Strategic Planning Methods for Dell Inc Essay

The company was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell who was so a university of Texas pupil in Austin. Its initial trade name name was PC ‘s limited and its laminitis was an enterpriser who believed with direct contact with the clients to run into their computer science demands. Its first merchandise to industry was the Turbo Personal computer which came in to market in 1985 and received a direct advert through computing machine magazines to the consumers. To accomplish market assurance, the company offered a lower retail monetary value for the merchandises for consumers ‘ comfortss. This direct selling theoretical account to clients was used by other companies but to no help, this formed the Strategic planning processs and base for the company. To their advantage, Personal computer limited was the first company to win in the usage of this theoretical account with the first twelvemonth ‘s gross revenues making to a higher degree of US $ 73 million. In 1988, Personal computer ‘s limited changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation with its clients as the major drive and actuating factor in their operations ( Pearce & A ; Robinson, 2009 ).

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Strategic Planning Methods for Dell Inc Essay
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The company thrived so good in this extremely technological development competitory market and registered gross revenues of over US $ 1 million while embarking in the internet gross revenues market. This tendency increased to high point of registering gross revenues of up to US $ 50 million per twenty-four hours. It was until 2005 when the company was faced with an upper hill undertaking when it recalled over 4 million laptops due to their default in the bear downing systems. It ‘s reported that many of the laptops caught fire during their use a scenario that was besides repeated in 2007. Flaks ne’er ended with its remembering exercising but besides it was investigated by the American governments due to its projected net incomes over the last one decennary. However despite all these flack catchers the company received, it went to history record as the first company to fall in and be a signer of the clime group. Under this committedness, Dell Corporation has undertaken several C impersonal and energy efficiency activities presuming a leading function in the environmental preservation attempts ( John & A ; Farnum, 2004 ).

Dell Corporation is surrounded with extremely competitory market construction particularly in the Information Communication Technology universe. Although Dell has been regarded as a market leader, in the last two decennaries, its associations and constituents have non indicated any growing and upward tendency for the same period of clip. Several indices have been quoted worldwide to include sale of Dell merchandises in international markets. They include Credit Suisse First Boston Tech, Amex Deutsche Bank Croci US+IN, Dynamic hardware and Consumer EI, Amex Fortune 500 Index, Dynamic Large Cap Value Intelli, IPX Composite Index, NASDAQ Composite and Share BuyBack Achievers Index ( Pearce & A ; Robinson, 2009 ).

Resource based position analysis of an organisation is the market tool used to measure, step and find the strength of the house or a company harmonizing to its strategic resources at the company ‘s disposal for growing and enlargement. For a house to bask the market competitory advantage harmonizing to resource based position and analysis, the company must be in a strategic place to expeditiously use all the available resources to its advantage. In order for the organisation to bask long term competitory market advantage, the valuable resources available should be immobile and heterogenous. In this manner, the market is extremely restricted to new entrants and competitory advantage is enhanced to the bing company. This market status creates a state of affairs where replaceability of the merchandises and service produced becomes about hard. By so making, the dominant company maintains a competitory advantage both in short and long tallies ( Plan Ware Invest-Tech Limited, 2009 ).

Dell ‘s debut of direct relation with the clients placed it as the market leader in Personal computer market. It enjoyed a broad and huge base for resource development and client satisfaction a fact that saw Dell regarded as the best Personal computer marketer non merely in the American market but besides in the international forepart. In add-on, experienced and skilled work force with able and airy leading and direction under the chairmanship of its laminitis Michael Dell has attracted a public assurance impression which has surpassed Dell to all other companies in the market. Therefore, the public figure and respect accorded to the company by the consumers has given Dell an chance to work all its competitory advantage in the market over other companies. Due to miss of close replaceability of the Dell merchandises, the market has no pick instead than accommodate to the usage of the company ‘s merchandises. This provides the company with the best platform to exert and work all the market available chances to maximise on gross revenues and decreased costs which accordingly consequences to increased profitableness ( McNamara, 2009 ).

Strategic planning and attack: Control systems

It is within the company ‘s policies and aims to keep a prima function in the market for Personal computer industries every bit good as internet proviso in the universe. Dell besides strives to keep a big client base in the international market through proviso of quality merchandises and services and client satisfaction. It ‘s merely through these patterns that Dell will keep a market leading function and its international market position. In order for the company to recognize its aims, several steps were instigated and adhered to both in the production, distribution and gross revenues market sections of the company.

A strategic attack was besides employed by the company where production procedures were dictated and directed by client ‘s specification and inclined towards market enlargement and growing. In order to accomplish these aims, the company farther insists and concentrated on both internal and external control systems. The internal control systems were instituted to guarantee that the merchandises and services produced by Dell were of the needed criterions and run into the authorities ‘s control systems and demands. To recognize these ends, the company was required to bring forth quality merchandises and proviso of quality services to the clients ( Roger, 2003 ).

Through accomplishments of these stairss, the company will therefore derive public assurance and occupy market taking place due to its merchandise and service commissariats. Control systems and choice direction patterns are critical in operations of any organisation. Control systems ensures that all the produced merchandises and services meets the needed market and client specification and avoids merchandise recalls like the one witnessed in 2005 with the company remembering over 4 million laptops in the international market due to blame in the charging system. This exercising is an embarrassment to the company and lacks motive to worker take downing their morale when remaking the work once more.

When control and quality direction systems and processs adhered to ; such sort of a scenario could non hold been experienced. When work is done exhaustively and completion done within the model of company guidelines and policy judicial admissions, recommendations and complements from clients and other stakeholders motivates the employees and direction squads of the company. In add-on when quality direction and control systems are good maintained and purely followed, the workers operate without distraction and perturbation which greatly motivates them unlike when the company is under certain probe which creates tenseness and workers feel intimidated like the instance when the American authorities investigated Dell company refering its earning and grosss beginnings and recordings ( Robert and Matthias, 2008 ).

When the above policies and guidelines are followed within an organisation, workers feels satisfied in their personal life as persons every bit good as professional calling since they are regarded as extremely competent. The impression of trust generated from company ‘s success consequences to self realization and assurance to professional enterprises of the employees.

Functional and dysfunctional control systems

Management functional behaviours are encouraged in an organisation and companies to guarantee that all the stakeholders are governed and execute duties with professionalism and diligence. However, more frequently than non, many forces within an organisational set up do non conform to the functional judicial admission of the company. Therefore dysfunctional behaviours are ever witnessed in the acquisition of a company particularly from the top executive directors like gambling and information uses. To relieve these malpractices within an organisation, direction control systems are overriding affecting constituents like discrepancy studies, public presentation based wages, budgets and standard operating processs. The major control systems involved in rectification of dysfunctional behaviours in organisations are the rigorous attachment and trust on accounting public presentation steps ( RAPM ), standard operating processs ( SOP ) and the budgetary engagement ( BP ). These control systems ensures answerability, transparence and credibleness of non merely the employees but besides the organisation at big ( Michael & A ; Jude, 2005 ).

SWOT analysis of Dell Corporation

This represents the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats confronting an organisation. SWOT analysis signifiers an internal scrutiny of an organisation in analyzation of its internal and external factors included in both positive and negative facets. This analysis allows company disposal and direction device the best strategic attack to gain maximization in a competitory market. The Strengths and Weaknesses represent the internal factors while Opportunities and Menaces are the external influencing milieus of the company.

SWOT Analysis Matrix for Dell Corporation

Beginning: Research worker

The Strengths Dell enjoys is the being the largest Personal computer industry in the universe therefore a big market country size. This witnessed the company register the largest net incomes in America. Covering with the client straight gave Dell an upper manus in market capturing due to cut down bureaucratic procedures and ruddy tape. However despite all these strengths, Dell had subjective failings ; merchandise recalls done in 2005 and 2007 was a strong indicant that the internal operations were non really strong. Constrained supply due to few big graduated table retail merchants besides limited its production capacity. External factors act uponing Dell were the chances it witnessed after the alteration of the top direction squad which brought new endowments in the company increasing production and heightening growing. The variegation scheme introduced boosted gross revenues and increased profitableness. Despite these tremendous chances, Dell experienced Threats every bit good. The market was sing new and strong entrants which increased competition cut downing profitableness. The universe currency fluctuations and exchange rate instability was a great reverse to Dell attempts for growing and enlargement ( Pearce & A ; Robinson, 2009 ).

Development and rating of control systems

The instituted direction control systems that were adopted and implemented by Dell were aimed at heightening efficiency and increasing profitableness of the company through market enlargement and merchandise development. Control systems should be developed outside the company to heighten and vouch their independence for efficiency intents. Their execution involves the monitoring and regulative procedures for managers, directors and all the supervisory forces within the organisation on their behaviours and behavior refering organisational direction. They should besides be instituted in the determination devising procedure for sound and proper policies to be implemented in an organisation. To guarantee that quality direction plans are maintained at Dell, the company had independent internal every bit good as external hearers who examined its books of history to guarantee they conform to the international recognized criterions.

Independence of control direction system guaranteed through separation with other departmental offices. The control system should hold entree to all the constituents of the company and its sections as good for efficiency. Independent and external rating should be carried out often to guarantee conformance and should be practiced spontaneously to avoid internal agreements and promote efficiency of the procedure. Dell has a policy of proviso of the best services and industry of the best merchandises in the market. This is non merely aimed at capturing a big market country size, but besides for client satisfaction and convenience. From past experiences and defects, the instituted control direction and quality control systems have been effectual in their operations at Dell. Product callback is now a thing of the past and constitutes to the company history ( Pearce & A ; Robinson, 2009 ).


Every company or an organisation in the market strives to capture larger market country size to maximise on gross revenues and accordingly optimise its net incomes through increased gross revenues. However, as discussed above, quality signifiers a cardinal constituent in accomplishment of this aim. The Strategic Planning of a company or an organisation is really overriding towards realisation of these aims. Every measure and market orientation adapted by the company should ever conform and be grounded from the company ‘s strategic planning processs and guidelines. SWOT analysis should ever steer the direction squad of a company in the preparation of a strategic attack to impel the company in accomplishment of its aims. The company should ever endeavor to use its strengths to cut down and extinguish failings while capitalising on all the possible chances to extenuate against the menaces. In order to accomplish all the strategic planning steps, a strong and effectual quality control and direction system should be in topographic point at all times to steer company ‘s activities and patterns.


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