Study Guide for Test

Question Answer
How is the egg stage helpful to a turtle's life cycle? The turtle has a safe place to grow and develop.
Describe two ways in which a plant can be pollinated. Animals can carry pollen, or the wind can blow pollen from plant to plant
What is the main difference between inherited and leaned traits? We get inherited traits from our parents, such as eye color. We learn how to do learned traits, such as play a piano.
How do these inherited and learned traits make you unique? I am unique because I have brown eyes, which is an inherited trait. I am also a good basketball player, which is a learned trait.
How could the insect population of an area have an effect on the growth of plants and flowers? If the area is overpopulated with insects ( there are too many insects ), it could reduce the plant population (fewer plants).
traits features of living things
seed a structure a new plant comes from to grow
pupa the stage in an insect's life between larva and adult
pollination the process of moving pollen from the male part of a flower to the female part of a flower
metamorphosis a process through which an organism's body changes form
life cycle the stages in an organism's life that show how a certain kind of organism grows, changes, and reproduces
larva When an insect hatches, it called a _________.
inherited traits traits passed down from parents to their children
heredity (the process of) passing traits from parents to young
cones where seeds are produced for conifers
germination the process of a seed being planted in the soil and beginning to grow
learned trait things we learn to do like reading a book
offspring another name for an organism's young
life stages the steps of an organism's life cycle

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