Strategic Planning And Risk Management In Abu Dhabi Construction Essay

I am traveling to execute for Abu Dhabi Police. This research will be based on strategic planning in hazard and crisis direction which needs to be taken attention in Abu Dhabi Police. Abu Dhabi Police is the security section of people of Abu Dhabi. The biggest ground which I can believe because of which I have chosen Abu Dhabi Police for this research is because of the security and safety concern which is increasing in Abu Dhabi at the present clip. It is really necessary to hold a really much profound and really much hardworking constabulary section in the metropolis in order to diminish the degree of offenses in the metropolis. Working on such an issue in which grudges of the populace will be addressed is something which truly is an exciting subject for a research work.

Literature Review

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Strategic Planning And Risk Management In Abu Dhabi Construction Essay
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While commanding a offense, it may be possible that constabulary may non win in some issues. In that state of affairs it becomes truly hard for the section to confront the effects because public gets annoyed with the public presentation of the section which is truly dissatisfactory. This could be one of the biggest concerns for Abu Dhabi Police and it would be easier to execute research on this issue ( General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police ( ADP ) ) . Abu Dhabi Police has sent its plebes to the most esteemed universities in Europe in order to acquire preparation and be profession in modern probe programs. Forensic Reports have been considered really much of import because as we can see the last twelvemonth instance in Abu Dhabi, around 5000 instances were resolved through this technique ( Abu Dhabi Police to convey down offense rate in the emirate, 2008 ) . There are less of violent offenses and offenses for belongings harm are really frequently but it is at that place in the metropolis and is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours ( United Arab Emirates 2010 Crime & A ; Safety Report: Abu Dhabi, 2010 ) . One of the major stairss taken by the Government in order to extenuate hazard and manage crisis in Abu Dhabi is startup of National Emergency and Crisis Management of Abu Dhabi. It besides aims to guarantee the continuity in the concern procedure. This service uses high engineering devices which guarantee proper security for the public members ( National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority aa‚¬ ” Abu Dhabi ) . Crime rate used to be really little in the metropolis as they cut off their manus even for stealing a little thing ( Burns ) .

Research Questions and Aims

From this research there are three chief inquiries which arise:

What is the present position of crisis direction policies and hazard direction in Abu Dhabi Police?

What are the loop holes in the policies and what are the strengths?

How can crisis direction and hazard direction in Abu Dhabi Police be improved?

Research aims are as follows:

To accomplish the ends for increasing the degree of present security system which is present with the people of Abu Dhabi?

It aims for decrease in the condemnable activities, increasing justness and taking the degree of insecurity among the people.

Research Design and Methodology

There are several inside informations that is necessary to transport out this research and analysis about strategic planning for hazard and crisis direction in Abu Dhabi Police.

How to garner the research?

Qualitative Research will be performed for the analysis

Case surveies on Abu Dhabi Police will be used

Web mentions like web site of Abu Dhabi Police and assorted academic and non academic articles will be used for the research

Research will be designed utilizing the undermentioned information:

Present Crime Rate in Abu Dhabi

This has been seen that the offense rate has increased in the last few old ages. The offense information is chiefly collected by Crime & A ; Disorder Reduction Partnership with its partnership with Abu Dhabi Police. But as compared with any other state in the universe the offense rate in this metropolis is really less.

It is considered to be really much safe for offenses but still there is an increasing tendency and along with this there are several spiritual jobs which occur in the metropolis, non really powerful but it ever does.

Functions and Duties of Abu Dhabi Police

Five Year Plan has led to the execution of the scheme by Abu Dhabi Police that it will cut down the per centum of offenses which are being committed in the metropolis. HH Lt. General Sheikh Saif bins Zayed Al Nahyan has announced in the Five Year Plan 2008-12 that constabulary section will work in the advancement of worsening the offense rate in Abu Dhabi. There will be more elaborate and deep forensic studies which will be generated in order to catch the felons. In order to halt the e-crimes, Abu Dhabi Police Department has decided to utilize the newer engineering so that they can easy track the felons through the defect less error which they commit while doing offense.

How does authorities work on cut downing offenses?

Government has taken assorted stairss in the metropolis in order to cut down condemnable activities. These stairss are as follows:

Giving appropriate support to Abu Dhabi Police Department with fiscal aid

Assorted security steps given by the authorities to the people of Abu Dhabi

One should take different paths in changing times

Routines and activities should be changing

Always carry cell phone while going anyplace

Always notify a friend about the trip

Government has started assorted exigency contacts for the victims.

Some of the of import research precedences are as follows:

Research on hazards associated with Controlling Crime:

Research on hazards associated with Road Safety

Research on hazard associated with Fine Functional Support with appropriate policing operations

Research on hazard associated with Best international pattern for the present staff of the section

Research on hazard associated with Increasing the degree of safety and security

Research on hazard associated with making community assurance on Abu Dhabi Police and services supplying public safety

Methodology for executing Research

Present scenario of Abu Dhabi Police about what it has been making at nowadays for cut downing offenses.

The rating of research will be done through the complete literature support for the public presentation of the company in instance of extenuation of hazard and crisis direction of Abu Dhabi Department of Police.

The strategic programs for cut downing offense in the metropolis are of high importance. It is seen that in Five Year Plans of 2008-12, a particular attention has been given to subdivision of decrease in the condemnable activities. This suggests that there has been an addition in offenses and this demand to be dropped down.

Planing the schemes for hazard and crisis direction would be another large undertaking in instance of the research. This planning would be done in the manner of production programs for the section.

Production Plan for Abu Dhabi Police Department for extenuation of hazard and crisis direction

Planing for Risk and crisis direction


This includes some of import issues which have been taken into attention in order to hold safe and sound ambiance of the metropolis. At the present clip, there are several strategic programs which are at that place in order to avoid hazard and crisis in the metropolis. Following are the list of several schemes which have been implemented by Abu Dhabi Police in order to cut down the hazards and crisis in the metropolis. A spread is at that place whatever are the schemes implemented by Abu Dhabi Police and whatever is required by the offenses which are at that place in the metropolis. Immediate execution of schemes is needed in order to turn to the offense in Abu Dhabi for hazard and crisis direction in Abu Dhabi Police.


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