Study of the Structure of and Competition Within the Soft Drink Industry Essay

This work aims to analyze the manner the soft drink industry, a major portion of the planetary drink industry. The research will supply an debut of the soft drink industry. Using Porter ‘s “ 5 Forces ” model, the research seeks to map the construction of the industry. The research will further analyse the macro-environment of the industry utilizing the PESTEL model to place alterations in the industry. In add-on, the research seeks to place the structural drivers of alteration within the industry. The survey undertaken intends to concentrate besides on larning about the current phase of industry life rhythm and what are the driving traits that make this industry worthwhile.

From the above scenarios, the research will place the most likely scenario for the hereafter of the industry

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Study of the Structure of and Competition Within the Soft Drink Industry Essay
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The Soft Drink Industry consists of constitutions chiefly engaged in fabricating non-alcoholic, carbonated drinks, mineral Waterss and dressed ores and sirups for the industry of carbonated drinks.

Chief activities and merchandises:

Aerated Waterss ;

Carbonated drinks ;

Mineral and spring Waterss ;

Soft drink dressed ores and sirup ; and

Soft drink readying carbonating. ( Hrsdc, 2005 )

The soft-drink battlefield has now turned toward new abroad markets. While one time the United States, Australia, Japan, and Western Europe were the dominant soft-drink markets, the growing has slowed down dramatically, but they are still of import markets for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. However, Eastern Europe, Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia, and India have become the new “ hot musca volitanss. ” Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi are organizing joint bottling ventures in these states and in other countries where they see growing potency. ( Fargos, 2005 )

Soft drinks are the largest drink market section in the planetary market and are forecasted to make about $ 550bn in 2013 ( concern penetrations, n.d ) .

The key participants in this industry are:
Coca -Cola Company

Pepsi Co



Porter Five Forces

Degree centigrades: UsersAdminDesktopcs soft drinks1porters_five_forces.png Source – Porter ( 2004 )

Dickering Power of Buyers:
Different degree of dickering power exist among the group of purchasers:

Peddling machine – no purchaser dickering power

Fast nutrient chain- more bargaining power

Dickering Power of Suppliers
Dickering power of providers is weak. The ingredients are easy available and there are many providers, cut downing company ‘s shift cost. Many replacements for sugar can be used like maize sirup, sweetening.

Menace of Substitutes
The menace of replacements can be reduced by spread outing the merchandises such as non carbonated drinks like juice, tea, java and apparent H2O. Alcohol is a menace excessively esp. as these companies do n’t fabricate alcoholic drink. But due to societal, clip and wellness restraints it ‘s moderated.

Rivalry among Competing Firms
one could qualify the soft drink market as a duopoly between Coke and Pepsi, ensuing in positive economic net incomes. There is intense competition between coca-cola and Pepsi. there is no monetary value distinction and consumer has no trade name trueness.

Menace of New Entrants
It would be about impossible for a new bottler to come in the industry because of the enormous market presence of Coke, Pepsi, and a few others.Soft drink industry require significant capital investing, which would discourage entry. Further bing bottlers had

sole districts in which to administer their merchandises


Political Factors
Non-alcoholic drinks fall within the nutrient class under the FDA. The authorities plays a function within the operation of fabricating these merchandises in footings of ordinances. There are terrible punishments set by the authorities on companies if they try to go against the Torahs. ( Pbawa, n.d. )

Economic Factors
There is a deep impact of Recession on Soft drink industry. If cost of natural stuff rises than production costs will increase. The companies are vulnerable to interchange rate fluctuations, ensuing in a bead in net incomes through foreign currency earned versus production investing.

Social Factors
Many people are concerned about their healthier life styles. They are exchanging to bottled H2O and diet Colas alternatively of beer and other alcoholic drinks. Consumers from the ages of 37 to 55 are besides progressively concerned with nutrition. They are going more concerned with increasing their length of service

Technological Factors
The new engineering of cyberspace and telecasting which use particular effects make some merchandises look attractive. This helps in merchandising of the merchandises. Introduction of tins and plastic bottles have increased gross revenues for Coca-Cola as these are easier to transport.As the new engineering in packaging system lift the production higher.

Environmental Factors
Soft drink industry degrade the environment by conveyance and fuel wastage, industries production and waste procedure. They are required to hold more eco friendly merchandises and patterns now. While coca Cola and pepsi both are stressing on recycling of tins.

Legal Factors
Legal limitations are put in topographic point so that companies ‘ merchandises do non gull and harm the consumer. Companies are required to aware the consumer about negative wellness impact of

Soft drink and besides mention the ingredients and warning on merchandise.

Structural Drivers of alteration

The consumer has easy become more wellness witting. . Changing consumer demographics ensuing in altering consumer gustatory sensations and increased demand for healthier merchandises. There is a increased in competition from other non-alcoholic drinks, such as energy drinks and athleticss drinks.

Packaging and distribution
The bulk of soft drinks are sold in aluminum tins and PET plastic bottles. They are besides sold in majority through sodium carbonate fountains. Bottles, most of which comprise PET plastic, Merely a really little part of soft drinks are still packaged in glass bottles.Companies are seeking to do packaging more eco friendly such as many companies have introduced re-sealable battalions which can be resealed after imbibing.

The industry distributes its merchandises through supermarkets and food market shops, drug shops, convenience shops and gas mercantile establishments, mass merchants and warehouse mercantile establishments. The foodservice and cordial reception industry, in peculiar fast nutrient mercantile establishments, is another method of distribution. Peddling machines besides provide a distribution channel for these merchandises. Now the companies can straight sell to the consumer, cut downing their dependance on distributers, diminishing costs and additions direct contact with the consumers. ( Hrsdc, 2005 )

Industry Life Cycle

The soft drinks market is now in the full-blown phase of the life rhythm. Growth in the industry has remained dead. It is natural for merchandise to travel in diminution phase but coca Cola and Pepsi

Delay this diminution by invariably developing the merchandise or trade name in order to widen the rhythm.

Coca Cola has maintained its leading for several old ages. The ground buttocks is that it invariably developing its trade name image and reenforcing the nucleus merchandise benefit of gustatory sensation and refreshment to guarantee that trade name remain in adulthood phase. . As in a mature industry, it is characterised by high competition, monetary value wars and competitory advantage through economic systems of graduated table. As in their domestic market is saturated so many companies are now turned towards abroad markets. Another manner to widen the merchandise in a life rhythm is to accommodate it as consumer ‘s demands alteration. For illustration when consumer ‘s attitude towards wellness and diet is altering than coca Cola has introduced diet coke. Besides these companies have aggressive and high advertisement spends in order to keep a reminder of their merchandises in the heads of the consumers. ( Irish Timess, 2000 )

Future Scenario

The soft drink industry can hold 3 possible scenarios in its long term hereafter which are as follows: –

Health witting
Now yearss consumer are more concerned about their wellness. Consumers are besides cognizant of the negative wellness impact of soft drinks ( clairvoyance. carbonated ) , like take downing bone denseness, fleshiness etc. So consumers are looking to the healthier options. So may be the soft drink industry will worsen or will be rooted out of the market. Due to the negative image of the soft drink industry, there may be some limitation or restriction on supply merely like difficult drink industry. There may be age or measure limitation like in intoxicant or baccy. This may take to bead of gross revenues for soft drink industry. Or it could transport on at the same rate as now with steady and predictable growings. There already is a turning demand for healthy juices, fruit drinks, cereals etc. therefore the industries should go on merchandise invention and enlargement of their merchandise line.

Diversification and Market portion
As impregnation is taking topographic point in soft drink industry, companies will get down diversifying into new merchandise classs and markets. Besides, holding a diverse merchandise line will do the industry really stable, which is appealing to investors and creditors.

Soft drink industry could diversify into many section. .. So they should diversify harmonizing to the consumer demands. Kids section will be another market that companies will straight get down to aim because this is the market where soft drink industry get most of it gross revenues. So there may be low calorie drinks that will make good for the childs and will be the tendency in all families. Soft drink industry besides diversify on alcoholic drinks. They will do the combination of small per centum of intoxicant with soft drink which is already popular to pull the difficult drink clients. As intoxicant is a replacement menace for soft drink this would minimise their hazard.

Another Possible hereafter is, to spread out their planetary market portion. This is really of import to prolong because it is the beginning of the bulk of their net incomes. If they lose planetary

market portion, their net incomes will worsen dramatically. So soft drink should take over the local drinks in different states. Each state has its ain local merchandise based on traditional spirits and gustatory sensations. The soft drink companies could spread out into this new market excessively. So soft drink industry should get local companies and fabricating these drinks on a mass graduated table.

Particular drinks
By continually presenting new merchandises, soft drink industry will be able to increase their net incomes and let the company to go on to turn. They should present particular drinks to pull the client. The planetary soft drinks market is estimated to make a value of around $ 49.9 billion by the terminal of 2014. As with all functional soft drinks ( FSDs ) , the original mark section who ab initio bought this construct – 16 to 30 twelvemonth olds – are turning older and come ining a different lifecycle that requires less energy stimulation.

Keeping involvement in the athleticss drinks sector will be critical in order for steady growing to go on. Sports drinks glucose heightening drinks and all others that specifically boost certain demands of the organic structure Along with new and advanced spirits, which besides require a degree of acquaintance and acknowledgment is of import for viing in the concentrated soft drinks industry. Consumers besides want to see that the merchandise is of course good for them. The more parts of fruit or vegetables a drink contains so that it tastes good over a normal soft drink

. Most Likely Scenario

The most Likely scenario will be the variegation and enlargement for the hereafter of the industry. As this industry is already in concentrated phase so this scenario will be really helpful. There will be some phase when people get bored with the soft drinks. . Diversification and enlargement will make more range for invention, net incomes and new market in these sectors separately by sharing of clients and resources and besides enhance public presentation of the nucleus industry.

If the industry wants to maintain moving and does n’t desire to steal in diminution phase than industry have to follow the diverse and expand scheme in other sections to maintain net income traveling.


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