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Question Answer
What does Micro mean? Small
What does Organism mean? Living things
What are kingdoms? Scientists divide all living things into groups. They are small groups that have similar characteristics (such as getting energy, reproduction, and structures.)
How many kingdoms are there? 6
What are the names of the kingdoms? Animal, plant, fungi, protist, archaea, bacteria
What would you find in the fungi kingdom? Mushrooms, mold, and yeast
Which kingdoms are made of mostly microscopic organisms and are mostly single celled? Protist, Bacteria, Archaea
Describe Bacteria Simplest kind of life
One cell without nucleus
Are producers, consumers, and decomposers
How can bacteria be helpful? Breakdown dead organisms
Breakdown waste materials
Clean up oil spills
Convert Nitrogen
How can becteria be harmful? Cause diseases in humans
Cause diseases in plants
Cause diseases in animals
Describe protist Cells with nucleus
Most diverse
Plantlike (plankton)
Animal like (Protozoa)
Fungus like (slime mold)
Are producers, consumers, and decomposers
Which kingdoms don't have nucleus? Bacteria and Archaea

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