Structural and personal conflict in organization Essay

What is Conflict?


When the nomenclature “ struggle ” is mentioned, people frequently think of barbarous wars or societal force. However, struggle coexists with us in our day-to-day life, in all degree of organisational operation every bit good as personal activities. Daily struggles are normally non excessively serious, and because they are excessively little to be sensed, we frequently forget about them after merely one or two proceedingss.

Another attack to the definition of struggle has been raised by the TEAR Fund members in their books “ Peace edifice in our community ” , which describes struggle as a natural happening between two or more people or groups who have differences and mutual exclusiveness in their ends or their thought. Conflict happens as a portion of life. Religiously, every of us have been made by God to be alone, it means that we are different from the others, in the manner we think and the manner we behave. As a consequence, when we demonstrate our different point of views or sentiments, we may raise a struggle if there is a deficiency of regard and apprehension of the other thoughts.

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Structural and personal conflict in organization Essay
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Causes of Conflict in Organizations

Harmonizing to [ … ] , struggle in organisations can be classified into two types: Structure-based struggles, which occur in the manner that the organisation is structured and work is organized ; Personal struggles which is raised by differences and singularity of different individuals.

Some cardinal Ideas of Structural and Personal Conflict in Organization

Structure-based Conflict

Specialization: Often occurs in occupations that are specialized, when each individual becomes advanced at one facet merely. Lack of apprehension of what tasks the others are executing could raise a Specialization Conflict. An little illustration for this type of struggle: a Salesperson makes promises with clients about clip, quality every bit good as the design of the delivered goods, nevertheless, the workers can non catch up with the work to do the bringing on clip, because the sales representative has made a promise that exceeds the workers ‘ ability due to his lacked of cognition of merchandise fabrication.

Interindependence: Work is normally divided into many parts for many groups. Each group has to complete the assigned portion on clip in order for the procedure to be swimmingly finished. When a group has been stucked and can non complete the its portion on clip, the whole procedure is delayed, and that group will be blamed for lateness. As a consequence, struggle arises as the blamed group tries to turn out themselves to be guiltless.

Jurisdictional Ambiguities: This struggle happens when cipher admits their mistakes. This is a existent illustration from my RMIT experience. My friend would wish to except one course of study in this semester, and he noticed the Course Department in hebdomad 3. Up to the center of hebdomad 4, he received the electronic mail of Course Department for an assignment with the secretary of the Course Department, but he could n’t run into her at the Course Administrator ‘s Room, although he had tried up to 5 times. Up to hebdomad 5, he is forced to pay 100 $ as fee for late withdraw. He contacted the Course Coordinator, and received a message of being free for fee. However, the Student Service claimed that the Course Coordinator asserted in the Database System that he has to pay 100 $ , but he besides send a fee-free verification electronic mail for him. As a consequence, he was stuck between the two walls when cipher admits his instance as their mistake, and he has to pay 100 $ !

Common Resources

Resources are normally limited, and being shared among groups. As a consequence, struggle is possible. As the resource become spread or unique, possible struggles come existent. For illustration, a room is for one group of pupils, nevertheless, in the instance of being deficiency of suites, many groups of pupils have to portion the same room, and possibly the room is non plenty for all of them. Furthermore, each group of pupil believes that their work is the most of import. This raises the struggle, taking to a waste of clip on reasoning.

Goal Differences

When two or more groups have different end although they portion the same general end, they may run into each other in struggle. For illustration, from [ … . ]

In workplace, there are foremans and workers. The relationship between foremans and workers is traditionally the foremans take the supreme bid over the workers. For some workers, those relationships are non acceptable, when those have the right to delegate work for them, or to measure their work. The more workers work under a foreman, the more opportunity that struggle will go on. As the modern theoretical account of organisation, squad work and squad authorization have been used to minimise the possible struggle of authorization relationship.

Status Incompatibilities

Differences in position between foremans and workers can ensue in struggle. For illustration, benefits such as flexibleness in working hours, the right to measure work value and giving bid, higher wage for shorter work clip is available for directors merely. The stronger differences between foremans and worker are, the higher possible struggle will happen.

Personal Conflict Skills and abilities

The work force of the organisation comes from many backgrounds and has different degree of accomplishments. And the work is normally divided into many parts, so seldom people want to be in the same groups with fledglings as their belief of inexperient new recruits, or experient workers may non experience satisfied with their new director who has merely graduated, being full of theories ‘ cognition and lacked of practical experience.


Peoples frequently keep their personalities and their outlook of spouses as they enter workplace. Sometimes they become prejudiced and critical, and impacting negatively to the other members, particularly new comers or new recruits.


Percept is single observation to the society, act uponing significantly to the consideration of a individual. For illustration, a individual ‘s part to a undertaking is ever considered, by him, to be more of import than the others ‘ part. We all think we do more than our assigned portion because our portion is more of import to us than the others ‘ part.


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