Strengths And Weaknesses Of Bureaucratic Organizations Commerce Essay

The coming of twenty-first century, the planetary economic system has dramatically undergone alterations. Developed and emerging economic systems are meeting to one mammoth planetary economic system ; this has straight impacted the concerns obliging administrations around the universe to competitory at the international degree. The protection shield enjoyed by the administrations behind a closed economic system earlier under the cloak of the authorities curtailing entry for foreign participants are acquiring slimmer each twelvemonth. Consequently, administrations have to vie in their place state against MNC with huge resources, and hunt for chances elsewhere.

However, there are legion other factors which have influenced administration universe – broad to reconsider their schemes in the aftermath of the altering planetary concern kineticss. Free trade country understandings, creative activity of merchandising axis such as the European Union, South East Asiatic states ( ASEAN ) and other similar bing and 1s which are still under consideration have vastly pressurized companies, and exposed them to the competition. The competitory and comparative advantages enjoyed by these administrations earlier are now threatened by the new foreign entrants. As a consequence to last and turn in the twenty-first century most administrations either adapted or withered off to the altering conditions. The 1s which survived the strong moving ridge of forced adaptation have learned their lessons that alteration is a changeless factor in the planetary concern environment, and being automatic and adaptative is the lone manner out.

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Technological invention is another facet that has influenced alteration in the administration. Technology is germinating at a rapid gait justifying administration to absorb the alterations at the same velocity. Other influential factors: Intensity of international competition ; presence of cardinal rivals in all cardinal international markets ; internationalisation of merchandise criterions ; stronger push by international organic structures such as the universe Trade Organization ( WTO ) , International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) increasing degree of international trade between states ; increase in Intra-firm trade ; Technological strength. At the organisational degree, there is uninterrupted force per unit area to execute in the new concern economic system ; factors such as handiness of scarce resources, Value Added Activities, presences of Propriety Technologies, Management Skills, Marketing Skills, creative activity of strong trade name equities, Production know-how, accomplishing economic systems of graduated table, productive capableness and presence of low labor costs Centres ( India, Chain and etc. ) and many others.

1.b Strengths and Failings of bureaucratic organisations:


BUREAUCRATIC organisations maps good and are suited for environments which are stable in nature and affect everyday undertakings and minimum technological alterations. A Bureaucratic organizational construction is frequently centralized ; they have a clear, good defined perpendicular hierarchy of bid, authorization and concatenation of control. Productivity and efficiency are achieved through standardisation of procedures. Emphasis is given to specialisation of procedures and is most frequently formalized. As a consequence of these factors, the undertakings in a bureaucratic administration frequently consequences in stiffly defined occupations, procedure, applications of engineering go forthing really less or frequently no infinite for creativity or advanced inputs into the system. Since every undertakings, procedure are predetermined and predictable by rigorous criterion operating processs, the system resemble a machine ( Max weber, 1978, cited in Beetham, 1996 ) .

Harmonizing to Max Weber ( 1978 ) , Strengths and Weakness of a bureaucratic administration are as follows:


Strict regulations and ordinance sing work, behavior and employee codification of behavior

Impersonal orientation

specific domain of competency

Continuity in uniformity of operations

Less impact of any alterations to the organisational construction or direction

Rational allotment of undertakings

Division of labour based on assorted specialised maps

Membership constitutes a calling

Promotions are normally based on experience and proficient cognition and competency

makings tested

limited discretion of officers

lawfully based term of office

Educational and proficient qualifies are tested sporadically

Prescribed concatenation of authorization and legal conformities


Very less or frequently no infinite for creativity or advanced inputs into the system

Highly stiff determination devising system. Engagement is based on defined authorization

There is a terrible deficiency of empathy or reason.

The inception is extremely regulated by set regulations and ordinances.

Productivity and efficiency are achieved through standardisation of procedures

Rigidly defined occupations, procedure, applications of engineering

Slow reaction to unexpected crisis

Bureaucratic organisational measure up is non suited for industry or companies which are under great force per unit area to execute and vie in the market.

Neglecting group thought and enterprises

1. hundred Alternative signifiers of organisational development:

Administration development is a planned intercession. The primary purpose of OD is to better the current organizational maps to make a strong foundation for strengthens ; work towards cut downing failing ; address menaces originating due to assorted factors act uponing the concern – internally or externally ; to extenuate hazard or at least cut down the exposure or harm, and all these finally consequences to reflect the changing concern environment. There are battalions of step ining countries within the administration justifying intercession on regular bases, and besides at times of eventualities or unexpected crisis. Administration meaning for a higher degree of alterations frequently adopt a full scope of intercessions. This would besides include facets such as the transmutation of employee behaviors and attitudes to towards their functions & A ; duties and in general, towards the organizational lodger aims. On the other manus, partial effort in alteration direction would ensue in organizational degree failures. Subsequently, runing policies, personal policies, direction constructions and organizational accomplishments sets would fall short of it outlooks. Typically, organisation development plans will implement multiple intercessions at the same time. There are assorted methods / types of organisation development intercessions considered for alteration direction: structural intercessions, 3rd party peace-making intercessions, Intergroup squad edifice intercessions, procedure audience intercessions, forced field analysis – Kurt Lewin, Team intercessions, and procedure audience intercessions.

Structural Interventions: It is besides known as techno structural intercessions and chiefly focuses on alterations in undertakings, organizational construction, technological procedures, quality circles, TQM, restructuring and work/job design.

Intergroup squad edifice intercessions: These intercessions advocate in the betterment of intergroup dealingss between work squads, facilitate effectual communicating. The stairss involved are: OD practician meets the group leaders and analyze their demands. Groups meet individually and promote observing down about perceptual experiences, related jobs, attitude towards each other. This besides involves group expecting each other ‘s outlooks. This procedure helps in bettering interaction between persons and groups ; happen solution to unsolved jobs ; and minimise the communicating spread.

Team Building intercessions: These intercessions are focused on bettering squad & A ; organisational procedures, Task achievement, Problem diagnosing and set uping strong squad relationships. The procedure involves analyzing the intent of squad ‘s being, aims and squad readying for undertaking achievement.

Human Resources direction intercessions: involves employee public presentation and assessment direction, employee health and wages systems, organizational diverseness direction and many others.

Third party peace-making Interventions: assorted methods and techniques are used, such as the confrontation technique, Insist on researching possible solutions, Attempts to get the better of negative feeling, work outing interpersonal struggle Differentiation stage – understand differences of positions, Integration phase – sharing of positive feelings and ideas.

Other intercession countries are team edifice, self-designing organisations, easing, organisational restructuring, struggle direction, preparation, coaching, and organisational transmutation, cultural alteration and strategic direction.

Undertaking 2:

2A Key Stakeholders in My Chosen Organisation

My chosen administration for Change Management Process is a local food market supermarket located in Bangalore, India. It was founded in the twelvemonth 2001. Initially the retail shop supplied merely letter paper and nutrients points ; nevertheless, over the old ages, more merchandises were added to their portfolio. Today, the retail shop – known as Naveen Supermarket has scope of merchandises such as house clasp goods, nutrient points, electronic points among other merchandises normally found in general food market shops. Naveen Supermarket has approximately 20 to 25 employee working in different displacements around the clock. The employees are divided into three chief subdivisions, the first group manages the supermarket floor, the 2nd group is engaged with the stock direction, and the 3rd group manages telephone orders and bringing system. The supermarket shop is situated in a convenient location, surrounded by immense residential composite, transit points and besides major educational and concern establishments. Since its origin as a little retail shop in 2001, it has now grown into a busy 24 / 7 shop helping over 5000 clients every hebdomad.

From the last few old ages, universe economic system has seen a dramatic alteration in its location. While Naveen supermarket experienced exponential growing, it besides faces increasing competition from new entrants particularly, big supermarkets, transforming the market into extremely competitory concern. The usual old ways of pulling and retaining clients have been found uneffective, and accordingly, the supermarket is earnestly be aftering to hold a major inspection and repair in the organizational construction, and besides concern maps to reflect the altering conditions in the market. Change in demographic profile of the environing population has besides mandated alterations including the merchandise portfolio to suit multi-cultural nutrient merchandises, different age group particularly increasing pupil and higher working category population.

Apart from this, the direction of the supermarket is besides visualizing of opening similar shops in other locations in Bangalore. Bangalore is known as the 2nd Si vale of the universe, and emerging as one of the major metropolitan metropolis in India, accordingly, today the metropolis has adapted a civilization similar to other major metropoliss around universe attributed by fast traveling busy life manner.


A survey done by Davies ( 2001 ) , point out that nutrient clients in UK are non interested to cook nutrient in their kitchen. The quotation mark of Davies stated: “ Food industries should turn to the demand of this fast moving, clip starved coevals. This can be done by doing branded and ain label merchandises that fits the altering life style of new epoch household. ” Speed is required while fixing nutrient as there is no clip to cook. Healthy and convenient nutrient is in demand. The similar tendency is lifting in India every bit good. So Naveen Supermarket has the enormous chances to spread out their concatenation across India.

Analysis of the type of Change Company is originating

The organisation is traveling to hold recent development of the operational alteration consists of the operational alterations will alter the techniques of ongoing operations of the company, like the mechanization of the assorted operational procedures. The operational alterations would assist Naveen supermarket in betterment in supply concatenation direction patterns, addition in gross, betterment in quality of service and merchandises by using Entire quality direction and Kaizen systems for uninterrupted betterments. The chief purpose of implementing to hold cost-cut in long tally and accomplish competitory border in the higher competitory market conditions. The alteration proposed for the mechanization of dealing and operational activity will besides take to speedy determination devising and helps in the analysis of current state of affairs.

Now, these four different types of alterations as per adviser David A. Nadler and direction professor Michael L. Tushman together developed an informative topology of organisation alteration as shown in the diagram shown below. ( Kreitner, 2007 )

Four types of organisation alteration topology









Based on this theoretical account shown in above tabular array, the company is making Re-creational alteration. The alteration is reactive in the sense the company is turning and wants to optimise the operational activities by taking advantage of mechanization and altering strategic vision of company.

Changes Appropriate for Naveen supermarket.

1. Supply quality in its merchandise and services concentrating on better individualized temperaments ; better the order placing and bringing mechanism including on-line platform.

2. Aggressively market by presenting assorted promotional offer to fit other rivals particularly MNC.

3. Control runing costs thereby salvaging could be excessively transferred to the client as increased services or monetary value decrease, and therefore constructing a strong competitory advantage over the clip.

4. Recruit professionals in the field retail direction, so as represent a just mix of endowments in the administration stand foring broad background.

2. B Analysis of theoretical accounts for stakeholder battle

Stakeholder battle theoretical accounts and its analysis/application:

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis and Stakeholder Management are the of import facets of Change Management Process to earn support for alteration in the organisation. This technique can be used to place the cardinal countries of alteration, and affected individuals in the execution of the alteration. Stakeholders are an of import plus to the administration, and therefore it ‘s imperative to confer with the stakeholder prior to the execution of alteration to accomplish the coveted result. Disagreement or partial committedness would endanger the full project, finally, ensuing in unwanted struggles and dissension. The stakeholder analysis tool would help Naveen Supermarket to grok and derive an early support from the stakeholders particularly the influential 1s. This requires that the direction educate the stakeholder on the transpiring conditions that the concern is surrounded with, which lead to the determination of set abouting alteration direction in the administration. The stakeholders should clearly be explained about the effects of both options – sing and non sing alteration in the short and long tally. Wining the support of the influential stakeholders, and finally others is the key to the successful execution of alteration.

The cardinal stakeholders of Naveen Supermarket are:







Municipal corporation

Community ( General Public )

The undermentioned inquiries can supply an understating about the cardinal stakeholder ‘s ideas:

What is outlook in footings of pecuniary or emotional? Optimistic or destructive?

What is the cardinal inspirational facet of the undertaking to them?

What facts are they looking for?

What is the most effectual manner to pass on the message to them?

What stairss are required in the direction of their expostulations and resistance?

Making a platform for effectual communicating with the stakeholders would give their exact ideas and feelings of the undertaking, and would enable how much of the support it can garner finally. In instance of expostulations, what measure needs to be taken to turn around the expostulations into constructive support demand to see?

This procedure can get down with set uping an effectual communicating system, orienting the information or message to accommodate the terminal receiving systems. Organize preparation plans, consult and include the stakeholders harmonizing to the proportion of their involvements in the new development.

Stakeholder function is a powerful tool allows a rapidly analysis of the stakeholders ‘ impact, and how to better the support system. ( SVQ, 2007 ) .

Stakeholders mapping

Stakeholder function matrix ( Mayers & A ; Vermeulen, 2003 )

A- Key Players




B- Keep Satisfied


Local councils

C- Keep Informed



D- Minimal Effort


High Interest Low








High power, extremely interested Stakeholders: These cardinal participants should be actively engaged in the undertaking and more attempts should be put to fulfill their wonder and demands in the undertaking.

High power, less interested Stakeholders: Keep them interested nevertheless avoid over indulgence.

Low power, extremely interested Stakeholders: These participants should be kept informed on a regular basis about the developments of the undertaking. Though they constitute low in the power drama matrix, their corporate figure or size has immense influence on the undertaking.

Low power, less interested Stakeholders: They do n’t hold direct impact ; nevertheless, they form the portion of the full system and hence would necessitate their inclusion in a constructive mode.

Undertaking 3:

3A Change theoretical accounts appropriate for my chosen administration.


There are many theoretical accounts of alteration direction such as Learning organisation attack ( LOA ) , Hope and Hope theory of competition in the 3rd moving ridge, the Kaizen attack to better the quality of service, Business procedure re-engineering ( BPR ) , de-layering, downsizing etc.

Business Procedure Re-engineering ( BPR )

BPR is one of the of import stairss prior to the execution of ERP in an administration. Basically BPR is the cardinal reconsideration of the organizational procedures and involves extremist thought. It helps the organizational to better assorted concern operations dramatically so as to accomplish excellence in client services, cut down operating costs, and transform itself into a planetary rival.

BPR harmonizing to Hammer and Champy ( 1993 ) , “ … the cardinal rethinking and extremist redesign of concern procedures to accomplish dramatic betterments in critical modern-day steps of public presentation, such as cost, quality, service, and velocity. ” The greatest attack to implement alteration is to understand that alteration is the lone invariable in the dynamic concern environment and encompassing it is the key to survival and future growing. BPR is a methodical preparation procedure to enable companies to carry on feasibleness rating for pull offing vivacious alteration. ( Erpwire, 2010 )

John Kotter ‘s 8 measure alteration theoretical account

Kotter ( 2002 ) describes a methodical procedure to alter direction. Kotter suggests that for alteration to be successful, at least 3 /4 of the company ‘s direction demand to encompass the alteration factor positively.

The Kotter ‘s 8 measure alteration theoretical account illustrated with a diagram in the context the supermarket.Identify short precedences and put accomplishable aims

Focus on complete and future mileposts.

Strengthen the importance of fruitful alteration via employment, publicity, and intertwine alteration into the organizational civilization.

Concept the regulative squad

Repeatedly and robustly with the stakeholders

Establish a simple vision and scheme within the squad.

Inspire people to travel

Allow positive feedback and dozenss of endorsing from leaders – wages and acknowledge betterment and achievements.

8. Make alteration stick

7. Construct on the alteration

6. Make the short-run wins

3. Create visual image for alteration

2. Construct the regulative squad

1. Increase urgency

4. Communicate the Vision

5. Remove Obstacles

Kotter ‘s 8 measure alteration theoretical account

Kotter ‘s 8 measure Change theoretical account, Beginning:

3.b Execution of alteration theoretical account in my chosen administration

In my sentiment, Kotter ‘s theoretical account would the intent of implementing the alteration direction to accomplish desirable consequences for Naveen Supermarket.

Harmonizing the theoretical account followerss stairss need to be undertaken:

Make the sense of Urgency – Measure One

Sense of urgency should be created among the stakeholders particularly 1s with most influence on the Naveen supermarket ‘s concern. This would include the stockholder ‘s chiefly, employees, client and other as deemed tantrum into the system for the alteration direction.

Form a Powerful Coalition – Measure Two

Naveen supermarket must make effectual leading platform to implement and supervise alteration in the administration. This requires alliance and support with cardinal employees who can originate and command and supervise the alteration procedure through its life.

Make a Vision for Change – Measure Three

To acquire employee and other stakeholders take parting actively, Naveen supermarket should hold clear and crystalline, comprehensible vision about the alteration and its deductions. Otherwise the enthusiasm would melt easy from the epicenter of the nucleus activities of the alteration direction as it moves off and as clip base on balls by. This would necessitate that the leader on a regular basis reinstate the vision to the employee to maintain them altered of its advancement and active engagement.

Communicate the Vision – Measure Four

Naveen supermarket should pass on the vision to the participants efficaciously through assorted channels such as media, developing plans, organizational proclamations. The more the accent on the cardinal points in the vision the better the influence of it on the stakeholders. The vision should be comprehensive, cover every operations of the concern that need alteration, influence and actuate the employee to be portion of the alteration direction.

Remove Obstacles – Measure Five

There are likely opportunities of obstructions stultifying into the execution procedure really frequently. However, the administration should stay focused on the cardinal action programs, closely proctor, acquire regular feedback and set about any necessary actions required to set to the altering factors of the environment. Obstacles can come from internal beginning or external. Naveen supermarket should take speedy actions to reconstruct the program on its due class of executing. Obstacles that can be removed should be eliminated, others which tend to stay and deeply rooted must be accommodated without really thining the vision or endangering the actions programs.

Create Short-term Wins – Measure Six

The Naveen Supermarket shop must place undertakings, which can be accomplished easy. The consequences achieved would promote farther engagement and motivate others to fall in the attempt whole- heartedly. Proper compensation and wages system should be built in the alteration direction procedure. Employee who contributed well should be recognized and rewarded consequently, thereby, puting an illustration of the personal benefits from its engagement. Short term accomplishment should be communicated efficaciously to the stakeholders to maintain them interested.

Construct on the Change – Measure Seven

This is one of the of import stairss. Naveen supermarket should construct on the alteration, measure every winning factor and purchase on it. Failures should be identified and disciplinary stairss need to be taken, so as to avoid similar failures in the hereafter. Success got at this phase should non be assumed as the concluding triumph instead, it must enable deep thought, and serve as input to the following phase of alteration direction after all alteration direction is a uninterrupted procedure.

Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture – Measure Eight

In a long and uninterrupted attempt of alteration direction, the procedure should finally be observed into the chief stream civilization of the administration. For alterations to be a portion and package of the organizational civilization, the leaders should on a regular basis alarm and make consciousness about the being of the alteration direction that is profoundly rooted in every organizational activity. The perceptual experience of alteration direction should go an inseparable portion of the organizational civilization in a long tally ; this in bend would make a platform and ease any major project in the hereafter.

Desirable Outcomes of Change Program

The alteration direction would finally give desirable result if it is undertaken constructively and efficaciously throughout its assorted execution stage by the Naveen supermarket direction. The three cardinal countries of noticeable alterations are:

Operational alterations

The operational alterations would assist Naveen supermarket to better assorted concern operations. The alterations should ensue in considerable betterment in the close hereafter in the on-line orders and bringing mechanism which it is be aftering to establish really shortly, floor direction, supply concatenation direction patterns, betterment in quality of service and merchandises, employee public presentation, decrease in operating cost ensuing in increased gross coevals.

Strategic alterations

Changes in the countries will give clear vision and way to all the stakeholders of Naveen Supermarket. In a long tally it will make value and ethos that is contributing for accomplishing growing and increase public presentation.

Cultural alterations

Key values and moralss in concern operations created along during the procedure of the alterations would be imbibed into the organizational civilization. It would function as motive and sense of intent for the employees and other stakeholders to accomplish and lend to the organizational ends. The success achieved would drive place a message that, administration to last and turn in the extremely competitory concern environment authorizations change, and the stakeholder, particularly, the employee are the agents and accelerator to the alteration direction procedure. In a long tally the procedure would reflect that organizational civilization is based on alteration direction doctrine for success.


The alteration in organisation by and large besides brings several issues. To do the alteration procedure a success it requires a batch of attempt from the alteration leader. The alteration direction theoretical account chosen by company demands to be exhaustively monitored and implemented. It is besides step and controls the success of the alteration procedure. Changes frequently result in persons taking on greater duties, retraining, executing new undertakings and developing new accomplishments and new ways of working. Persons are taken out of the comfort zone they have operated in for some clip. The anxiousness and emphasis that can be caused if the procedure is non good managed will attest itself in opposition to alter. Greater grade of audience and worker engagement, both in the development of the strategic vision and the execution of alteration, should increase ownership, therefore cut downing anxiousness and emphasis that frequently drives opposition to alter. Failure in most alteration procedures can be traced back to hapless communications and failure to appreciate the sum of retraining that is required.

To reason, I found that the range of alteration is excessively broad and I would propose that company should convey alterations in different stages such as first of all bring the alteration of mechanization of some operational activity and subsequently on when this alteration is successful implement other alteration.


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