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Robotics is one of the exciting innovation in disruptive technology.

It matches with accomplished robots or robotics which have improved
intelligence, senses and dexterity. These robotics can do assignments which
were earlier considered to be too expensive or difficult automating. Robots
are also used in industrial manufacturing such as, companies using robots
to create car components, electronic products, and medical devices. Also,
in packaging and food preparation application. Society could profit in many
ways when it comes to these innovations. Individuals have already begun
making utilization of robotic surgical frameworks, nanorobotics and robotic
prosthetics and many more. Certainly, robotics merits its position among
the most disruptive innovation of the twenty first Century.
Robots have a positive impact to the society in such a way that, they
can be sent by scientist to places where humans cannot go, for instance,
bottom of ocean or deep space. A robot, by name Sojourner was sent by
scientist to Mars to carry out an experiments. They also help human perform
different tasks such as medical service tasks, packaging tasks etc. The
negative impact is that Industrial robots end up replacing human labor
leaving most people jobless because they reduce the requirement of human
intervention in the processes that are automated.

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Student's Name; (232 words) Essay
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