would non be able to get by on his ain. By so all his older siblings including my female parent had graduated and were making good in their several Fieldss. They talked their parents into leting my uncle to follow his dream. With a heavy bosom my grandma gave in and my uncle left for America.

While at that place. my uncle enrolled in the esteemed Julliard School of Music in New York City. Although he had saved adequate money to see him through merely the first twelvemonth of college. that did non discourage him. He gave his most and his disablement was non an obstruction. He excelled in all his categories and was good liked by both his equals and lectors. He was voted into all the commissions as he was person that could be depended on. At the terminal of the first twelvemonth my uncle scored differentiations in all his topics and was placed on the Dean’s list. He was given a full scholarship to go on his surveies for the following twelvemonth. He excelled for the following three old ages and was given a full scholarship for the remainder of his college surveies.

At the terminal of his four twelvemonth survey he was invited to take portion in a concert for budding concert piano players. At the stamp age of 24 he played in forepart of an audience of 7. 000. The audience was awed by his accomplishments. He appeared in the newspapers and everyone was speaking about this immature endowment. After this he was invited on many Prime Minister shows such as The David Letterman Show. The Ellen DeGeneres Show and even The Oprah Winfrey Show. He travelled all over the universe giving concerts. He became a universe renowned concert piano player gaining a batch of money.

After being off for 10 whole old ages my Uncle decided to return to Malaysia. Throughout the 10 old ages off he ne’er forgot the forfeits his parents made for him. He set them up in a beautiful house with a amah to look after them. He made certain his parents and siblings were good taken attention away. He besides made certain that his parents travelled to all his concerts all over the universe. Today he is merrily married with two healthy kids – my cousins Deidre and Antoine. He will ever be my inspiration because he did non allow his disablement bring him down. He has taught me that one can stand out in anything if one is determined.


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