Stress in Military Recruiting Sample Essay

The Indiana Army National Guard was officially established in 1846 in support of the Mexican-American War and has been present at every military battle since. There are three primary units that make up the Indiana Army National Guard: the 38th Infantry Division. the 219th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade. and the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. In entire. there are over 12. 000 soldiers functioning the great province of Indiana in every Military Occupational Skill ( MOS ) available. In add-on. there are two major units in the Air National Guard that serve the province in a joint attempt to assist protect and support non merely the great province of Indiana. but besides the United States of America.

Military life is non easy. It is non a typical nine-to-five occupation. There are no normal yearss. It is an highly unsafe profession where it is non merely your life that bents in the balance of your determinations but others every bit good. There are many faces of a soldier. You are a arm. a guardian. a friend and a deathly enemy. You have to be able to do determinations rapidly without having much information. You must take soldiers while being led. The ability to give lawful orders and have them executed in preciseness efficiency is every bit of import to follow orders in the same manner. Probably the worst portion of the occupation is the sum of clip that is normally required to be spent off from your loved 1s. Most military deployments are for the Army is one twelvemonth but you are really will be gone for at least 15 months.

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Stress in Military Recruiting Sample Essay
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Thankfully. modern engineering allows soldiers to remain in contact with household members but stating I love you through Skype does non do up for losing your small boy’s foremost homerun or your daughter’s foremost crush. And although I was really thankful for the computing machine. I can personally state that it does non even come near to replacing my fantastic wife’s loving weaponries. If that is non plenty. there ever seems to be person that wants to kill you. These are some of the grounds why there is a really high turnover rate in the military. These life or decease scenarios and other detering events may look exciting at first. but do non interpret good as the soldier begins to maturate and add household members. As a consequence. many do non reenlist after their initial contract expires. So how does the Army refill its gaping holes left by abrasion? That is where the Indiana Army National Guard recruiter enters the mix. Problem Statement

There likely is no more hard occupation in the military than that of the recruiter. Long hours. bad reputes and ungrateful public presentation are merely a few of the things that plague the place. I remember on the first twenty-four hours of Enrolling School at Camp Robinson. Arkansas. the Commandant of the school came in and asked us how many of us were married. Out of the 300 or so soldiers in the room. approximately half of us raised our custodies. He went on to province that by the terminal of our circuit. a 3rd of us would be divorced. Although I had already performed the responsibilities of a recruiter for two months prior traveling to school. it was so and at that place that I realized how hard this occupation was traveling to be.

How can we ease the emphasis degrees and the load on the recruiters without compromising the mission? That seems to be the million dollar inquiry. Literature Reappraisal

1. Tan. M. ( December 5. 2011 ) . Garnett News Service. In Army recruiters raise saloon as drawdown nears. Retrieved August 10. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lexisnexis. com. placeholder. devry. edu/hottopics/lnacademic/ .

This website discusses the increased troubles in enlisting into the military. Qualifications do hold a inclination to alter on a regular basis depending upon the overall strength of the National Guard. The closer to the authorised figure. the tougher it is to acquire in. Recently. nevertheless. the limitations have been reasonably changeless. There are two chief grounds for this. First. the strength of the military historically is opposite of the status of the economic system. If the economic system is weak. such as it is now. more people look to the armed forces for employment. Second. the Army has been tasked to cut down its force by about 50. 000. Simply put. no new organic structures are needed so merely the best are accepted.

Unfortunately. the figure of recruiters or their assigned mission has non changed in the last seven old ages. There is the same figure of recruiters in the field today as there was in 2005. They have to set in the same figure of people today as they did in 2005. One does non necessitate an advanced grade to see the troubles in this project. 2. O’Harrow Jr. R. ( March 14. 2012 ) . The Washington Post. In Recruiters for Army Guard. Reserve suspected of fraud. Retrieved August 10. 2012. from

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lexisnexis. com. placeholder. devry. edu/hottopics/lnacademic/ .

Unfortunately. impossible undertakings lead some people to make indefinable or illegal things. The National Guard has a plan that helps the every-day soldier earn some money by enrolling an person. Each individual they bring in earns them $ 2. 000. 00. Recruiters and those in the Recruiting Command are ineligible for this plan. This study discusses what happens when the line is crossed. From the minute the plan was implemented. there were jobs. It is really hard to catch those who act unethical. Although these persons were caught. many are non.

While in the bid. I witnessed this firsthand several times. One of the ways that fraud occurs is to non unwrap pertinent information. Hiding information sing wellness. legal issues or household state of affairss is one manner for these people to roll up money that is non owed to them. Obviously. this pattern is every bit old as the armed forces. This plan. nevertheless. has involved people who would non usually be a portion of the screen up. 3. Bulach. B. A. ( May 3. 2007 ) . Government Funded Technical Reports. In Validation of the Military Recruiter Stress Scale ( MRSS ) . Retrieved August 10. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //ntis. library. gatech. edu/handle/123456789/9327? show=full.

This is a singular study that goes into great item the emphasiss that a military recruiter faces. I remember taking portion of this study when I was a recruiter and its findings are intriguing. It takes into history all facets in the day-to-day life of a recruiter from hours worked. matrimonial position. wage. etc. The terminal consequence was used to depict the unbelievable emphasiss that these persons endure every twenty-four hours. It was besides submitted to every subdivision of service to assist them better understand the jobs that are running rampant in the ranks because of the emphasiss.

The sad portion is that it does non look this warning shooting was taken really earnestly by the National Guard. There has been barely any betterment in the life of a recruiter as is indicated by the trueness of a recruiter to the bid. “Burnout” is a serious issue with recruiters who are non given proper clip to reload their batteries. 4. Castro. Tony. ( November 18. 2009 ) . The Daily News of Los Angeles. In ECONOMY SPURS JUMP IN RECRUITS. Retrieved August 10. 2012. from

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lexisnexis. com. placeholder. devry. edu/hottopics/lnacademic/ .

This is an article that discusses how good recruiting can be near the beginning of an economic downswing. Quotas were exceeded all across the state for a short period of clip. Unfortunately. this is merely a short tendency. Quick inflow of recruits consequences in unfastened ranks make fulling really rapidly which leads to troubles in enrolling one time once more.

The worst portion is that for this short period. even the mean recruiter looks great. It takes really small attempt when all the inducements to fall in given during times of enrolling adversity are at that place when everybody wants to fall in. It is non unusual for an person to be at 300 % mission. When the limitations start being put in topographic point. though. necessarily the Numberss will get down to fall. The leading. nevertheless. do non desire to hear how hard it is to “put people in boots” . They are accustomed to large Numberss. 5. Mason. B. ( August 23. 2012 ) . PR Newswire. In Suicide is now the most common signifier of decease in the Army harmonizing to a new survey released last hebdomad. ; Is the Stress Pandemic impacting the military self-destruction rate? . Retrieved August 10. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lexisnexis. com. placeholder. devry. edu/hottopics/lnacademic/ .

Although non specifically related to military recruiting. I found it of import to include this article is this paper. Suicide in the armed forces is at an all-time high and it has oozed into the recruiting ranks every bit good. I personally knew one individual and knew of another that resulted to this concluding solution as a manner to stop their jobs. Many grounds that can do people to be suicidal are found in recruiting: matrimonial jobs. fiscal adversity. hapless occupation public presentation. etc.

I think this is the cardinal ground the Indiana Army National Guard needs to rethink its demands for the recruiters. This is a really demanding and highly hard profession. The highs can be astronomical. but the depressions can be lay waste toing. It is no rare to be considered a hero one month and a zero the really following month. 6. Stewman. T. ( April 26. 2012 ) . Defense Department Documents and Publications. In Orientation class helps Marine partners thrive on enrolling responsibility. Retrieved August 10. 2012. from

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lexisnexis. com. placeholder. devry. edu/hottopics/lnacademic/ .

This is a fantastic attempt to assist the household members of recruiters. When discoursing emphasis to military recruiters. what is frequently ignored is the emphasis the household members suffer. Some. including me. believe it is our loved 1s that have the toughest occupation in the armed forces. Not merely do they hold to digest the adversities you are traveling through. but they have to take attention of the childs. the house. the measures and everything else on top of that. Many of these miracle workers besides have a occupation. every bit good.

What this plan does is to assist them understand a small spot about what it is like to be a recruiter and how they can assist their partner run into his or her ends. That was one thing that made me successful when I recruited. I tried my best to include them in the procedure. Many of my recruits cognize my childs and married woman and in a manner were “adopted” into our household. I felt it was non merely of import in maintaining our bonds strong. it helped in my recruiting procedure. It showed the recruits that I was a normal individual with a household. We faced the same jobs as they did. Analysis

So we now have the background of the Indiana Army National Guard. the job that faces the recruiting bid and have besides looked at the literary resources used for this paper. It is clip to delve a small deeper into what these troubles are and how they impact the persons. There are three chief grounds that frame the challenges confronting recruiters today. * Entrance Requirements

Requirements for fall ining the armed forces are much more rigorous today than they have of all time been. Gone are the yearss when person can walk into a recruiting office and the following twenty-four hours ship off to boot cantonment. One of my first hitchs was a 17 twelvemonth old miss. She was a high school dropout with two childs. She besides had a twosome of minor jurisprudence misdemeanors. Within a hebdomad. she was given the occupation she wanted. a $ 20. 000 fillip. the GI Bill. the GI Bill Kicker and the chance to acquire her GED through the armed forces. Today she would non stand a opportunity in fall ining any subdivision of the armed forces.

The first literary reappraisal that I mentioned discusses this. Over clip. limitations were implemented. ASVAB tonss were raised. medical conditions that were no job before are now disqualifiers. legal issues that used be considered minor are non waverable. Besides. parentage is looked at a batch closer. Single parents are more hard to enlist. Even if you are married. if your partner is presently in the armed forces. that is a disqualifier.

I spoke with Command Sergeant Major David Fulkerson sing these limitations. He is the Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Indiana Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Command. He. excessively. understands the troubles today’s recruiters face. “When I recruited. if they had two weaponries and legs with half a encephalon. you enlisted them. ” he stated. “Today. if they spit on the pavement in the 3rd class. bury it. We will merely take the best. We don’t want people who have a history of medical or legal jobs. Surveies show that these persons will go on to fight in a military environment. ” * Reduced Incentives

Gone besides are the yearss of big fillips. moneymaking pupil loan refund programs and excess money for college. Technically. they are non gone but they are much more hard to obtain. In 2005. every individual individual that enlisted in the Indiana Army National Guard received a $ 20. 000 fillip. They were besides received the GI Bill and GI Bill Kicker. which came to about $ 550. 00 ( tax-exempt ) a month for a full clip pupil. On top of that. they were eligible for the Student Loan Repayment Plan. This program paid back up to $ 50. 000 of your pupil loans.

Today. really few people are eligible for these inducements. Your ASVAB mark. the MOS you select. and the state’s current strength are merely a few factors that find your eligibility. Two hebdomads ago. I spoke with Master Sergeant Jeff Platt. He is the Senior Liaison at the Military Entrance Processing Station in Indianapolis and he is responsible for enlisting the appliers the recruiters find. His analysis of the state of affairs is amazing. “The other twenty-four hours. we had 47 people on the floor that was here to enlist. Of the 47. 24 were disqualified for medical or legal issues. Of the staying 23. merely two received inducements. ” What makes it even harder for recruiters is that they do non cognize what the demands are to acquire inducements. Harmonizing to Master Sergeant Platt. “the demands change every minute. We do non cognize ourselves until we put the cat in the system.

The 4th literary reappraisal describes why this is go oning. A twosome of old ages ago. the droping economic system helped the military grow exponentially. There are no unfastened slots. no unfastened MOS preparation seats. It is simple supply and demand where the supply has greatly out grown the demand. Since most hitchs are for six old ages. the earliest this tendency can be expected to be fixed is around 2015. * No alteration in the demands of the recruiter

One of the best analogies that I heard was that of Sergeant First Class Mike Wilson. Sergeant Wilson is a recruiter in Greenwood. Indiana. and has been a recruiter for several old ages. “Imagine you and 99 other people are angling at a lake that has been stocked with 10. 000 fish. At first. it is great. There is adequate fish for everybody. But over clip. even with genteelness. the fish will vanish. You either necessitate to restock the lake or take some of the people. Merely a sap will believe it will ever be antic fishing. And yet that is where we are today. ” It does sound simple but for some ground the bid does non see it this manner. Sergeant Major Fulkerson explains. “It is harder but there are plentifulness of people that can fall in the Guard. They are merely more hard to happen. If that means that the recruiter needs to work longer hours or possibly weekends. so so be it. ” My 3rd literary reappraisal proves. though. that this may be damaging to non merely the recruiter. but besides to the bid. When you are in any type of gross revenues place. the first regulation for a successful calling is to believe in what you are selling. This applies to the armed forces more than anything else. They merely do non sell a merchandise. they are selling a life style. And in the terminal. it may be you your life. You must believe that the Army National Guard is great and merely and that is hard when you hate it. Solutions

As with any job. there are solutions and this is no different. Many times. nevertheless. solutions can make farther jobs. The key to job resolution is to non merely work out the current jobs but to forestall new 1s from starting up. The jobs that plague military recruiting are non alone in that facet. How do you ease the emphasis without compromising the mission? There are several avenues that can be taken but three standout. * Reduce the mission

Presently. each recruiter in the Indiana Army National Guard is on a mission for two hitchs per month. 24 per twelvemonth. It has been that manner since 2003. You do have a mission accommodation if you are absent for at least seven yearss but other than that. that is what you owe. As stated earlier in the literary reappraisal. it was comparatively easy to do that mission a few old ages ago but non today. Initially. I wanted to state to close it down for a specified period. This would let the recruiters to catch their breath and mend their lesions. It would besides let them to make “soldierly” things. every bit good. Many have non gone to the fire scope in several old ages. They could besides organize with a unit to take part in a field exercising. Possibly they could take extended leave and reconstruct the household unit. Sergeant Major Fulkerson. nevertheless. dispelled that impression. “We can non close the machine down wholly. To make so would be damaging to the Guard. We need the changeless inflow of new blood. ” That is difficult to reason so I would suggest cut downing that to two a one-fourth. and ten a twelvemonth. Yes. I know my math does non add up but I figure the decreased Numberss would let an excess twosome over the class of the twelvemonth. This would still give the recruiters the chance to make those things mentioned above without shuting store wholly. * Reduce the strength of the Indiana Army National Guard

Harmonizing to Sergeant Major Fulkerson. the strength of the Indiana Army National Guard is presently around 125 % . There are about 3. 000 more people in the Guard than is authorized. As stated above and in my literary reappraisal. this affects inducements. Until this figure gets below the mandate. inducements are about impossible to give to future ( and current ) soldiers. One thing that I love about my current occupation is that I still acquire to be around soldiers. About every twenty-four hours. I visit a National Guard unit. Based off of my observations while at these units. this would be easy to implement. Many units are littered with people who should non be in the military. There was one soldier who really had to hold his uniforms usage made because they do non publish them in a size big plenty to suit him. Another soldier is on record as non holding passed an Army Fitness Test in three old ages. I besides knew of another soldier who had gone to a expansive sum of three drills in two old ages. One First Sergeant who would merely talk in namelessness stated that when his unit deployed two old ages ago. they had to borrow soldiers from another unit even though his unit was over 150 % strength.

The ground: Half his unit was ineligible for deployment due to issues like these. So why do they go on to make full the ranks if they are useless in the armed forces? It is kind of a catch-22 state of affairs. One of the things a unit commanding officer is graded on is the strength of the unit. He must hold the organic structures to make full the slots. I think it is clip we stopped this manner of thought. Let’s give these soldiers an ultimatum: You have six months to conform to ordinances or you are discharged. These new vacancies will open up publicities within the unit and lower degree vacancies for our recruiters. * Implement plans to assist recruiters and their households This seems like a no-brainer but is a comparative freshness thought in the recruiting bid. Programs like the one mentioned in the 6th literary reappraisal helps everybody involved: the recruiter. the household and the bid. Most of the clip these types of plans are ran by voluntaries and are conducted in either military installings or people’s places so the cost is minimum. Besides. happening a manner to integrate the households in the procedure worked good for me. Why non open the option up for all who would be interested? The chief ground for this non go oning is. as you might hold guessed. clip. Both the recruiter’s and the household member’s clip is reasonably much booked solid with all that is required of each of them. Trying to squash out even 30 proceedingss is sometimes really hard. But the terminal consequence would hold a positive impact. Contemplation

Recruiting is hard. I know first-hand merely how hard it is. There is so much required of a recruiter that most people do non understand. One of the most heart-wrenching statements was made by a recruiter who had three combat Tourss under his belt. Staff Sergeant Zach Essex is married with two childs and he claims. “Recruiting is much harder than a deployment. When you are deployed. you are 1000s of stat mis off from your loved 1s. In enrolling. I have been so close that I could see my childs playing in the backyard. It sucks but there is nil you can make about it. I would give merely approximately anything to travel drama with them but I can’t. ”

My paper has hopefully helped you understand why the military recruiter is the most nerve-racking occupation out at that place. We have looked at several things that make it tough but yet they get up every forenoon. set on their uniforms and travel to work. I do believe that it does non necessitate to be this manner. There are several options available to assist this delicate warrior and their households. Possibly in clip. the bids will see it every bit good.


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