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| Street Drugs| Research Writing By:| | Christine | 8/22/2010| | Street drugs can be very harmful to a body if they are not aware of the effects of what they are and what they can to do it. To show how street drugs can damage a body and why these drugs need to be off the street, children at young ages need to be taught what these different types of drugs are and the meanings of them. This should be taught throughout all schools including colleges because even college people are able to be under pressure and feel the need to try and find a way to keep up with their schooling. In the end it only hurts heir minds and could even worse end them up in much more trouble. Our goal would be to find a way to get these street drugs off the street. There are so many bad street drugs out there that maybe just a little word to our children and friends will help keep him or her safe. Harry Jacob Aslinger, who helped make the United States Drug Policy from (1930-1962) (King, and McDonough, JR, 2001), was a part of developing the drug policy because he saw what morphine had done to his neighbor lady when he was a young child and it made a lifelong impression on him that made him want to do something about it.

When he was old enough he went to college and worked for the railroads part- time. Even though he never graduated, in the 1920s, the Prohibition Amendment had made the importing, manufacture, or sale of alcoholic beverages illegal throughout the United States and its’ possessions other than what could be used for medical or sacramental purposes. “The Volstead Act (1919) and the Harrison Act (1914), aimed respectively at enforcing Prohibition and controlling the distribution of narcotic drugs, were both tax measures, and hence came within the jurisdiction of the U. S. Treasury Department”. (King, and. McDonugh, JR, 2001)

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Some of the street drugs that can cause people to change the way they behave are “acid, angel dust, and vitamin K. ” (Leshner, 2007) All three of these can cause a person to change the way they think, behave and even communicate in a bad way sometimes if the drug reacts or is taken for long periods. There is a Hallucinogen called LSD that basically reacts just as it seems but can be very dangerous. It makes a person hallucinate and think frightening thoughts. “LSD also has long after affects that a person can have psychotic-like episodes and PCP and ketamine can cause respiratory depression, heart rate abnormalities, and withdrawal syndrome”. (Leshner, 2007) LSD is used more in night-clubs and raves. LSD is a white or clear water-soluble material that usually starts to work within thirty to ninety minutes and can last up to twelve hours. Usually the more they do, the more it takes for it to work. Some other side effects of LSD are “loss of appetite, dry mouth, increased blood pressure and heart rate. ” (Leshner, 2007) “PCP was developed in the 1950s as an intravenous surgical anesthetic, is classified as a dissociative anesthetic”. (Leshner, 2007) PCP was used in veterinary, but it was never approved to be used for humans ecause of its effects. A drug call PCP and ketamine can make a body believe it is out of control so the body has no idea what it is doing when taking this drug. PCP became a pill form in the 1960s and then a powder form in the 1970s in which people put it on marijuana, tobacco or parsley then smoked it to get rapid effects. This is why people normally smoke or snort PCP. They want quick effects. PCP can usually last for hours and it can affect several functions of the body. For instance, if a “body does a low dose something that can happen are shallow, rapid breathing, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and elevated emperature. If a body has a higher dose it can cause dangerous changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration, which can also be accompanied by nausea, blurred vision, dizziness, and decreased awareness of pain. ” (Leshner, 2007) Ketamine, also known as “K or Special K is a drug that is used in anesthetic for humans and veterinary medicine. ” (Leshner, 2007) Most people obtain this drug from veterinary offices where it is usually a liquid and from there they make it into a powder form so it can be snorted or made into a pill. Ketamine is not as potent as PCP and the effects do not last as long.

Ketamine is odorless and tasteless and can be put into drinks without notice and cause amnesia. It can also be referred to as a “date rape” drug. (Leshner, 2007) Club drugs are also another problem happening in the world today. A few of these drugs are Ecstasy and Rohypnol. Ecstasy is also known as speed, which acts as a hallucinogen. It makes your mind do tricks but gives you energy at the same time. That is why they use this drug in night-clubs and at all-night raves. This takes effect within thirty minutes and last six to twelve hours. However, it can cause death if the body emperature rises above 110, which it is known to do as well as raise your heart rate, change your breathing, and cause dehydration. Rohypnol is known at the “date rape” pill and is illegal in the United States. People put it in drinks and it is tasteless and odorless so a person never knows they were given it. It makes you sleepy and works within twenty to thirty minutes. It also causes, “a condition called “retrograde amnesia,” which means users cannot remember anything that happened after the drug took effect, even though they were conscious and capable of moving around”. (Club Drugs: Little Pills, Big Dangers)

Street drugs are being used by all ages from 10 and up and maybe even younger. “Here is a graph to shows that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 34. 5% of female high school students surveyed nationwide in 2007 used marijuana during their lifetime. This is down from 35. 9% in 2005 and 37. 6% in 2003”. (http://www. whitehousedrugpolicy. gov/drugfact/women/women_ff. html) (paragraph 5) Drug Type| 2003 | 2005| 2007| Lifetime marijuana | 37. 6% | 35. 9% | 34. 5% | | | | | “A National Vital Statistics Report found that 38,396 persons died of drug-induced causes in 2006.

Of the drug-induced deaths, 13,889 were females”. (http://www. whitehousedrugpolicy. gov/drugfact/women/women_ff. html) (paragraph 7) If a teen or pre-teen can keep from smoking a cigarette before they are 21, the less likely they are to do other types of street drugs. Marijuana is much more harmful than cigarette smoke because the body inhales deeper into the lungs and holds it longer to get the feeling they are supposed to get from the effects of it. Marijuana can also cause cancer because it is smoke going into the lungs. Marijuana can affect the bodies’ bility for distance and decision making so hopefully a person does not drive. Marijuana can stay in the system up to and after 24 hours of inhaling it and it can affect the brain and mobility. Most people take this because they are under stress at school or work. Marijuana is illegal in the United States as well. “Here is a chart that shows how the price of marijuana and sinsemilla have changed from 1984 to 1994. ” The cost of street drugs is very high. Here is an example of a few of what cocaine can run. Cocaine can costs about $20 per gram when it comes into the United States, which is usually brought in a 100 kilogram nit. That means it would cost “the drug trafficker” (Carson-DeWitt, 2003) about $2 million. “In other words, the street value of 100 kilo- grams of cocaine equals $13. 3 million, more than six times as much as its initial cost ($2 million)”. (Carson-DeWitt,2003) There was a news report from the Europe Intelligence Wire that really was upsetting. There was a lady who went to get some medicine for her Alzheimer’s and she had asked to be served and she was told the assistant was watching people take methadone. This was a place that dealt with high street chemist. This as a drug that they would allow the addicts to have first before the public. They said it is legal there but at the same time the place is now known as a sink area because so many addicts go there to get the drug. (Concern as addicts are ‘given priority’. ” Europe Intelligence Wire 4 Aug. 2010) People do get caught for taking street drugs. Just look at Lindsay Lohan, she has been in drug rehab several times and in jail as well for drugs. Lindsay’s main addiction was prescription drugs, but it just goes to show that all types of drugs can mess with a person’s body no matter what they are. Michael Douglas’s on is now in jail for 5 years for methamphetamine possession with intent to distribute and one count of possessing cocaine. They allowed him a smaller sentence in exchange for him turning in who he got the drugs from. It just doesn’t matter who you are people can become addicted to any kind of drug and it is very important to watch how you take them. (“MEN CHARGED IN DOUGLAS CASE. ” World Entertainment News Network 26 July 2010) People are also turning to drugs because of how the economy is. He or she fear of losing their jobs or whether or not they will be able to get a job after school is out or once they are done with college.

He or she tries using social support but it just is not going in the positive way. He or she usually ends up turning to legal or illegal drugs. This is not how people should be turning but when he or she feels they have no other alternative, he or she feels this is the only way to turn when their spirits are down and he or she wants something to help bring it up. In conclusion please keep talking to children and friends about street drugs and remind him or her about how they can affect the body and mind. Tell anybody or friends if you see their child doing any kind of drug so you can keep him or her safe as well.

Keep books around or look information up on the Internet to keep informed about any kind of new drug children might be trying so you can keep other children from trying these. Children and adults die every day from taking drugs that he or she should not because he or she were under pressure or pressured to try something. Remind anybody people know using drugs just how bad they are and how they can and will affect his or her minds and body. Buhrmaster, Scott. “Get the Dope on Dope: First Response Guide to Street Drugs, Volume One. (Book Review). ” The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin 71. 8 (2002):

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