Student Leader's Assembly Essay

Sunday, August 15 2010, marked the first day of the Student Leader’s Assembly of both the High School and College departments of the different Don Bosco schools who participated in the said event. They were composed of the student council and the different officers of the clubs and organizations of both levels in the different schools. It was a truly wonderful experience for them since it fostered team building and getting to know each other again after a long time. The event was held at Don Bosco Tarlac, since they were selected as the host of the said event.

By the time the participants arrived at Don Bosco Tarlac, they were asked to register their names and put their bags in their assigned rooms. After the facilitators mentioned the rules, they already felt at home in the school since it brings an “aura” per se, of their school, since it the place was also a Don Bosco school. There was a time when the participants were given time to freshen up before they were ordered to go to the gym for the program to take place. The participants were asked to seat at a certain group according to the number designated on their ID’s.

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The program started with the raising of the Bosconian Insignias in the different Don Bosco schools while having someone who seemed to be a Bosconian “bunso” sing the song “Di Ka Nag-iisa”. It was a very breathtaking experience, because the people were astounded at what a Bosconian “bunso” could do, at such a young age. The raising of the insignias was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and the opening prayer entitled “The Prayer”, led by the two selected participants representing Don Bosco Technical College, Mandaluyong. The opening ceremonies of the different insignias ended with a basking applause from the participants.

The actual program started with the game called “Blind Barthemeus”, where a leader would be in charge of asking the other participants some questions while the rest are blindfolded. After getting to know each other as a group, the next game called the “Game of Life”, was initiated shortly. The instructions were given, and a “map” of some sort was distributed to each group. They were assigned to make a 3-feet tall tower made of the materials they are going to gather at the different places that were designated in the map, from barbecue sticks and chewing gum to popsicle sticks and lumps of clay.

Everything was going well, but after a short while, the rain fell down, slowly but surely. The participants didn’t stop, and so did the rain. But when the rain poured down heavily, most of them fled to the nearest building to take cover from the rain. This goes to show that Bosconians won’t be easily discouraged to abandon their duties just because of some minor distractions or disruptions. The rain still poured down heavily and the PA announced that all Bosconians should dry themselves and wash up, since most, if not all the participants, got wet during the game.

The game was suspended, but they were asked to hold on to their materials for later use. It was nighttime when the participants finished perking up and eating dinner. They were requested to go to the Big Chapel for the continuation of the program, since the gym was flooded. The program resumed, and at that time, Mr. JC Delos Reyes was the speaker. He talked about the roles of a leader and what leaders should really do and symbolize. After the talk, the different Don Bosco schools presented their dance numbers and presentations.

Everyone performed well. One of the performers even performed an impromptu script, because of the delayed performance of the whole group. Nevertheless, it was a “lo and behold” sight to see, since everyone gave it their best shot in the presentations. After the dance presentations, the students were asked to go outside the chapel for the fireworks display. After a while, numerous flashing and colorful displays of fireworks amazed the participants during that night. Finally, the students were asked to go to their designated rooms and sleep.

It was morning when one of the songs of Don Bosco was played to wake the participants up, although some already did way before the PA played the song. Some took a bath, while others washed up to feel fresh. Breakfast was soon served, and the mass was then celebrated afterwards. The music ministry was led by the students of Don Bosco Technical College. After the mass, the principal, Fr. Jay, gave the closing remarks and then dismissed all the students. Of course, the merienda was served before they all left the school. Everyone left knowing that they learned something not only from their school but also from someone from a different setting.

It is true that the best teacher that anyone could have is experience, but it really depends on the person. If the person is eager to learn, then he would strive to become successful by learning from his mistakes in the past, therefore making use of his experiences. If the person is unwilling, then his experiences would mean nothing since he did not apply what he had encountered in the past. That goes the same with the participants back then. They not only learned the true meaning of being a leader and what it takes to be one, they also learned the value of experiences through communication and camaraderie.


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