Stress Paper Essay

Abstract Stress is what one feel when you have to handle more than one is use too. Many things can cause stress. Stress can lead to chronic health problems. Stress can also affect you entire body, mind and behavior in many different ways. Stress can affect ones family and even ones marriage or relationship. Listed are several ways that you can deal with stress. These stress problems also intervene in the work place. I am only going to discuss three and I am also going to give ways to reduce those three. Work

In this difficult economy, you may find it harder than ever to cope with challenges on the job. The stress with us when we go to work and the stress that awaits us on the job are on the rise and employers, managers, and workers all feel the added pressure (www. entrepreneur. com). A good way to manage your stress is to manage your time and take responsibility of your duties. Your emotion also has a reaction on your work. If you are stress out you tend to short talk people or you can do as much as snap off at clients.

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The important things is that we try not to take on extra task that we are unable to handle so that we are burn out or get frustrated. Family Great deal of time stress comes from home. People are not getting along with spouse or children are just being active. The parents in the house hold might be doing a lot of arguing or if you are a single parent you get discourage because things don’t turn out good on your behave. You feel as though you are limiting you time with your child or children because you having to take care of the important things such as house hold needs.

To keep you from stressing about family problems try to set aside time for the family at least one night a week. If you are a single parent you should try this too. Families with both parents should try to at least eat supper together each night to keep the family together and stay active in your children lives. Especially if both parents are very busy parents or hold higher position at the workplace. This also goes back to time management, schedule time with the family around your work schedule so that the family want seem left out. Finances

Money is a huge issue in today’s world. You need money for everything. People go into money stress because some of us are living beyond our means. We are purchasing unnecessary things that we do not need. People today don’t have a clue of how they are going to pay for a certain item but yet they get it just because they want it. No! That is why so many of the American today or in debt. Everyone is trying to keep up with the nest person. John and Sarah brought a new house now Janie and Larry want one. You can’t always get what the next person get.

Their blessing is not your blessing. Their job title is not your job title; you are not making the money that they are making. Sit back and wait on your turn. Once you have a plan, you should feel significantly less stressed about money. When money is less of an issue, rather than being enslaved by it, you can use it to do the things that make you truly happy (www. stress. com). Conclusion No, stress cannot be avoided because we do worry about certain things and sometimes we have to learn when we have already mess up.

The key to correcting mistakes is not making the same mistake we made again. Find time to spend with your family member, don’t over budget yourself, live within your means, don’t just go out there and purchase a house or car or even a new dress if you see someone else doing it and budget your finances so you will not over budget yourself into paying extra when you truly don’t have. Reference www. stress. com. Retrieved May 11, 2008, from Www. entrepreneur. com. Retrieved September 9, 2009, from


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