Structure, Methodologies and Approach Towards Employee Satisfaction and Motivation Essay

The instance survey hints over Volkswagen, ( South Africa ‘s ) organisation overview foregrounding the construction, methodological analysiss and attack towards employee satisfaction and motive. The full background of the instance survey is about Volkswagen ‘s internal organisational behavior, direction patterns and their effectual execution. In this context, the assignment is focussed ab initio on the innovatory steps proposing right way to retain workforce commitment and devotedness towards an organisation. Volkswagen is amongst the few organisations believed to bring forth universe category cars, and stands out distinguish, therefore the duty and related grade of outlooks are higher. Sing the competitory environment, today ‘s employee is intelligent yet demanding and hence it has become more complicated to run into their mark outlooks.

The direction of VW ( SA ) is diligently engaged to decide the issues refering to employee ‘s fiscal stableness, professional patterned advance, compensations and benefits, disputing and extremely equipped environing. In extension to this the company has enormously transformed its cultural values. The introductory portion elaborates the direction and organisational behavior patterns of VW ( SA ), discoursing the primary aims, present state of affairs and future chances finding specific ends. Employee motive is indispensable to maintain progressive operation of an organisation.

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Structure, Methodologies and Approach Towards Employee Satisfaction and Motivation Essay
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The intermediate part of the assignment is emphasized on the significance of employee incitation and motivational processs by discoursing four significant theories of work force motive and critical analysis of Volkswagen ( SA ‘s ) initiatives towards employee motive schemes. The ulterior portion dressed ores on the importance of colleagues to mix and map as a individual unit. Team work introduces a healthy civilization that values collaborative attempts and the squad steadfastly believes in thought, planning, discoursing, make up one’s minding and working together with cooperation. Team attempts with positive attitudes and right way are inevitable to win. Critical treatment is based upon the constructs and advanced thoughts by which VW ( SA ) can guarantee their squads to bring forth efficient synergism and higher productiveness.

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1. Introduction:

Modern planetary universe is comprised companies and endeavors holding extremely skilled, knowing, sophisticated and decisive work force, with dramatically increasing function. Organization ‘s public presentation and productiveness is straight influenced by the committedness and trueness of its employees. Today ‘s competitory professional ambiance has compelled the attending of the organisations to grok the significance of employee keeping and thereby constrained them to develop schemes tailored to carry through employee satisfaction. The sustainability of an organisation is subjected to the overall fringe and fortunes which affect its growing and development. The model employee oriented civilization represents right environment, challenges, single development, acknowledgment and accurate motivation ruse. Reconciliation of effectual leading and consistent work force while using the positive attitudes and right head set histories for higher productiveness of an organisation.


2.1 Overview:

Volkswagen of South Africa was established in 1946, and is owned subordinate of VW Aktiengessellschaft ( VWAG ) in Germany, located in Uitenhage. VW group is the universe ‘s fourth-largest car maker, and the largest auto manufacturer in Europe, dwelling eight trade names and operates 44 fabrication installations found in 12 European and 6 other states in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Being cognizant of its esteemed avowal in the automotive industry, the organisation is focused and systematically engaged to rise its profile. In order to accomplish the coveted degree of productiveness, internal and external client satisfaction and damages has to be prioritised. VW ‘s superb scheme shapers have apprehended the state of affairs and are continuously involved in developing policies for the incentive of employees to guarantee their keeping.

2.2 VW ‘s Behavioural Management Practice:

Employee positive or negative interaction with its organisation and its direction is based on the degree of satisfaction. An person is motivated to work proficiently when given appropriate

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work environment with sufficient equipment. The behavior at work is straight affected by the overall ambiance, the relationship with colleagues, occupation conditions and demands, the wage bundle and professional stableness. The direction must habitually pattern to measure and turn to constructively the demands and demands of its employees to derive satisfactory and productive employee behavior.

( I ) In Context of Behavioural Management Theories: Behaviour analysis is the survey of single interaction with the environment and direction of such behavior is an indispensable component characterised to bring forth direct consequence on the profitableness of an organisation. The frustrating behavior of an employee is a clear indicant of the system failure as the general worker ‘s behavior is the contemplation of the direction policies. Sound policies turn toing employee ‘s demands including occupation security, peaceful atmosphere, stipulated necessary equipment, equality and professional patterned advance is more likely to bring forth the strain of work force necessity for an on-going productive organisation. Mary Parker ‘s behavioral direction theory focuses on the fact that influential leading is the key to actuate employees and for that appraisal of their occupation betterment capacity will profit. A Hawthorne survey highlights the importance of detecting the frequence of behaviors and their end products. An immediate feedback on public presentation with sufficient information for ego rectification is necessary to better operation. VW ‘s attack towards squad edifice session is appreciable and is in right way. However, employees of today are non restricted to information alternatively willing to take part, portion and discourse their ain positions and originative thoughts for execution. The worker is cognizant of the strengths and failings relevant to the occupation and is the 1 who has inordinate cognition and bid over it and therefore knows how to command and better the undertaking.

2.3 VW ‘s Organizational Environment Practice:

Workforce of an organisation is basically compelled to work within groups where behavior of employees may change harmonizing to the relevant fortunes, work conditions physical or mental province. Provided the state of affairs the environment of an organisation is rooted in the behavior of its employees. Organizational environment must be friendly, supportive and constructive by leting the direction and the common employees to discourse and portion their sentiments.

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Progressive organisations are inclined towards constructing first-class work position and valued atmosphere for their work force in order to achieve coveted consequences.

( I ) In Context of Organizational Environment Theories: An organisation is comprised of a group of people and resources brought together basically for interaction and witting coordination to get a common intent or an nonsubjective. The endurance of an model environment is subjected to its equilibrium. There are several procedures ongoing at the same time within an organisation and the major trouble is with suggesting any alteration of construction because one time the construction is developed it deters to accommodate to environmental alterations. Understanding the difference between formal and informal communicating becomes a hard undertaking for leading. The organisational environment theories underline the internal and external relationships ; external resources serve as inputs which are further processed into goods and services ensuing in finished end products in the environment. An unfastened system is normally interacts with the environment while the closed system is self centred and normally fails to be accepted. VW ‘s direction is systematically working to develop a civilization of excellence where freedom of address, informal interaction, and service quality meetings can be carried out as insouciant patterns. The construct is applaudable yet disputing. The eventuality theory emphasizes that the direction must be flexible to respond to environmental alterations. Modern and technological organisations have likelihood to change the conventional processs quickly, so the direction must accommodate to alter with positive attitudes. There can be mechanistic structured organisation where direction is centralized at the top monitoring its employees and is stable, on the other manus organic construction of an organisation is decentralized and making out to employees with a lesser control. Sound environment guarantees the motivated and efficient employees and leads to the higher productiveness of the organisation.

3. Motivation:

There could be a individual or a set of grounds for human behavior, engaged in certain activity for the coveted results, the land for such activity is referred as Motivation. Every person has demands and specific ends and human life is engaged in fulfilling those demands and to get the coveted ends. To achieve the sense of fulfillment and feeling of accomplishment can be the premier motivation factors. “ Motivation refers to the induction, way, strength and continuity of human behavior ” Geen, ( 1994 ) . Human nature can be simple yet excessively complex at the same clip. Understanding of human nature is a pre-requisite for effectual employee motive which accounts for higher productiveness.

Regimentation of purposes, intent and values amongst the staff, squads and organisation is the most cardinal facet of motive. The better the alliance and personal association with organisational purposes, the better the platform for motive. Work organisations offer a grade of satisfaction for an single which may include fiscal support, societal battles, mental and physical challenges, ego development, and sense of belonging and rational stimulation. It is said to believe that “ Best concerns have the best motivated workers ” . It has been observed that the overall productiveness of an organisation is increased with extremely motivated employees in comparing to the organisation with ill motivated workers.

3.1 Theories of Motivation:

Motivation theories are the combination of demands, incentive, ends and reinforces.

Need Hierarchy Theory was put away by Abraham Maslow, which is one of the most extremely acclaimed and widely mentioned theories of motive. He envisioned human demands harmonizing to a hierarchal construction of importance, from the lowest to highest, foregrounding the five basic physiological demands, sense of security, societal thrusts, ego regard and demand of self realization. The direction must pay immense sum of attending to the demands of employees and as the demands may change from single to single, hence it is indispensable to implement an efficient system to measure employee ‘s necessities and furnish executable solutions.

Herzberg ‘s two factor theories in conformity with Maslow ‘s theory, proposed an thought that certain factors such as disputing work, responsible place and sense of acknowledgment may lend as premier incentives but on the other manus certain factors including coveted wage, periphery benefits and appropriate environment, if absent may ensue as de-motivators. Harmonizing to his theory as multiple ends and benefits serve as precursor of motive, chance of de-motivation arises when fringe benefits and privileges do non be.

Hawthorne experiments of Elton Mayo focused on inducements, pay-cheques and fiscal satisfaction to be the primary motive factor. Peoples are motivated by wage and work conditions at higher degree. Furthermore he believed that attitude of people at work are extremely influenced by the groups and work environment. His theory concluded that human dealingss and the societal demands of workers are important facets of concern direction.

Mc Roger ‘s theory to a great extent emphasized on two basic sorts of directions which he categorised in Theory X and Theory Y. The direction which falls under Theory X is believed to hold a negative attack towards the employees sing them untrusty and incapable. Theory Y addresses the sort of direction holding faith in their employees and thereby recognizing their demands positively. He concluded that director ‘s position of the human nature is based on a certain grouping of premises and tends to model their behavior towards subordinates harmonizing to these premises. Numerous theories has been put forth turn toing the benefits and moral value of an selfless attack to handle co-workers and work force as human existences and esteeming their self-respect in all its signifiers, developing a phenomenon to understand that people can ne’er be forced to work, they will work positively merely if they want to or otherwise if they are motivated. It has been observed that when an obvious likeliness is established between public presentation and support, it leads to and maintains high degrees of motive.

3.2 Analysing VWs Employee Motivation Strategy:

VW is a German maker of cars which is the 3rd largest auto manufacturer of the universe. The name by itself indicates the value for people as Volkswagen stands for “ people ‘s auto ” in German, ( more literally, common people ‘s waggon ) . Within the past few old ages the elaborateness and kineticss within and outside administrations have drastically altered. In this context, it has become premier concern of administrations to transport out future-oriented, active development which pursues an simple end i.e. , Stand out as a victor. The organisation must suggest extra benefits for employees, clients and stakeholders because merely so will its civilization, values and merchandises be responded to with committedness and involvement.

( I ) Structuring Remuneration Package and Benefits:

Volkswagen attack towards wage and benefits is applaudable as it involves market research and salary studies. There is a uninterrupted attempt behind structuring the salary bundles and periphery benefits. However, there is an of import facet somewhat ignored during the pattern which is to affect the work force by itself to notice on the wage construction thereby, visualizing the basic demands and desires within the employees which in-turn will function as a assisting tool for developing effectual paysheet scheme by maintaining in position of employee ‘s physiological demands as everyone desires to be financially unafraid. Payroll must be structured such that the income degree of an single well addresses the living criterion. Pay graduated table must be determined by analyzing making, experience and accomplishments of the employee and must be reviewed harmonizing to the efficiency degree as reported by the relevant section. While honoring high performing artists, norm and below mean performing artists might experience ignored hence it is indispensable non merely to recognize the attempts by high performing artists but to publish certification of engagement and non-monetary wagess to the remainder, recognizing their parts and to maintain them within the twine.

( two ) Stipulating Cardinal Equipment:

Ceaseless reappraisal of the budget for indispensable stuffs and equipment is extremely recommended. Necessary equipment is a pre-requisite as it enhances the work efficiency and public presentation degree of employees thereby advancing professional satisfaction and honoring grasp. In absence of the needed stuff it is imbecile to anticipate efficient service by the work force. It is appreciative that indispensable equipment can be furnished in conformity to a specific budget but smart direction program keeps control of the equipment handling and propose for a budget reappraisal where necessary.

( three ) Leadership Training and Development:

Leadership preparation is vigorous merely when sanely articulated into the corporate civilization with its positive purposes and values. Development of a leader is merely focussed upon an single personal properties, behavior and attack whereas, leading development is emphasized on the procedure blossoming interpersonal relationships, societal influence procedure and squad dynamicss amongst leader and the squad at the junction degree. Volkswagen ‘s strong organisational construction do non necessitate merely directors but crave for smart leading which is indispensable for work force motive and inculcating energy in the squad members. True leading is what an ordinary employee will look up to, in order to follow with effectivity and efficiency. A dynamic leader supports trains and develops his forces, while increasing occupation satisfaction and echt involvement to make the occupation, within his squad. Trusted leaders are likely to bring forth glorious actuating liquors. “ To maintain people motivated, you need to expose dynamic leading, and make they feel they are working with you and non for you. ” Corelli ( four ) Open Lines of Communication:

Employees feel confident and every bit responsible when they believe they are trusted. It stimulates a sense of incitation within the employees, ensuing in a propitious work environment. “ If a supervisor or squad leader approaches the workplace with a positive, cheerful attitude about the work undertakings, that enthusiasm should reassign to associates, therefore making a better work environment for all. Leaderships and supervisors, who are serious about keeping a productive work environment and actuating their staff to make their best, need to speak with the associates to happen out what is of import to them. For illustration, some associates may non appreciate public signifiers of acknowledgment, while others will ” . Howell, ( 2000 ) ( V ) Professional Content and Indemnity:

Highly trained and seasoned employee is an plus to a company. Leftover of today ‘s face paced work environment is the increasing rate of occupation churn or employees exchanging one occupation to another within short clip frames. Employee turnover is dearly-won, doing work force instability, reduced efficiency, lower effectivity, and negative impact of the company. There could be assortment of grounds in the background explicating the ennui, frustrated, discontented and least interested behavior of the employees. Another of import facet is the moneymaking occupation offers which tend to fulfill the demands and basic demands but in some instances employees are looking for more than merely compensation and wagess and are more inclined towards their visions and challenges. The implicit in cause might differ due to the fact that humans act, believe, act and react otherwise in conformity with the relevant fortunes, nevertheless, the issue remains unchanged. Volkswagen as one of the giants in the car concern universe is unrelentingly involved in calculating out possible solutions to this outgrowth. In order to retain employees it is required to offer a bundle that satisfies fiscal, rational and the calling aspirations of an person.

( six ) Company Values:

The value of a company represents civilization, shared beliefs, attitudes, establishments, and behavior forms that characterize the members of an organisation. Valuess of a company of course emphasize uninterrupted betterment of procedures, transmutation into a healthy workplace, satisfied clients, and a growth, profitable concern. The degree of employee ‘s committedness to their work is closely linked with the extent to which the company values are practiced. Ensure that the values of the company are strongly understood and every bit treasured by the direction and single employee. Demonstrate professionalism, regard, unity and responsibility as the nucleus values of the company. Harmonizing to a cardinal quotation mark of Harvard Business Review “ Companies that enjoy digesting success have nucleus values and a nucleus intent that remain fixed while their concern schemes and patterns infinitely adapt to a changing universe. ”

( seven ) Service Excellence Culture:

Volkswagen is amongst the really few organisation which thinks through, work diligently and proactively to make the civilization that will let the company to win long term. Culture is the typical personality of the organisation which indicates its strength, by which it understands the demands of the work force and affects the value created for the clients. Therefore, organisations make attempt to understand what motivates their work force and give them what they need to execute good by supplying them clear authorizations, runing rules, resources, authorization, cognition, and tools so they can carry through their duties to convey out the best of their endowments and acknowledge by honoring them in ways they value.

Volkswagen is among such high quality companies showing successful conceptual thought and with the ability to see forms among apparently diverse phenomena and thereby beef uping their employees and actuating them with positive attitude. An effectual organizational civilization enables a two manner procedure to happen where employees help to act upon the way of the corporate values system, through their single beliefs and attacks they adopt. A service excellence civilization is that which develops a sense of duty and accomplishment together within employees, recognizing their parts and sing themselves as an built-in portion of the overall repute and success of the company.

Motivation can either bring forth profitableness to an organisation or better productiveness if it is positive, on the other manus if employees are de – motivated it is more likely to cut down net income border and will impede overall productiveness. The nucleus vision is to embrace human behaviors, demands, attitudes and demands, as machines can run harmonizing to the desired degree and largely produce accurate consequences, but sing where human existences act as a major work force it involves a idea procedure based on common apprehension in between the direction and the employees. It is extremely recommended to understand associates yearn and necessities and carry throughing them to some grade and thereby actuating them to bring forth coveted consequences in the best involvement of the organisation. The summing up histories for the fact that if appropriate motive degree is maintained within an organisation, the direction will derive productive associates.


A clump of persons possessing peculiar expertness, jointly working to achieve a common intent or end ; by join forcesing and consolidating their cognition and actively take parting in healthy treatments. The kernel of a squad work is togetherness and the success lies within its concrete leading, which accounts for the productiveness of an organisation. It is good addressed that “ When you break down barriers, misinterpretations, biass, insecurities, divisions, districts and hierarchies – you begin to construct squads ” .

4.1 Team Contribution to Enhance Productivity: Firm belief in the dependability and trust upon the honestness of the members are the requirements of a productive squad. The degree of cooperation and understanding physiques strong bondage between persons. Every member of an efficient and productive squad is unfastened to back up and promote the colleagues for the completion of needed undertaking. Following are the features by which squads can lend efficaciously in the success of an organisation.

( I ) Credence on the Leadership: It is indispensable that a high degree of trust and assurance is present within the squad members upon the leading. True leader make certain that each person of the squad is every bit supported, respected, privileged and heard. The sum of forbearance and believable attempts for maintaining the squad members within a twine enhances credence and religion of the members which consequences in high public presentation.

( two ) Solidarity of the Members: Every squad member must actively take part to explicitly discourse the squad process and operation to achieve a common end or a exclusive aim. The full squad tends to portion reciprocally agreed attack, mechanics, norms, outlooks and regulations to follow. The integrity of squad pledge for its success.

( three ) Articulate Objective: The squad must put clear and focussed aims and interpret into chiseled concrete mileposts against any mensural obstructions. Larger ends and aims are easy accessible followed by a wont of practising a series of little wins.

( four ) Colloquial Ambiance & A ; Group Participation: Environment to work efficaciously as a squad requires being informal, homely and comfy plenty for each member to open lines of communicating with easiness, but must stay pertinent to the intent of the squad. This encourages conveying about originative thoughts and alone constructs and gives equal freedom of address to all. Another of import facet is that the squad members become easygoing with each other and believes that everybody is every bit heard and respected.

( V ) Dissolving Perplexity: Where there is freedom of address confusions and dissensions are most likely to happen. Agile and intelligent squads welcome dissensions and complexnesss to prove their glare and apprehension. Reasons are carefully examined and a midway is figured out to decide the issues. In instance of an resistance to a general understanding, an evident consensus is practiced for a just result.

( six ) Constructive Criticism: Healthy and positive unfavorable judgment is extremely appreciated as it provides polar evidences to reexamine and measure critical determinations. Criticism must be arbitrary and benefaction oriented toward taking an obstruction that is impeding the manner of a squad to accomplish ends.


Intellectual direction serves as a accelerator to magnify work degree and overall public presentation of the learner. Volkswagen attack towards cut downing maximal making from their squads is exceptionally good. However, there are multiple steps which can add value to the bing scheme of the organisation to guarantee high grade of public presentation and nonpareil implementation.

5.1 Appropriate Choice: While choosing a campaigner it is ideal to analyze the qualities complementing the occupation nature. Choice must be based on the relevant accomplishments, a blend of proficient, job resolution and interpersonal accomplishments account for effectual public presentation. A right set of people at the right topographic point on the right clip are the key for a successful squad and productive organisation.

5.2 Stipulating Codes of Conduct: Identifying regulations is necessary for developing focal point, receptiveness, committedness and trust. Rules must be chiseled and purely governed without know aparting place and genders. The most important regulations may refer to attendance, behaviour, confidentiality, parts, positive confrontation and stop merchandise orientation which must be set as a codification of behavior.

5.3 Establish Significant Goals: The basic starts from the fact that each and every squad member has a undertaking to accomplish. It is necessary to do every person believe that the squad has important intents and undertakings and there is high degree of outlook associated with their public presentation. There must be a sense of worth associated with the undertakings apart from being easy or hard. A strong squad is build when every member knows that they are a critical portion of a important achievement.

5.4 Praise and Appreciation: This is a natural impulse within human existences to be praised and rewarded upon successful completion of a undertaking or a great achievement. Intelligent organisations ne’er ignore this fact and develop schemes to promote their work force by appreciating their attempts.

5.5 Developing Sense of Direction: This is another of import facet of squad edifice to develop sense of way amongst the members. The squad leader or the director must expeditiously administer undertakings and supply sufficient counsel by specifying duties and following clear way towards the common end.

5.6 Building Team Spirit: Assign public presentation oriented little undertakings that will let the subsidiaries to turn and take on extra duties. The thought generated by such disputing but accomplishable ends is non limited to overall productiveness but to measure the mobility of possible squad. This will in return enhance the spirit of the squad and construct an effectual bond of togetherness.

5.7 Employee Authorization: A scheme which enables employees to make up one’s mind for themselves is deserving giving as it develops a sense of duty and helps them to take charge of their work and larn from their errors. It is a dependable procedure for enabling people to lend efficaciously in the uninterrupted betterment and ongoing success of the organisation.


Positive and reinforcement and right motivational schemes are the irresistible impulse of modern organisation in which employees are wholly cognizant of their rights and understand the significance of their functions in the productiveness and profitableness of an organisation. The growing degree heightens when the construction of the organisation is concrete and is based upon specific values and modern-day civilization, where an employee is empowered and actively take parting in the patterned advance of the company.

Volkswagen ( South Africa ) has successfully managed to develop a imperfect ambiance and the direction has understood the demand to concentrate on retaining employees ‘ trueness and committedness. The attempts and schemes of the company towards maintain their internal environment is tailored with excellence and perfectly singular. However, the implicit in fact is still unchanged as the competition is lifting and work force has assortment of options to take from possible chances hence the state of affairs to retain committed and loyal work force has become composites. The construct is for employers to understand the significance of adept employees and to guarantee their satisfaction.


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