study guide for thermal and heat energy

Question Answer
Matter made up of particles called atoms
Kinetic Energy energy of motion
Which has more kinetic energy hot chocolate or chocolate milk? Hot chocolate
Temperature Is the measure of the kinetic energy of the indivisual particles in the object.
Temperature Scales 1.Kelvin2.Celsius3.Faherengeit
3 ways heat is transferred 1.Conduction2.Corvection3.Radiation
Convection heat is transferred by the motion of current.
absolute zero temperatures absolute zero: 0 degrees K, -273 degrees C, 460 degrees F
water freezes 273 degrees k, 0 degrees C, 32 degrees F
water boils 373 degrees k, 100 degrees c, 212 degrees f
absolute zero no more energy can be taken out of a substance
How heat is transferred? Hot -> cold object
4 states of matter 1.solids2.liquids3.gases4.plasma

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