Structural Properties of Timber Essay

1. Introduction

During this assignment different types of wood will be discussed every bit good as the value of lumber used in interior applications. The headers will be organised consequently:

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Structural Properties of Timber Essay
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1.1 Chipboard versus Plywood

1.2 Autochthonal Hardwood versus Softwood

1.3 Laminates and veneers

1.4 Timber joinery.

Each of the descriptions will incorporate a briefly written account, discoursing the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the peculiar merchandise or fixture within an interior application. Photographs of the merchandise every bit good as a peculiar application of this merchandise will be included. It will be stipulated why the peculiar applications is either successful or less successful. Assorted lumber fall ining methods will be researched every bit good as peculiar applications thereof.

1.1 Chipboard versus Plywood


Chipboardcan be defined as a low class board that consists of tight wood french friess, bound together with a man-made rosin. This low grade composition board can besides be used as a stiffener for exposure and as a backup for paper tablets. (,2014 ) . Chipboard is besides available in a figure of densenesss: normal- , medium- and high denseness. Normal denseness is reasonably soft and high denseness is solid and difficult. ( Design-Technology, n.d. )

A positionadvantagesof hardboard include, cost efficiency as it is used for an alternate to solid wood for the building of furniture, usually the sort of furniture that is meant for ego assembly by the consumer. Chipboard is besides an advantage to the environment as it is made out of 70 per centum recycled stuffs. This means that alternatively of utilizing solid wood, fewer trees will hold to be chopped down when people choose to utilize chipboard alternatively. Chipboard is besides really strong and performs good under force per unit area. If hardboard is used alternatively of solid wood, it creates no weak musca volitanss in furniture. As hardboard can be covered with a broad assortment of coatings, it allows the consumer to take a coating to his or her liking. The hardboard can be made to imitate any type of wood every bit good as the best quality of wood without defects or knots. ( Grand Wood China, 2013 )

Somedisadvantagesof hardboard may include, H2O harm ; as hardboard can falsify, snarl and damage when exposed to wet. Because of this hardboard should non be installed in damp environments such as bathrooms. ( Grand Wood China, 2013 ) .

Chipboard is chieflyusedfor counter tops in kitchens, where it will be laminated with cyanuramide, and fire doors. Work surfaces and flat- battalion furniture is made out of hardboard with a veneered surface. High denseness hardboard is heavy, stiff and hardwearing, these types of hardboard is chiefly used as the shell for kitchen units, worktops and flooring. ( Design-Technology, n.d. ) .

Successful or Less Successful


Plywoodcan be defined as a structural board that consists out of an uneven figure of thin beds ( lower limit of three beds ) of wood glued together under force per unit area, ever with the grain of one bed at right angles to the grain of the bordering bed. ( The Free Dictionary, 2014 ) .

Advantagesof plyboard are the layering of the wood that creates strength, this besides prevents the boards from writhing, checking and falsifying under force per unit area. Plywood is besides less expensive than solid forests. ( Make It Yourself, 2011 ) . Marine Plywood is specially made for the usage under H2O, this stuff should be protected with vanish or pigment and the plyboard is fixed with rainproof adhesive. ( Design-Technology, n.d. ) The plyboard will go even stronger depending on the sum of beds added. The coating of plyboard can change, as some contain knots and other consist of attractive grains. Plywood can be used in insides every bit good as outsides, depending on the H2O opposition adhesives that is used. Plywood can be nailed or screwed and it can be curved because of the flexibleness of the stuff. The most common thicknesses of plyboard are 4,6,9 and 12 millimeter. ( Design-Technology, n.d. ) .

Plywood has a fewdisadvantageslike H2O harm due to the layering which makes the material porous. Plywood will acquire heavy when moisture and should hence be covered when left out-of-doorss. ( Make It Yourself, 2011 ) .

Plywood is normallyusedfor walls, roofing, flooring and decks. Plywood can be used for insides every bit good as outsides, plyboard can even be used for the building of boats. Because plyboard is a lasting and strong stuff, it is first-class for the usage in building. ( Make It Yourself, 2011 ) . Plywood can besides be used for cladding, sheds, furniture and shuttering boxes, this is normally used in building to incorporate concrete while it sets. ( Design-Technology, n.d. )

Harmonizing to ( Design-Technology, n.d. ) , “ Exterior class plyboard ( WBP – Weather and Boil Proof ) . This type of plyboard can be used outside. Water-repellent adhesives are used and can defy a certain sum of wet. Weather boiled cogent evidence plyboard requires pigment or varnish to protect the outer veneer from the elements. Internal plyboard does non incorporate water-repellent adhesive. The codification used to stand for this plyboard is ( Int.interior use merely ) . Other codifications used on the surface of plyboard are: Bromines: -Boil Resistant, MR: -Moisture Resistant. ”

Successful or Less Successful

In decision to the research provided refering hardboard and plyboard, it is hard to compare the two stuffs as they are really much the same. Chipboard is more aesthetically delighting and is non every bit harmful to the environment but can damage easy and plyboard is more cost effectual and is stronger than hardboard and it is used for a larger assortment of merchandises.

1.2 Autochthonal Hardwood versus Softwood

Autochthonal Hardwood

Definition of Autochthonal Hardwood:

Advantages of hardwood include, toughness, hardness, strong, the closer the grain is the more it can defy daze and wear, lasting, easy to utilize, elastic, does non divide easy, can be used under H2O, due to the oil content, it is of course lasting to wet and it will non eat Fe or steel adjustments. ( Design-Technology, n.d. ) .

The disadvantages of hardwood include, falsifying, heavy and expencive, dividing can happen, hard to paste because of the oil content, will blunt tools really rapidly, does non smooth every bit good and it is hard to complete. ( Design-Technology, n.d. ) .

Hardwood is chiefly used for furniture, floors, veneers, wooden plaything and decorations, boat edifice, gate stations, decks, store adjustments, Sillss, Gatess, doors, and stepss. ( Design-Technology, n.d. ) .

Successful or Less Successful


Softwoodcan be defined as wood that comes from an cone-bearing tree. Softwood are in general softer than hardwoods but there are a few exclusions. ( The Free Dictionary. 2014 )

There are advantages of deal, viz. , wood like pine, redwood and Scottishs pine are readily available and reasonably inexpensive, lasting, easy to work with, attractive grain and available in long and broad boards. Wood like Western Red Cedar are immune to insect onslaught due to natural preservative oils every bit good as conditions and dry putrefaction. It is besides knot free, H2O resistant and lasting. ( Design-Technology, n.d. )

Softwood has disadvantages every bit good and they include, the fact that they are non as strong, does be given to falsify, splits easy and expensive. ( Design-Technology, n.d. )

Softwood can be used for stairwaies, furniture, cladding for outside of edifices and general outside work. ( Design-Technology, n.d. )

Successful or Less Successful


1.3 Laminates and veneers


Laminates can be defined as two or more thin sheets of stuff, bonded together to cover or cover another stuff. ( The Free Dictionary, 2014 )



Uses in an Interior Space

Successful or Less Successful


Veneerscan be defined as cosmetic, thin surface bed, glued to a base of low grade stuff to give the feeling that it is made of high quality stuff. ( The Free Dictionary, 2014 )

Veneers have advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of veneers are

AdvantagesVeneer wood furniture begins with thin beds of wood glued together with the grain at right angles over a thick nucleus. This mark design reduces the opportunities of splitting or snap. Plus, the gum is the every bit strong, rainproof adhesive used in aircraft and marine building, so the terminal consequence is really stronger than the natural wood. Many people erroneously assume that veneered furniture is inferior to or cheaper than solid wood ; nevertheless, veneers rather frequently are used in high terminal furniture pieces and it can be more dearly-won than solid wood.AdvantagesofVeneer Woodhypertext transfer protocol: //


Uses in an Interior Space

Successful or Less Successful


1.4 Timber Joinery

Joinery is all right woodwork executed on wood working machinery in the protection of a workshop, in contrast to woodworking, which is unsmooth woodwork executed on the edifice site.

The modern joiner makes purpose made closets, doors, Windowss, architraves and counters in solid wood, plyboard, fiberboard and hardboard, on modern woodwork machinery.249

Chipboard is an economical board made of harsh timber french friess bonded together under force per unit area. The criterion for hardboard is SANS 50312. Board made with phenolic type adhesive is suited for external usage, that made with melamine-urea methanals adhesive is suited for floor stuff or research lab worktops that are infrequently wetted. 251

The criterion for plyboard is SANS 929. Plywood can be of commercial, marine or structural class. The figure of hemorrhoids is ever uneven ( lower limit of three ) sing that the grain of the two outer beds runs parallel to guarantee a balanced board. Plywood can be dead set and shaped by wetting the board and determining it under heat and force per unit area, e.g. chair seats.251

Hardwood- The criterions for hardwood for furniture is SANS 1099. This includes a description of 29 local and imported species. Hardwood is supplied in three class: clear class ( marked red ) ; semi-clear ( pronounced blue ) ; knotty class ( marked viridity ) . 249

Softwood- The criterion for sawn industrial deal is SANS 1783. Softwood is grown locally and is supplied in six classs: clear class for high quality furniture ; semi-clear class for furniture and joinery ; cutting class ; visual aspect class for furniture, floors and shelves ; public-service corporation class, where visual aspect is non of import ; packing class for palettes and crates.250

Cosmetic laminates are fictile sheets with a cosmetic face. Cosmetic Laminates sheets sizes are 3.5 ten 1.2 m. There are several high and low force per unit area cosmetic laminate types, each with its ain application: general intent type ; for worktops, doors, shortss, light responsibility type ; for door- and drawer foreparts, carcases, shelves, cabinet liner type ; for internal liner of closets, angel type ; for contrary sides of boards to forestall uneven soaking up of wet of the substrate, specific purpose type ; for doors, dividers, walls and floors, high-wear type ; for industrial worktops, fire retardent type. All cosmetic laminates are made from rosin and paper. Melamine rosin and paper are used for surfaces, and phenol rosin and trade paper for nucleus building. Melamine is a thermosetting rosin type that is immune to high temperatures, chemicals and wear. Resins can be modified for specific intents like station forming and fire retarding. 252

Particle board, and fibreboard with at least minimal denseness, may be covered with veneers or cosmetic laminates. Veneer is a thin Peel of largely hardwoods. 252

2. Decision

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