Strategic Business Plan final Essay

The plan is made up of nine tasks:Making the companies nationalizing the companies internal condition and superciliousness’s the companies external environmentalists the companies options by matching the resources with the external environmentalists the most desirable options by comparing them to the companies manumission some long term objectives and grand strategies that will achieve the most desirable possessively annual objectives and short term strategies that are compatible with the long term objectives and grand gastrointestinal the choices by means of budgeted resource electronegative the success of the process so that there Is something to go off of for future decision mackintoshes nine tasks will help one succeed in starting a business. Following through with the plans and changing things that need changed will help the business to continue growing. Simple Palimpsest’s Pleasures is a Day Spa/Salon that will take care of many needs. This spa is a place where one can come to relax and be pampered. Simple Pleasures will have hair stylists, nail technicians, esthetics’s, and massage therapists as well as offering hair and skin products for sale. When operating a equines such as Simple Pleasures, a strategic plan is very important.

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One needs to be prepared when going into a business and a strategic plan is there to help keep one on track. Four functions of Management’s are four functions of management relative to creating and implementing a strategic plan. Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling make up those four functions of management. Play-acting’s Is the first function used In this process. This Is the base of the strategic plan. Planning is the process used to identify and select goals and courses of action that the manger would need to take. Organlzlngorganlzlng Is the second function In making a strategic plan. Organizing is a detailed list of the goals that the company wants to attain.

This allows Dehydrogenating is where the manager is influencing the staff and helping them achieve the company’s goals. This is important as well because you can be organized and have a good plan but without someone directing the staff, the plan will never be implemented. Counterintelligence establishes performance standards based on objectives. The manager also evaluates and reports Job performances. This allows the manager to now what needs to be changed in the future to make things operate more efficiently. If a business tried to operate without implementing a strategic plan many things could go wrong. Anyone can open a small business but not everyone will succeed.

The ones that succeed tend to be the ones that are the most organized and know what is going on in all areas, and expect the unexpected. The best way to make a strategic plan work is to start at the beginning and go through the whole plan. Implement each area and control the results. Making changes as necessary will help the plan be successful. Having a great mission is the best place to start. This will allow one to understand exactly what one wants from the business. It also allows everyone to know what to expect from the business. From there one should make their goals so that there is something to work towards. It is important to make sure your goals work with the company’s mission.

It is also important to understand what internal and external conditions can and will affect your business. If one follows these plans and continues implementing them even after the business is going well then they will have a better chance continuing on tit their success. Mission, vision, and values clear mission, vision, and values are very important to a company. This part of the paper will explain the mission, vision, and values of Simple Pleasures. Impossible Pleasures mission is to strive for excellence in the provision of services to all clients. Simple Pleasures will flourish if accessible, quality services are provided at a low cost.

It is believed that employee and client morale will be up with the level and quality of care being delivered. Possessions Pleasure’s vision is to provide exceptional care to all our clients. Simple Pleasures will go above and beyond to make sure the clients are satisfied with the services provided every time. Simple Pleasures wants to bring back the simple pleasures in life. Simple Pleasures is based on the thought that everyone can be happier and healthier if they help loosen up the stresses that are often caused by every day life. Bigger city. Twin Falls, Idaho is about 40 miles away. With more success the business will increase to include more populated areas and offer more services including fitness.

Simple Pleasures will also sell the skincare and hair care products that are seed in their Spa and start producing their own blends of products. In order to do this, Simple Pleasures must make sure all of the assets are being used to benefit them. Making sure each staff member is qualified to do the Job at hand, and also making sure that they believe in the mission of the business is a must. Palimpsest Pleasure’s values are as follows: accuracy, cleanliness, quality of services, safety, responsiveness, communication, creativity, integrity, honesty, and respect. All of these values together form Simple Pleasures. If even one of the values is missing then the whole business could fail.

It is important to have good values because clients want to know that qualified people do the services being provided. There is a mixed culture in the Burley area so it is important that the staff is well educated on the different cultures in the area. Simple Pleasures will play a big role in social responsibility because they serve the community. Social responsibilities are important because the way a business acts reflects on the community. If a business is unethical the community will hear about it and that business could lose a great deal of customers. If Simple Pleasures performs their tasks ethically and helps give jack to the community then they will be recognized as a business in good faith.

Importance of Vision, Mission, and Evaluates vision, mission, and values are very important to any business. It is important to understand what the future goals are of the company in order to try and reach those goals. A mission is important because this is the main statement that the business wants everyone to see. This tells everyone what that business is about and who it is targeting. Values are important to keep the business going. Each staff member needs to have the same values in order to keep on track with the mission and the vision. When hiring staff members the management will look for these values in their candidates before hiring them as employees. These values will help the business succeed and meet all their goals.

The vision, mission, and values help make a business. One needs to have these in place before determining a strategic direction. As a client, one wants to know as much as possible about a business before buying into their products or services. This is for their own safety as well as the safety of the business. The Daycare area of Simple Pleasures has to have certified caregivers. This is something that the clients ill want to know before leaving their children in the hands of strangers. They will also want to make sure the other employees are licensed if they need to be. These areas all fall into part of Simple Pleasures values to be safe, have integrity, and to be honest with the clients.

By following the mission, vision, and values, Simple Pleasures will allow their clients to see that they will always be in good hands. SHOOT Analysis for Simple Pleasures SHOOT analysis is used to help a business understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends. These factors. Seven factors will be analyzed in relation to this new business, Simple Pleasures. Those seven factors are: economic, legal and regulatory, global, technological, environmental, goals, strategy, and competitive analysis. These factors are both internal and external and will be listed as such. Economic (External Factor)Simple Pleasures offers a service that is considered a luxury to most, especially when the economy is unstable.

Many people do go to spas and salons once or twice a month. Low prices, package deals, and good service will help make sure that clients still find a way to come and use Simple Pleasure’s revives. The New York Times published a piece back in April about spas and the recession. They stated “Even in recessions or difficult times, spas are busy because people need what we have to offer” (Steeling, 2008). This statement tells one that even though things can get bad, people still want to try to continue on with everyday life. A big recommendation for Simple Pleasures would be to offer great deals in times of recessions because it helps the client and the business.

Legal and Regulatory (External Factor)Legal and regulatory factors play a big part in starting and operating any kind of business. The laws and regulations are always changing so it is good to understand them and stay as up to date as possible. For a small business like Simple Pleasures it is recommended to use a company like Legal Zoom to help out with these types of issues. Legal Zoom is an Internet based company that helps one start an L. L. C or any type of business one wants. This will ensure that all the proper forms are filled out and filed properly. For bigger companies, a legal team is highly recommended. A legal team would specialize in keeping up-to-date on any new laws and regulations that are passed.

Global (External Factor)Len order to make an affect globally, Simple Pleasures will sell their own products online. These products will range from masks, to shampoo and hairspray. There are many global factors that can affect a business. By selling their product globally, Simple Pleasures is opening the door to more competition. These types of products are sold all over the Internet. In doing a Google search on the Internet one is bound to find many websites. After searching for “health and beauty on the internet”, the results were an astounding 34,700,000. Making sure Simple Pleasures is at the top of this list would be very difficult. Good advertising is key.

Letting the clients know that they can order the products online is a good way to get the word out. A recommendation would be to advertise on the local television channels as well as the local radio stations. Between this and the clients own word- of-mouth, and Internet searches, the website should sell a decent amount of products. Another important aspect is the website itself. Making the website simple to use, and eye catching will help get sales as well. It will probably be slow at first but eventually things will pick up. Technology is very important for any business. Simple Pleasure’s will need to have updated computers and software for billing and appointment scheduling as well as ordering and shipping their supplies.

The equipment used in the Spa needs to be updated frequently to make sure that they are staying caught up with the trends. The updated technology makes the Job get done faster and more efficiently so it is important to stay updated. If clients go to other Spas and get something done with better technology they may continue going there. This would mean a loss of business cause of lack of technological improvements. Environmental (External Factor)Environmental factors are considered as the relationship between human beings and other living things and the air, soil, and the water that supports them (Pearce-Robinson, 2004). Environmental factors are very important especially with everyone wanting to go “green” in the recent months.

The recommendation for Simple Pleasures is to make sure that they sell and use products that are natural and not tested on animals. It is also recommended to use hypoallergenic products. These recommendations may cost a little bit more than sing other products but the clients will appreciate the extra thought and care that went into the products. One thing many environmentalists would approve of is not using aerosol cans of hairspray. Aerosol cans have been said to be harmful to the environment. “In 1974, Nobel prize winner DRP. F. Sherwood Rowland and his colleague DRP. Mario Nominal proposed a theory that chlorofluorocarbons (CUFF) damage the stratospheric ozone layer” (Consumer Aerosol Products Council, 2009). In 1978 the EPA banned CUFF propellants.

Even though the can of aerosol hairspray do not contain CUFF propellants, many still view aerosol products as harmful to the Goals (Internal Factor)The goal of any business is to use their mission, vision, and values to help the business succeed. Simple Pleasures will set many goals right up front. These goals are to give extraordinary care and service to each client so that they will return when the service is needed again. Simple Pleasures wants to grow so that instead of having their employees be independent associates, they will be permanent employees. A recommendation would be to list these goals and make sure all the professionals agree to them.

This will help make sure that everyone is working toward the same goals. It is also recommended that the professionals all agree with the mission, vision, and values of Simple Pleasures. Strategic Capabilities (Internal Factor)Simple Pleasures will make sure that all professionals have their certification and a certain amount of hours on the Job before they are contracted. It is important to have the best in order to provide the best quality of care and services to the clients. A recommendation would be to make sure they are all up-to-date on any new techniques available and kept current on training. Clients feel like they are really being taken care of.

Competitive Analysis (External Factor)Competition is everywhere especially when it comes to Spa’s. The best hair stylist or massage is always Just around the corner. Simple Pleasures wants to be able to compete with everyone else and come out on top. Making sure the clients are satisfied with their services and also with the prices will go a long way in keeping them as Simple Pleasure’s clients. A recommendation is to keep updated on other Spa’s prices and quality of service. If they have lower prices and better service, something will need to change. There are many internal and external factors that can affect a business. Knowing how to use these factors will help a business succeed.

The seven factors that were listed in this paper are factors that affect all businesses every day. Those businesses have either learned to adapt to these factors or they have failed. Hopefully the recommendations that were made will help Simple Pleasures succeed. Balanced Scorecard balanced score card gives you a look in to different areas of the business and was evaluated using Simple Pleasures’ mission, vision, values and SHOOT analysis. The areas covered are: financial, customer value, internal process, and the learning and growth. These four areas are broken down into columns titled: objectives, measures, targets, and initiatives. All of these areas make up a balanced scorecard.

Financial financial section of the scorecard covers the revenue, becoming competitive in the market, and the market research budget. These are very important parts of finance in Simple Pleasures. Revenue objective of revenue would be to break even in the first year. Many new businesses fail in the first year so if Simple Pleasures can break even that would be a great success. Increased profits in next years would be the next goals for this company. According to the U. S. Census in 2007 there were 8,065 new businesses born in Idaho and there were 6995 business deaths that year (N. A. , 2009). Many of those were the same businesses turning over. The measures would be to offer services and products at a low enough rate to still break even.

This helps with becoming competitive with other businesses as well. Clients want to feel like they are getting a great deal for a great service. Most of the time the saying “You get what you pay for” is true, but Simple Pleasures want to be the exception to that saying. They want to offer low prices with excellent quality of revives being provided. Targets would be meeting or exceeding the break even point in that first year and increasing profit each year thereafter. The initiative would be to analyze the number of clients per service, and per professional. This will allow the management team to Becoming Competitive in the marketed advertising will help Simple Pleasures become competitive.

The objective is to have good advertising so that the name “Simple Pleasures” is well known all over town. The measures are: to increase clients each month by advertising on the radio, in newspapers, and by customers’ word-of- out. The target is to have the clients seen per day increase quarterly. The initiative will be to make sure there are enough resources to budget for good advertising. Market Research budgeted objective with the market research budget is to use research to learn more about the competition. The measures that will be taken are to have enough times and money budgeted for market research. The target is to have 25% of the initial budget and 10% of additional profits set aside for research.

The initiative after finding out what the market wants will be to answer the demands of the clients. Customer Valuable of corticosteroid Values are comprised of three different areas as well. They are: value of services, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. The customer value is a very important of business as well because if the customer is not getting a good value then they will not be back. The objective is to have a higher quality of service than the competitors. The measures are: the amount of time spent with each client and the amount of services requested by the clients. The target is to increase the amount of services provided and better quality time spent with each client.

The initiatives that will be take to make sure this happens will be: for each professional to have more training and reach the goals the department sets. These can be weekly, monthly, or annual goals. Customer Retention objective of customer retention is to retain clients and increase clientele each quarter. The measures are: the reschedule rate of clients with each professional. Most of the time in a salon/spa if the clients like the hairstyle or the way their nails were done they will reschedule with this professional to maintain the style or nail Job. The target is to increase the amount of clients rescheduling for maintenance appointments (nails, hair).

The initiative will be to make sure that the clients know about all the services that are provided and the package deals that are available. Customer Satisfaction objective of customer satisfaction is to deliver high quality care and service to the clients. The measures will be client feedback as well as mystery shoppers that will come in and evaluate the professional. The target is to have a 95% or better rating given from all feedback. The initiatives will be customer satisfaction surveys, feedback number, and secret shoppers that will help Simple Pleasures know how the clients are treated and whether or not something needs changed. Analysis.

The client is a very important part of the success of Simple Pleasures. If the client does not receive valuable services they will not be back. It is important to retain clients because they can help bring in more clients. If a business is not retaining clients then there must be a problem with either the value of the product or the way the client was treated. In order to follow their vision and grow like Simple Pleasures wants to do, they will need to make sure their customer values are of excellent laity. Internal Processes Internal process is comprised of continuity between services and locations, referring to other services, and loss prevention measures.

These are Just as important as the previous two sections. The Internal Process helps track everything that goes on internally. Continuity between services is important to have continuity in the business at different locations. The objectives would be to keep the same quality and kind of services offered among different locations. The measures would be to have workshops and training on how to treat the clients and on what services are to be offered. The targets are training and refresher courses done within a month of being scheduled. The initiatives will be employee reviews that make sure that the training is caught up on and that the certifications are all current.

Referring to other services objective would be to have a referral program that each professional can use to promote other services within the business. Discounts may be offered for referrals. Many companies offer discounts for referring new customers. This helps bring in more clients and the quality of service will keep them returning. The target is to have a 25% increase in referrals for other services over a 1-2 month period of time. The initiative is to train employees on referring clients for other services. Loss Prevention objective is to keep a clean, efficient, honest, fun environment for the professionals and for the clients. This will keep them both comfortable and happy. The measures are to do inventory auditing and accounts receivable auditing.

The target is to decrease losses between AR and inventory. The initiative is to promote a mission that is based around integrity and promote honesty, trust, and retreat service. The internal processes were derived from the values of Simple Pleasures. When one walks into Simple Pleasures, they should know that they are safe and going to be taken care of promptly and efficiently. Learning and Grandfathering and growth is comprised of employee training, continuing education and permanent employee status rather than independent associates. These are being derived from Simple Pleasures vision. Training on the mission, vision, and values from the time they are first hired on.

The measures are having a training system in place so that each employee is trained the name way. This will vary depending on the profession. Also having an employee handbook that discusses all the policies of the company will help with this. The targets are that employees must be compliant in all training and education by the set dates or they will be given a written warning for the first offense. If not corrected, then the employee will be suspended without pay for thirty days, if still not corrected then they will be terminated. The initiatives will be that the managers will audit employees monthly to make sure that they are compliant in all areas. Action plans ill be filed as needed as well.

Continuing Education objectives are to have quarterly mandatory training sessions for each professional and updates on any policies that change. The measures are to find creative ways to teach new ways to provide the services effectively. The targets are that the certified professional must complete 2 training sessions a year that will help them brush up on their skills. Non-certified employees will have to attend 2 workshops the will train them in the areas pertinent to their Job title. The initiatives are to provide training through workshops designed with their reversion in mind as well as bringing in professionals from top dollar organizations to help them see what can be done differently.

Permanent employee status versus independent associates objective is to provide opportunities for any professional to switch from and independent associate to a permanent employee paid salary or by the hour. The measures are to have business workshops that help employees interact more effectively with clients and also offer a small tuition reimbursement for employees that want to further their education as long as it pertains to the business. The target is that professionals can be accepted for tuition reimbursement if they sign an agreement stating that they will continue to work for this company for at least another full year after they get their license.

The initiative is to offer tuition reimbursement for those who have been with the business for an extended period of time (at least 5 years) without and additional contract as long as it is relevant to their profession and can be used in the salon/spa. Communication communication plan is a written document that includes a businesses objectives, goals, audiences, timetables, and evaluations. (N. A. 009). The communication plan can be written, spoken, and/or electronic. In order to make an effective communications plan one needs to define the businesses: objectives, audiences, and goals. The communication plan will inform potential investors, consumers, management, and staff of any critical issues of strategy operations and the future of the business. After the plan is written it will need to be continually evaluated.

Good ways to measure the results of the plan are monthly reports, department reports that can be presented to staff, briefings with the department heads, and a year-end summary for annual reports. Conclusions strategic plan is a very important and complex part of a business. This plan helps keep a business big parts of the strategic plan and the scorecard reflects these very well. It is important to build a business around these things and follow through. Clients like to understand what the business stands for and where they plan on going in the next few years. If the mission, vision, and values are straightforward and practiced, then the clients will feel more at ease. The clients and the products or services are what keep a business in business.


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