Strong –Sensed Role Model Dr. Martin L. King Essay

Nikketta Mills Strong –Sensed Role Model Dr. Martin L. King In order to become a critical thinker we must develop characteristics of the mind. These traits are found in each and every one of us, but we must have all the nine traits to become a strong sensed fair-minded critical thinker. Most of the nine traits come from within all of us. We must know how and went to use them. If the traits of the mind are not used correctly you will suffer the traits of an undisciplined mind. These traits are the opposite of a fair minded thinker.

Our mind starts off with some if these traits, but through out life we focus on disciplining our mind for the better. One of the traits that will help us in our everyday life is intellectual courage. We must have courage to face our own prejudices, but in order to have the courage we need we must reason with different points of views, this is known as intellectual empathy. We should all at one point in time become intellectually humble, so we can limit ourselves from someone’s point of view. These are just some of the trait we can benefit from in our daily lives.

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Strong –Sensed Role Model Dr. Martin L. King Essay
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As I think about these traits the person who comes to my mind is Dr. Martin L. King Jr. I have chosen Dr. King, because he was a powerful and motivated man. He showed many strong characteristic traits. The traits he demonstrates are confidence in reason, intellectual humility, intellectual empathy, and intellectual perseverance. All of these traits indicated to the people that Dr. King was focusing on change. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. ’s confidence in reason was hoping every race would respect each other.

He was for the better good of humanity and a better society as a whole. Dr. King humility trait is analyzed by his speeches. His speeches focused on racial prejudices and those issues were stated facts. He was speaking the truth to a large number of people that were supporting his arguments, because of the stated facts. Intellectual humility was natural to his character. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. showed intellectual empathy when he preached about putting himself into other people shoes. He wanted to know what it felt to ee things in the eyes of others. He wanted to put himself into other people shoes to see why they acted in an unjustified manner. Dr. King showed intellectual perseverance by stating that “I must struggle with justice in order to fight with it”. These traits characteristics helped Dr. Martin L. King Jr. become the phenomenal man he is today. The one trait that Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and I have in common is intellectual perseverance. I am a strong minded person and I know I will always have to work extra hard to achieve any goal that I set out for.

I know there will always be negative people out here in this world who don’t want to see me grow or become successful. Dr. King fought for justice despite all of his bumpy roads, I will do the same. I realized that no matter how tall the ladder is, there is nothing stopping you from reaching the top. I am a fighter and I will take on any challenge that is put in front of me. My favorite quote is “When the world gives up. Hope whispers. Try it one more time”.


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