Student Politics Sample Essay

From my point of position Student Politicss Should Be Banned because it’s harmful for survey and other people so. Student’s first responsibility is to get cognition. They have to analyze and analyze for a better consequence. Politicss merely kill their valuable clip. Many superb pupils are spoiled by political relations. It is non necessary at all. To cognize what is good for our state we do non necessitate to make political relations. It is merely doing student life snake pit. Students are ever cognizant of present facts and ready to protest any illegal workss. But student political relations make them slaves to the corrupted political leaders.

Now-a-days political relations are about power. money and terrorist act. It’s non echt political relations. To me echt political relations is societal activism. civic responsibility and pecuniary justness. Is this sort of political relations active on campus? No. Now student political relations are merely for back uping a political squad. non for the development of the state. The Students do whatever they said from the high bid of the squad they support. They waste their clip in making stupid things like busying halls or contending with one another to be the lone power of the campus. So merely they don’t have clip for survey and for this ground when the test is nearby they agitate to prorogue the test day of the month. They can successful to make this because they have political support. but they ne’er think about the other pupils who are prepare for the test. They have to endure without any mistake but politicians have no clip to believe about them.

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Student Politics Sample Essay
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Students show their involvement in political relations because no educational grade is required to be a political leader. And it’s easy for a politician to go rich by corruptness. So first they become a pupil leader and so they want to be the leader of the state. But their procedure is atrocious. We know no 1 can be a good leader by threaten people but the politicians don’t know that. So they threaten people and utilize piece to busy anything.

It’s a common scene on campus that the pupils of different political squads are contending with one another utilizing pieces and crisp tools. They easy can kill their opposition if ordered so. Actually it’s non merely hazardous for their ain life but besides for the other guiltless pupils. For illustration we can state that. Sony. a meritable pupil of BUET was killed in crossfire during a gunplay between two political squads.

Our inquiry is why our pupils handle weaponries alternatively of pen? The lone ground is- our politicians are utilizing pupil political relations to procure their power and chair.

Parents save their difficult net incomes for the survey of their childs. They think that their kid will be a great individual someday. But when the pupils become cadre to run into the selfish desire of the politicians they don’t think about their parents’ outlook.

But it must be stopped. Today’s pupil will take the state in future. So they have to be good educated. A good educated individual must hold morality and he can easy understand what is good and what is bad for the state.

I merely want to state that. Student Politicss Should Be Banned and they should concentrate on survey. nil else.



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