Study Into Application Of Industrialised Building System Construction Essay


The Malaysia building industry plays an of import function in bring forthing wealth to the state and development of societal and economic substructures and edifice. The industry provides occupation chances for 800,000 people which represented 8 % of entire work force ( CIMP, 2006 ) . The building industry is one of the productive sectors that invariably contribute to the economic system.

The IBS is a building technique in which constituents are manufactured in a controlled environment ( on or off site ) , transported, positioned and assembled into a construction with minimum extra site plants ( CIDB, 2003 ) . IBS is non new to the building industry. Merely it has now remerged worldwide into the twenty-first century as a plausible solution to better building image and public presentation. The Malaysia authorities has spared no attempt to convey IBS to the pulling tabular arraies of all professionals involved in the reinforced environment. The IBS Roadmap 2003-2010 has been endorsed by the Cabinet of Ministers to be the design papers for the industrialization of the Malaysia building sector ( IBS Roadmap, 2003 ) .

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Study Into Application Of Industrialised Building System Construction Essay
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The IBS is a manufactured the edifice constituents at mills, will enable cost economy ; safety and wellness ; productiveness and quality betterment through the decrease of labour strength and building standardization. Apart from this method, it offers minimum wastage, less site stuffs, cleaner and neater environment, controlled quality, and lower entire building costs.

Using higher per centum of IBS in the building of public lodging and other edifice undertakings will supply better productiveness, quality, and safety. IBS will lend towards a better building industry, every bit good as enhance the planetary fight of Malayan builders. Nowadays, IBS in Malaysia go more popularity in the building industry particularly for the Government undertaking. An early attempt by the Government of Malaysia to advance use of IBS and develop an Open Building system ( OBS ) construct as an option to conventional and labour intensive building method has yet to do headroom.

Prefabricated parts will be used in all Government undertakings in a command to cut down the dependance on foreign workers, Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed said.[ 1 ]He said the move would get down with undertakings under the Public Works Department, which are deserving RM6.9bil. The usage of prefabricated parts was portion of the Industrial Building System ( IBS ) which would be adopted for all Government undertakings. “ The Government has ordered all authorities bureaus transporting out development and people ‘s lodging undertakings to utilize at least 70 % IBS content in those undertakings. ” he told a imperativeness conference at his office after the hebdomadal Cabinet meeting.[ 2 ]


Study into utilizing IBS in the public lodging in Malaysia and the popularity apply in the building.


To analyze the history of IBS in public lodging.

To analyze the categorization of assorted types of IBS and use to public lodging.

To place the benefits and barriers of the IBS in public lodging.

To place as a possible method to better overall building public presentation.

To place as a popularity for public lodging.


Apply IBS for public lodging will be one of the future building methods and will go more and more popularity for building industry is utilizing IBS. For the building cost, clip and quality, IBS will be the better building cost salvaging method and is one of the faster building times salvaging and produces high quality of constituents.


IBS has been introduced in Malaysia since early 1960s by the usage of pre-cast concrete beam-column component and panelized system. ( Thanoon, 2003 ) . About, 22.7 estates of land along Jalan Pekeliling was dedicated to the undertaking consisting seven blocks of 17-storey flats ( 3,000 units of low-priced level and 40 store tonss ) . These undertakings are utilizing the Danish System of big panels in a prefabricated system. The 2nd undertaking is a six block of 17-storey flats and three blocks of 18-storey flats at Jalan Rifle Range and utilizing Gallic Estoit System.

Using the IBS in the building industry will better overall building public presentation such as standardisation, quality betterment, cut down defect, waste decrease, cast economy and etc. But for the barriers of utilizing IBS in the building industry will be the hapless cognition of install IBS, deficiency of counsel, deficiency of professional trained in IBS and etc.

IBS Roadmap 2003-2010 was developed and published to maneuver the way of IBS execution and publicity activities and steer the practicians and policy shapers on IBS related issues ( IBS Roadmap, 2003 ) .

Scope and restriction of survey

This paper shall place the common types of IBS in the building industry and use into public lodging in order to find their impact on building undertakings and popularity in the public lodging. This survey is portion of the on-going research appraising and analysing how we use the IBS in building and how many per centum of IBS are utilizing in the building undertaking. Therefore, this survey will include the undermentioned countries:

Definition of IBS in public lodging.

The history of the IBS for public lodging in Malaysia.

Categorization of IBS in Malaysia.

Assorted types of IBS in building industry and which one is more utile for public lodging.

The advantages and disadvantages of utilizing IBS for public lodging.

The merchandising monetary value and the popularity utilizing IBS for public lodging to the contractor.

Research Methodology

Literature Review

In the beginning, literature reappraisal was conducted to find an overall thought sing IBS for public lodging. This refers to roll uping the latest secondary informations and information from different beginnings which including books, diaries, magazines, thesiss, conference documents, and information from the cyberspace. These stuffs were used for background reading to obtain full apprehension and information needed for treatment and analysis in the research.


A questionnaire is a research instrument dwelling of a series of inquiries and other prompts for the intent of garnering information from respondents. The inquiries will center on the KL countries mentioned in the above aims. A multi-option format will be designed and limited to about 30 inquiries, in order to obtain a high degree of response.

Undertaking Plan and Agenda

1.9.1 Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter will include the undertaking rubric, principle of the survey, range and restriction of survey, research ends and methodological analysis. In add-on, purposes, nonsubjective and hypothesis of the survey are included under the research ends.

1.9.2 Chapter 2: Literature Reappraisal

This chapter will expose the definition, history of IBS, categorization of IBS in Malaysia, and benefits and barriers of utilizing IBS in building undertaking for public lodging and this literature reappraisal will establish on the thesis aims.

1.9.3 Chapter 3: Research Methodology

This chapter will discourse on the technique for informations aggregation to accomplish the thesis ‘s purpose and aim. Besides, it besides includes the research sample and method of analysis for the feedback obtained from the respondents.

1.9.4 Chapter 4: Datas Analysis

This chapter wills studies and analysisA the informations collectionA from the contractor, adviser and developer of people about their sentiments, behavior or cognition.

1.9.5 Chapter 5: Decision

The decision will include drumhead on the thesis from chapter 1 to chapter 4 together all the research consequence to show the overall findings and do appropriate recommendations.


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