Structure and Technology Essay


Mintzberg ( beginning ) and other early theoretician physique concern upon competition in the market topographic point. As theoreticians evolve, they began to travel to theories that are more radical, such as Blue Ocean. Harmonizing to Marcus and Kim ( beginning ) invention thrusts houses to new markets were competition is no longer relevant. As engineering additions, what a house can accomplish one could pull a correlativity of invention to engineering. This paper will sketch the interconnectednesss and functions of scheme, construction and engineering as it pertains to a concern ‘s organisation, how construction straight correlates to scheme and how engineering is being used as a scheme for long-run organisational sustainability.

Early psychologists provided an penetration into single behaviour within organisations peculiarly on facets of motive and leading. The Hawthorne surveies of 1927 led to a realisation of the importance of societal phenomena, such as the informal groups, group norms and conformance ( Hawthrone Studies, 2008 ) . Valuable as these micro-level surveies were, they suffered from the job of reductionism, doing it hard understand the nexus between the behaviour of persons and the construction of the organisation in which they worked. Organizational sociologists took a wider position, puting the organisation within its environmental model, specifically in relation to society and its establishments. Some sociologists have examined formal organisational constructions. Morgan ( 1986 ) provides a classical reading of organisations. Dating from Weber ‘s ( 1947 ) early work on bureaucratism, sociologists have taken a peculiar involvement in non-profit devising organisations. Organizations are non simply physical ; they are besides societal and technological systems: they are multi-dimensional, with facets, which are unmeasurable ( Shafritz et. al 2005 ) . Drawn from physical and technology theoretical accounts, systems theory considers organisations as systems with boundaries which make exchanges with the environment and must accommodate to environmental alterations in order to last.

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Structure and Technology Essay
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Thompson & A ; McHugh ( 2002 ) point out that most of the literature about organisations is about work organisations. They argue that the typical nature of direction, control and other societal dealingss in such organisations is due to their profit-seeking nature. But they besides concede that all big organisations portion some features observing that, as Weber ( 1947 ) recognized, there are continuities of construction and pattern derivation from the bureaucratic signifier nowadays within all large-scale organisations. They besides acknowledge that many organisations within the populace sector have been runing within a market environment.

Harmonizing to Gortner ( 1997 ) “ An organisation, by its most basic definition, is an assembly of people working together to accomplish common aims through a division of labour ” ( p. 297 ) . A concern offers a manner of utilizing personal properties within a group to finish more than can be accomplished by the corporate attempts of group members working separately. Business organisations are formed to present goods or services to consumers in such a mode that they can recognize a net income at the decision of the dealing. Over the old ages, concern analysts, economic experts, and academic research workers have pondered several theories that attempt to explicate the kineticss of concern organisations, including the ways in which they make determinations, distribute power and control, decide struggle, and promote or resist organisational alteration.

Interconnections and Roles of Strategy, Structure and Technology

There is a direct connexion between the formal and informal model of policies and regulations, within which an organisation arranges its lines of authorization and communications, and allocates rights and responsibilities ( Galbraith, 1994 ) .Organizational construction determines the mode and extent to which functions, power, and duties are delegated, controlled, and coordinated, and how information flows between degrees of direction. This construction depends wholly on the organisation ‘s aims and the scheme chosen to accomplish them. In a centralised construction, the determination doing power is concentrated in the top bed of the direction and tight control is exercised over sections and divisions. In a decentralised construction, the determination doing power is distributed and the sections and divisions have changing grades of liberty.

Strategy V. Structure

In the summer of 1965 Dr. Peter Buck, decided to put $ 1000.00 in a pigboat sandwich store. One could subject he did non get down with ideas of scheme, construction or engineering but alternatively with an thought. We could theorize that when he handed Fred DeLuca the money that he more than probably said ; we make a good pigboat sandwich and I bet we could do a batch of money selling them. Fred looked at Dr Buck and simple asked how it works. Small did he cognize more than 43 old ages, 30,000 shops, in 87 states subsequently he would be get downing the extremist successful franchise now know as Subway ( Subway Web Team, 2009 ) . One could besides propose that harmonizing to Weber ‘s Theory of organisation that divisions were established, where by Fred Deluca were the Division of Labor and Dr. Buck was the Administrative Division. Businesss are created because a demand is identified in a certain market. Once a concern understands, what it is seeking to provide to the consumer the concern can break find how to supply their merchandise. The demand has to foremost be identified and so we can travel about the concern of developing the scheme of meeting that demand, the construction best created to back up that scheme, and the engineering best used to prolong the growing of that demand. One can non assist but to inquire is scheme based upon construction or frailty versa. It is the preverbal which inquiry which came foremost the poulet or the egg or in this instance, what came foremost the construction or the scheme. In our illustration of the metro company, the organisation clearly came before scheme. The organisation may hold fallen into topographic point through the natural choice but however it was established from the really get downing. T.W. Malone ( 1987 ) engineering can be used as scheme. Organizational sociologists took a wider position, puting the organisation within its environmental model, specifically in relation to society and its establishments. Some sociologists have examined formal organisational constructions, peculiarly in relation to engineering


Classical economic sciences viewed the organisation as a individual decision-unit engaged in maximising net incomes. It ignored the possibility of struggle between proprietors, directors and employees. The compulsion with competition failed to take into history the other ends, which may take precedency in organisations. Organization theory partially owes its being to a reaction against such simplistic thoughts. It became necessary to understand behaviour, which seemed to be irrational.

In decision, this paper discussed the function of scheme, construction and engineering and how they interconnect. Structure and scheme may be different dependent upon the type of organisation but a concern must be decently organized to implement the company ‘s scheme. Technology must be adaptative to the economic alterations in the market topographic point to be feasible to long term organisational sustainability.


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