Strategy information management Essay

Presents utilizing strategic information direction is truly valuable for any organisation. As a consequence of extremely developing environment organisations should utilize strategic direction every bit good as information system and information engineering for its every individual measure within organisation. There are many companies who are successful because of utilizing IS/IT with their strategic direction. It will give organisations more competitory advantages than their rivals.

Strategic direction is about the reading of marks and omens of the hereafter and construing them in order to take an appropriate way for the hereafter development of the administration. There are figure of definitions about scheme. Harmonizing to Porter ( 1980 ) , Strategy is a wide based expression for how concern is traveling to vie, what its ends should be, and what policies will be needed to transport out those ends. The kernel of explicating competitory scheme is associating a company to its environment. Definition of strategic direction is ‘Strategic Management is concerned with make up one’s minding on scheme and be aftering how that scheme is to be put into consequence via:

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Strategy information management Essay
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  • Strategic analysis
  • trategic pick
  • Strategic execution ‘ ( Johnson and Scholes 1993 )

Information System and Information Technology

Presents administrations try to utilize Information System and Information Technology more than of all time. Everyone had their ain cognition about IS/IT and how they help an administration to derive more competitory advantages. People understands the importance of IS/IT and developing their scheme.

There are many ways that administrations can derive competitory advantages utilizing Information System ( IS ) , and Information Technology ( IT ) . Many companies acquiring more attendings and became successful utilizing IS/IT systems.

There are some illustrations of IS for competitory advantages are where IS is:

  1. Connecting the administration to clients or its providers
  2. Making effectual integrating of the usage of information in a value-adding procedure, value-chain primary activities.
  3. Enabling the administration to develop, bring forth, market and present new merchandises or services based upon information
  4. Giving senior direction information to assist develop and implement its scheme.


One of the most common illustration is American Airlines ‘ SABRE reserve system which is deriving a competitory advantage from utilizing IS. This system was the first effectual electronic system in the US. The entryway of this online booking system was a major accomplishment, and came approximately as a response to the possible menace of travel agents developing their ain reserve system. The competitory value of SABRE is still being in the markets even thirty old ages after its entryway to the market. Surprisingly American Airlines were doing more net incomes utilizing SABRE even more than winging aeroplanes.

In the 1970s, the chief aims of IT deployment became the integrating of systems for dependable tagging and automatic designation of merchandises, on the one manus, and the point-of-sale ( POS ) scanning and entering devices such as electronic hard currency registries, recognition card, and look into readers gave large advantages to the supermarket industry leaders such as Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart every bit good as a group of taking apparel retail merchants such as Gap and the Limited, started coercing their providers to label all their merchandises before the bringing, and to develop capablenesss for rapid and efficient bringing to the retail merchant ‘s extremely automated distribution centres. By 1980, the pattern was good established, and the benefits became obvious plenty to necessitate more conjunct action by the industry leaders.

Another illustration that we can see every twenty-four hours is Tesco ‘s nine card. This is the greatest illustration of utilizing IS/IT in order to acquire competitory advantages. Almost everyone has Tesco ‘s nine card in UK. Through their clients ‘ use of nine card Tesco can pull off their demand and based on that database they send verifiers to their clients which will do their clients satisfied. They will derive long term relationship with their clients utilizing right IS/IT system.

There are many illustrations that are proved how company can be successful utilizing cyberspace such as usage of e-commerce. Selling their merchandise online is cheaper and easy manner to acquire more net income and competitory advantages. Such as Zara, Marks and Spencer are successful companies who sell their merchandises both in traditional manner and in e-commerce as good. They knows cyberspace is the chief advantages that companies gain from IS/IT. It is going truly of import and utilizing unafraid cyberspace and sell their merchandises online can convey benefits to any administrations. The benefits include cut down travel cost, addition in productiveness and the ability to make concern with other companies from all over the universe. Using cyberspace for your company can salvage both money and clip. In order to success your concern you should hold high speed cyberspace and it will assist your concern in many ways.

E-bay and Amazon are the best illustrations of deriving net incomes and competitory border. Their merchandises are cheaper than other companies because they are utilizing e-commerce. Furthermore, they are unafraid and trusting which means they already gained clients trust with their services. There are some disadvantages utilizing e-commerce nevertheless they proved to others that e-commerce can be more successful than traditional manner of concern.

No administration can vie today ‘s crowded market without IS/IT. They all need e-commerce and e-marketing at least in order to last.

Undertaking 1

Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account of competitory construction.

Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account is truly utile for administrations. It helps administrations to acquire more competitory advantages and more net incomes. Harmonizing to Porter there are five forces that influence administration ‘s competitory construction such as:

Competition between rivals

This competition can run from intense in a cut-throat industry to mild in an flush and amiable 1. When competition is high net incomes will be given to be low.

Menace of new entrants

The tallness of the barriers against this menace and the finding to acquire over them defines the industry ‘s profitableness.

Menace of replacements

When this menace is high the ‘safe ‘ net income border is low as clients more readily alteration when monetary values are high

The power of purchasers

This chiefly depends upon their monetary value sensitiveness and their bargaining purchase.

The power of providers

This is the distinction of the inputs, and affairs when the administration ‘s procedure needs a rare trade good.

To bring forth a theoretical account of the competitory forces playing upon an administration requires elaborate research into its industry, but it so allows the net power of the five forces to be judged in order to concentrate attending upon those most important. This concentration may be either to work a powerful place or to protect from a weak one.

SWOT analysis

One of the most popular and utile analysis for concern is SWOT analysis. Most concerns analyse their current place by utilizing SWOT analysis, which identifies the concern ‘s internal strengths and failings and the external menaces and chances confronting a concern. A SWOT analysis defines the relationship between the internal and external assessments in strategic analysis. It is an exercising in designation and analysis. Analyzing the cardinal factors of the environment and the cardinal internal strengths and failings of the administration will assist order the schemes appropriate to the house. All administrations should non bury to use a SWOT analysis to rivals, supplies and clients every bit good as to it in order to measure the full place within the industry and to direct the house towards the appropriate way. Whilst placing a scheme is about undertaking the hereafter, it must be based on a realistic assessment of the administration ‘s yesteryear and present public presentation. Not even one administration can develop a scheme merely on the footing of placing chances and menaces. The administration ‘s scheme must take history of the resources and fight of the administration. Therefore the scheme must emerge as a consequence of the combined appraisal of market attraction and concern strength. SWOT analysis is a systematic method for fiting environmental menaces and chances with the administration ‘s strengths and failings.

Case Study

There are many companies utilizing SWOT analysis in order to success. One of the planetary successful company Starbucks is utilizing SWOT analysis every bit good. It helps Starbucks to analyzing the possible internal jobs and advantages that a concern has. It might find the factors external to the concern that could impact its scheme. The result of analysis should be to happen the Starbucks ‘s strengths and capablenesss, its commercial and operational advantages and the wider general force per unit areas and restraints on the concern which is truly utile for Starbucks. Businesss have a figure of methods to transport out analysis. The intent of SWOT analysis is to carry on a general and speedy scrutiny of a concern ‘s current place so that it can place preferred and likely waies in future. The analysis is frequently carried out as a brainstorming treatment. It is an effectual manner of assemblage and categorizing information, exemplifying peculiar affairs and bring forthing involvement in the concern and its activities rapidly. Another benefit for SWOT analysis is it frequently used as a method by which marketing sections can be after its selling scheme. It is easy manner to understand your ain errors and failings in order to better your chances utilizing your strengths. Using SWOT analysis right would convey a immense success to your concern.

Starbucks one of the biggest strength was their market portion because they have large market portion in their market their net income was truly large. Furthermore, they have their ain loyal clients who buy their merchandises daily. This sort of relationship will give them more benefits than their rivals. Their trade name name was already popular all around the universe and give large strength to Starbucks ‘s development. Another strength is Starbucks is really ethical company for illustration their charity plants and working with the husbandman making fairtrade merchandises. They besides have high visibleness locations to pull clients. They are industry market leader.

However, they have some failings as good. Because of successful concern in their market more and more similar rivals came their market and offering lower monetary value for their clients. This means they ever have increacing figure of rivals in their turning market. They may lose some of their clients to their rivals.

Their chances are good developing accomplishments of their merchandise ‘s quality. Their engineering is bettering which means net income will increase every bit good. They has a great manner to making new merchandises and services and ever be the leader in their market.

Starbucks is US Company and because of that they have strong presence in the US and people argued that they need to seek to look for other portfolio of states, in order to distribute concern hazard. Another menace that Starbucks has is increasing natural stuff cost that is why Starbucks is threatened to rises in their java, labor, and other dairy merchandises in exchange rate.

Undertaking 2


One of the manner to success in your concern and acquire more competitory advantage is via Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) because, in the terminal, if there are no clients, so there is no concern, and no hereafter. Companies today are passing more on CRM than they of all time have. In today ‘s fast moving and extremely competitory market, merchandises come and go. For companies big and little, the most of import existent plus, with mensurable long-run value, is loyal, one-to-one client relationships. CRM implemented is the ability to see the hereafter and act on it to make these loyal clients. Harmonizing to Peelen, E ( 2005 ) , CRM is ‘ a procedure that addresses all facets of placing clients, making client cognition, constructing client relationships, and determining their perceptual experiences of the administration and its merchandises ‘ . One of the most sweeping definition of CRM is the 1 provided by Regis McKenna, who has adapted the construct of ‘real clip selling ‘ for these intents. He recognises that CRM targets the edifice of an substructure which may be used to develop long-run customer-supplier relationships. However, at the same clip, he emphasises that as a consequence of this substructure, the walls between company and client are torn down. Whereas it was one time impossible to come in the other ‘s sphere at one ‘s ain convenience, today this is a great trade easier. On the one manus, clients are able to hold a expression into the records to find whether or non a specific merchandise is in stock, track the position of the bringing, and read other purchasers ‘ sentiments of the merchandise.

As McKenna stated that, as administrations advancement in the execution of the substructure, people will automatically get down to detect that this non merely requires a new scheme, but really calls for an accommodation in the administration itself. Customer and company move closer to one another ; each will hold to respond to and expect the other ‘s actions more straight. Each will hold to exert more openness and supply penetration into one another ‘s personal businesss. Administrations will hold to set their civilizations and will hold to larn how to run in a more client oriented mode.

CRM is a concern scheme and hence more than a functional scheme entirely. It affects the administration as a whole: selling, IT, service, logistics, finance, production and development, HR, direction, etc. The CRM scheme will hold to supply way to each section or employee that maintains contact with clients. The employees ‘ and directors ‘ customer-oriented attack will hold to better.

The inquiry is whether or non a CRM scheme is suited for every company and whether or non there is an univocal CRM scheme to be defined.

In pattern, when it comes to CRM, many companies ‘ schemes focus on increasing efficiency and dependability.

The realization of a CRM scheme depends on a figure of constituents or competences. Possibly the most obvious competence is related to the ability to make the substructure which makes it possible for client and provider to recognize one another and to be able to interact in ‘real-time ‘ . the four basiss of CRM which must be mentioned foremost are Customer cognition, Relationship scheme, Communication, The single value proposition.

Case survey

Customer relationship plays a critical function in any administration, for now, as you develop your vision, you must retrieve the undermentioned simple fact: Because e-commerce is non a market that geographically captures a client, merchandisers must be even more originative in supplying value-added services, such as on-line support, “ unrecorded ” client service. E-commerce means better and quicker client service. Web-based client service makes clients happy. Alternatively of naming a company on the phone, keeping for 10 proceedingss, so linking to a clerk to tap into your history, client have direct entree to their histories over the Web. For companies that do concern with other houses, adding client service to the Web is a competitory advantage. The nightlong bundle bringing service, where tracking Numberss allow clients to look into the whereabouts of a bundle online, is one good illustration for your company. Chesher ed Al ( 2003 ) supports a normally held position that positive client experiences of Internet purchases are important to the success of e-commerce.

Lands ‘ End client service

The Lands ‘ End ‘live client service ‘ is truly helpful and nice. They can derive more clients ‘ trust and the company can construct strong relationship utilizing unrecorded client service. This service will assist clients and do things easier for them. The service will work after two unsuccessful efforts at seeking in the “ Find a merchandise ” hunt box the following screen is displayed, offering the client the option to speak to their aid from a client service representative. One of the benefits for this service the client can so make up one’s mind whether they want the client service representative to name them or to hold a unrecorded confab there directly off. In either instance they need to come in their first and last names and the telephone figure if bespeaking a call from them, and choose “ connect ‘ . After choice the unrecorded client service ‘s representative will assist you with your inquiries. This is one of the most popular and great e-commerce client services. If other company ‘s can offer this sort of client services at that place will non be a large job confronting with clients. It may be more than usual client services. However, service will be truly helpful for your new Web and concern. It will derive and construct a client satisfaction.

There are many more e-businesses who offered a similar client services as Lands ‘ End such as Gas. Their client service is truly helpful and effectual. Equally shortly as client ‘s demand aid and inquire from aid they would assist instantly. Their employees who have particular accomplishments for e-business and web design besides have great cognition about merchandises would assist clients.

Another successful company that uses Customer Relationship Management is Starbucks. Their ‘Starbucks card ‘ gives great chance to pull off their clients ‘ demand and what merchandises they largely buy. On the other manus it gives benefit to clients every bit good. When their clients use their ‘Starbucks card ‘ they get price reduction on some specific merchandises. This sort of scheme will give advantages both the company and the client. When company has friendly and helpful CRM, clients would be truly happy and go their loyal clients. This will give a immense competitory advantages to administrations. Starbucks could aim their high net worth clients and construct greater trueness with their clients utilizing their CRM. As I said before their trueness shemes such as Starbucks Card, free re-fills for some drinks and free radio within the shop provide a competitory border to its value proposition.


1. Lichtenstein N, Wal-Mart the face of twenty-first-century capitalist economy, 2006, New imperativeness, New York

2. Robson W, Strategic Management and Information Systems ( 2nd edn ) , Pearson Education Limited, 1997, London


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