Study Notes: Fallen Angels Essay

Chapters five and six demonstrated even more horror in the war. Peewee finds out from a letter he has receved that his girlfriend has married another man. He becomes very depressed and he spends days on end listening to the radio and watching the same movie over and over. Perry shows great loyalty to his squad in these chapters. He receives a chance to be pulled from harms way by talking about his medical profile however, he declines and keeps fighting. A news crew comes to interview Perry’s squad about the war. They go on patrol with them and while on patrol they shoot and kill an enemy soldier.

They bring the body back to base and Perry realizes the soldier is not much bigger than his brother. Lobel’s never ending commentary on American war movies underlines in the book the romantic, unrealistic view the United States has of war. The movies Lobel talks about are filled with innocent soldiers who get killed at the end and they portray black soldiers as heroes that save the day. Movies tend to show two sides to war, with a good side and a bad side, and the good side always winning out in the end. These romantic views of war help the families of dead soldiers deal with their loss by making it seem to be for freedom and liberty.

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Study Notes: Fallen Angels Essay
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However, most of the time, this is just not the case. Perry reminds me of myself because he feels alone in war and he can not relate to his family. It is difficult to know how to explain your troubles to someone who does not know what you are going through. It is almost impossible to do. The symbolism in talking about movies in the story shows that our eyes are covered in times of war and in times of political unrest. The symbolism in chapters five and six helped me as a reader to understand just how much the war of Vietnam was debated in America and how much was covered up by the romantics of it.


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