Study of organization theory design Essay

In the globalised market apparatus today there are increasing Numberss of organisation that are doing ways in the market. The surprising province is that “ really frequently we wonder as how these merchandises, services and infinite Numberss of material things are produced. ” ( Jones, 2009, p. 23 )

This is one inquiry that frequently excites us. But the fact is that the presence of organisations slightly is possible every bit far as it can be perceived organize a market economic position. Furthermore, the demand of the market economic system today besides is one ground as we can see the run alonging up of organisations with different offers, merchandises and services so as to function the really needs and demand of the society.

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Study of organization theory design Essay
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Stressing on these facets as can be assumed, the aim of this paper besides is to take an analysis on the capable affair that limits its survey and readings on ‘organizational theory ‘ . It is practical that the proposal issue is besides defined as can be describe in the undermentioned paragraph.

Proposal and Research Question in Consideration
The effort of this work is to set about an analysis on the capable affair embracing ‘organizational theory ‘ and its designs overall. The intent of this work besides is to follow the practical deduction of the capable affair statements, which covers the undermentioned points.

The name of the organisation, with a short history of the history of the company.

What does the organisation make? What goods and services does it produce/provide and value concatenation it creates, every bit good as understanding organisational mission.

Challenges facing the organisation today- for illustration, in its attempts to pull clients, to take down costs, to increase operating efficiency? How does its organisational design relate to these jobs?

Sing these inquiries we feel it would be prudent that the organisation is besides identified. It is clarified that the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority is the chosen organisation, which we will discourse consequently. The ground behind taking this company is simple plenty, given that the company is a good known name in UAE. Besides, it will besides heighten our apprehension of the capable affair statement and to follow the deduction if any that relates to organisational behaviour and unethical state of affairss that may originate in organisational context.

Organization, Organizational Theory and its Meaning
To get down within this note frequently we wonder what defines organisations? To be precise, “ organisation is slightly a tool that people use to organize their actions so as to obtain their desire or create values, and it comes besides as a agency to accomplish an terminal, or merely goals accomplishments. ( Jones, 2009, p. 24 )

On the other manus, organisational theory is the subject that constitutes the really kernel and foundation of an organisation and it structural procedures. Let state for illustration the factor and constituents that combines the organisation, group members, its construction and most significantly the organisational design and its on the job machinery.

In another word, “ organisational theory can be understood as that subdivision of cognition that combines the theoretical assimilation and its surveies embracing the constituents of an organisation. It is in another word both the descriptive and perspective facets of the subject and its survey. To do it simple, organisational theory to a greater extent describes how an organisation works in theoretical premiss from a broader position. ” ( Robbins, 1990, p. 7 )

Organization Overview: Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority ( ADWEC )
The undermentioned treatment in brief hints an overview of the overall characteristic embracing ADWEA organisational construction, its designs, which we can merely restrict to the capable affair that defines ‘organizational theory ‘ and its composing in practical apprehension.

ADWEA Organizational Structure
The Abu Dhabi Water Electricity Authority is an organisation based in Abu Dhabi, UAE founded “ by virtuousness of the jurisprudence No 2 in 1998. The organisation is entirely public owned, which means that the pull offing facets every bit good as the organisational construction and its design overall straight work in direct tandem with the province machinery, ” ( ADWEA ) and in consideration of national authorities ordinances.

The construction of the company is slightly based on the “ structural reform to venture and capitalise from its operational expertness and to pull a name for itself in the Middle East part as a major power and H2O authorization. In the yearss every bit early as 1995, the structural make-up of the organisation is non entirely organized and disciplined, which creates major bottle cervix for developmental undertakings. ” ( ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure )

However, the instance slightly has gone for a alteration of guards in the current scenario and since 1998, “ when major reform and turbulence was carried out to construction the company in a modern manner, be it organisational designs and its construction overall. In the current strategy of things ADWEA organisational construction somewhat is “ divided into 4 board of directors, such as Planning and Development Directorate, Business Support Directorate, Privatization Directorate and Projects Directorate. ” ( ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure )

Figure: 1. ADWEA Organizational Structure
Beginning: ADWEA ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Therefore, we assume that the foundation of these structural model since the old ages 1998 have to the full transformed and made the ADWEA and its organisation nourish the benefits of it, given that each board of directors is entirely familiar with its specific activities, undertakings and procedure as an when it matter the most to further organisational growing and its ends accomplishments.

ADWEA Organizational Purpose
ADWEA intent is to function the really constitutional that form the kingdom of the power and H2O supply sector in UAE, where it undertakes an operational expertness to administer “ H2O and electricity supply in the UAE part through its regulative machinery and subordinate companies. ” ( ADWEA )

In add-on the ADWEA “ is wholly responsible for implementing many development undertakings in and around AUE, particularly in the power and H2O supply sectors. Together with it, the ADWEA besides administers the governmental policies of authorities in affair of power and electricity supply, its mandate and all characteristics related to the administrative facets of a on the job governmental organisation. ” ( ADWEA )

ADWEA Value Creation
The ADWEA as a public pudding stone is to the full familiar with the latest norms, engineering and all facets embracing the power and H2O supply industry and its operational expertness. From a general assimilation of ADWEA organisational background we feel that the intent of it is more related to the development strategy of governmental policies and to administrate the national resource in the most effectual ways through ordinances and its constabularies for the benefit of the state, its people and its developmental undertakings that are related to the power and watery sector in UAE. This is one illustration of value creative activity of ADWEA.

From a historical position we feel that ADWEA has ever been at the helm of its nonsubjective to make values. Together with it the ADWEA and its organisational design overall “ is entirely familiar to governmental ordinances, wherein the mission, vision and values of the organisation are strategically defined. ” ( ADWEA )

As can be summed up, “ ADWEA mission is to bridge operational excellence as an organisation. With a handful support of subordinate companies, the ADWEA mission is to open up itself as the taking power and H2O authorization in the Gulf part and beyond. Additionally, its mission is to bring forth, supply and transmit H2O and electricity in the most unafraid and executable manner through the integrating of modern engineering and operational expertness. Besides, it vision is besides clearly ample to add values ” ( ADWEA ) to its aims and ends accomplishments.

Meeting Change: Challenges Confronting ADWEA
Sing above points as can be emphasized, we feel that the ADWEA and its organisational formation is entirely defined. However, to some extent challenges besides are confronting the organisation. Take for illustrations the instance of ‘Business Support Directorate within the organisation construction that besides heads the HR section, Administrative undertaking every bit good as Supply and Finance. ” ( ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure )

In that context the major challenge confronting ADWEA can be emphasized towards its Human Resource Directorate. As a point of contention, promotion in engineering every bit good as new age technology have made the organisation look manner beyond and to concentrate its attending of human resource demands, their preparation and development to de precise so as to enable its employees to be familiar with latest engineerings and to strategically Fosters developing and development procedures in the most executable manner.

To warrant the same, the ADWEA Academy is one illustration. “ Founded and established in 2009, the really nonsubjective of ADWEA Academy is to convey in line the best patterns in preparation and development facets for its employees. The demand for the clip is to travel in front of clip. Hence, the intent of ADWEA Academy is to function the demands of its employees in affair to develop, and impart latest accomplishments for professional, personal and emotional growing that straight support the strategic ends of the organisation and its tactical attacks ” ( ADWEA, ADWEA Academy ) in the most executable manner to get by with the challenges of the fast passed universe.

Theoretical Interpretation of Organization Behavior
As we have detailed ad discuss earlier we can understand as to what composed the disciplinary survey of organisational theory. It should besides be understood that “ organisational theory ( OT ) and organisational behaviour ( OB ) are two different subdivisions of surveies, although interrelated to one another. Organizational theory ( OT ) to be precise takes an nonsubjective observation. Take for illustrations market analysis and all characteristics of the micro and macro component that combines organisational environment. However, organisational behaviour ( OB ) is more unconditioned and is viewed from a micro position, such as that which emphasizes single and groups behavior within an organisation. ” ( Robbins, 1990, p. 7 )

Therefore, from absorbing this point there is a direct intension that confusion to the significance of the term should be done off with. Hence, what we can understand from the abovementioned point is that the really kernel of organisational behaviour signifiers a portion of the capable affair statements. The followers is some observation that we comprehend when it matter to unethical issue that arises.

a ) . Unethical Issues and its Reasons
To get down with from a scholastic point and our observation, we feel that issue embracing “ unethical patterns in organisations continue to be troublesome for directors and employees every bit good. ” ( Hellrieel, 2007, p. 474 )

We can ground that issue arises chiefly because of behavioural facets of employee or uneffective work civilization, or it can besides be of ground and unknown. But the biggest component can be viewed in context of non executable policies, which frequently given an chance for people or employee to move unethically.

B ) . Reason that Prompted Individual to act Unethically
Unethical pattern such as struggle of involvement is a large inquiry, given that it gives rise or prompt people to move in ways that is non considered ethical. Maltreatments and being forced at workplace are some ground. The ground and issue can be looked in regard of “ the cultural complexness where the interaction of formal and informal system either supports ethical or unethical behaviour. ” ( Hellrieel, 2007, p. 474 )

As we are cognizant “ organisation composed of stakeholders, directors and the work force ” ( Jones, 2009, p. 50 ) and incorrect on the job machinery and structural foundation can be the biggest problem every bit far as unethical state of affairs arises.

degree Celsius ) . Decisional facets of Unethical Issue
If organisations and its work civilization are inflexible plenty so issue are a common foreground, because an person can act in ways that are considered unethical.

Hence, moralss is ever to be observed in all state of affairss and at all fortunes. For that ground to incorporate moralss and its criterions in organisations constabularies that contains employee behaviour is one executable step overall that determination shaper can set about to bridge the spread in between.

d. ) Outcome of Unethical Measures
Organizational behaviour is a subset of work civilization. Take for illustration the fact that “ organisational civilization and its authorization ever make ways where struggle of thought arises between work groups. ” ( Hellrieel, 2007, p. 474 ) Thus policies formulation that gives the strictest lineation of behavioural facets can be sufficient to convey into statement an effectual result that is in melody with constabularies and its values to be maintained.

Ethical Behavior in Context of ADWEA
As can be prioritize from the above theory, we feel that civilization have a long manner to structuralize the point of ethical consideration in context of organisational behaviour. And when it matter to ADWEA, there have been no case every bit such as can be read in the media studies and all.

Interestingly ADWEA moralss and organisation civilization is pleasant as can be assumed and can be justify to the step undertaken by the organisation “ wherein the ADWEA corporate civilization is one footing of it all to further a healthy work environment within the organisation that are executable to bridge the manner for coordination, cooperation and cognition sharing amongst employees. ( ADWEA, ADWEA Academy )

To exceed it all, from a cultural position of the ADWEA we feel that the foundation of ADWEA Academy itself is one good step undertaken by the organisation to further a civilization “ wherein leaving behavioural accomplishments sets and preparation in major Fieldss of leading and direction have brought into the structural foundation of the organisation work civilization to be in the right path. ” ( ADWEA, ADWEA Academy )

Therefore, with such an accent that are strategically founded and established in the company, we feel that unethical state of affairs in ADWEA is a rare instance, given that the organisation gives abundant range for and chances for personal, profession and emotional growing of its employees, which is what we can reason is one best characteristic of the ADWEA civilization in context of organisational behaviour and its statements.

Traveling back to the overall treatment and from a theoretical mentality of the term ‘organizational theory ‘ it can be observed that in most state of affairs the really nonsubjective and kernel of its significance besides do its ways in and out in the organisational apparatus, as we have exemplified and extrapolated in context of ADWEA.

Furthermore, in the social make-up organisations and its theoretical assimilation and analysis in practical signifiers can be factored in many contexts and viewed from many kingdoms and is really important. Finally we can reason that the importance attached to understanding organisational theory is legion. One illustration of it can be emphasis in context of organisational patterns, and its behavioural survey as we detailed above refering ADWEA in understanding the on the job machinery of organisation and its attack in practicality.


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