Students Should Not Take Part-Time Jobs While They Are Studying in Universities. Essay

Nowadays some may hold the opinion that students should not take part-time jobs while they are studying in universities, but others have a negative attitude. The answer of this statement depends on our own experience and life style. To be frank, I disagree with this statement. My arguments for this point are listed as follows. First of all, although university education definitely takes very significant role in one’s later life, some students have to do some part-time jobs to afford their education.

It is a commonsense that a large majority of students think always spend parents’ money is very shameful act for the university students. For example, my family’s financial condition not so good, and I cannot always turn to my parents. Besides, being a grown man, I must afford myself by doing part-time jobs. Furthermore, It is undeniable fact that society requires students not only have a good command of academic qualities, but also they must grasp social skills. How to obtain social skills?

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Students Should Not Take Part-Time Jobs While They Are Studying in Universities. Essay
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Just from reading book? Of course not. Taking part-time jobs will provide us the opportunity to make up our those weak points that cannot offset in the school. For instance, from doing part-time job, we can learn how to be a good employee; how to take responsibility and how to deal with co-workers and so on. Finally, maybe from doing part-time jobs we can find out our real field of interest, and it may lead us to the success. During part-time job, students can get a deeper understand about their major.

School education can only instill abstract knowledge but cannot teach us how to imply them in our daily life. For example, my major is architectural design. If I have a chance to take a part-time job in a design company, it is very helpful for me to get a practical design experience. In conclusion, the advantages of taking part-time jobs outweigh its disadvantages. By doing part-time jobs, we can release our parents’ financial burden; we can grasp more useful social skills and we can also find out our real interest and obtain some practical experiences.


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