Study of the Various Aspects of the Metro Rail Project Essay

Chapter 1


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Study of the Various Aspects of the Metro Rail Project Essay
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1.1 Overview

Globally, for the first clip in history, more people live in metropoliss than in rural countries. Since these metropoliss contribute significantly to a country’s gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) and growing, they need high quality substructure to ease the motion of people and goods and the bringing of basic services to their population.

Infrastructure development has a important function toplay if India is to prolong its highgrowth, which must go more inclusive as the state matures. Successive Five Year Plans of Government of India have emphasized the demand to develop substructure, therefore we receive ample sum of financess for substructure undertakings.

In recent times the Metro Rail has come up as an option of mass conveyance in urban infinites faced with turning population, heightened vehicular traffic and increased pollution. Metro rail is a signifier of mass theodolite public conveyance system using trains. The tube rail system, unlike conventional rail-based systems is grade separated from the other traffic or provided with separate right of manner ( ROW ) to avoid struggle with other urban transit webs. In most of the instances, at least a part of the tracks are placed belowground ( in tunnels ) , while a major part remains above land ( elevated ) . The system is provided in an urban country and is largely operated by electricity with high capacity and frequence.

Asia is the part in which China and India are two states where the tube rail web is spread outing really fast. In China, the tube rail is under construc­tion in 43 metropoliss where the population is more than 1 million. China is taking to build a sum of 1,500 kilometers of metro rail corridors by the twelvemonth 2015. In India besides, 15 major metropoliss with a population more than 3 million have already been or are being provided with metro rail ( with a entire tube rail corridor length of about 750 kilometers ) and are under different phases of be aftering and/or building. Metro rail sys­tems are being provided/ introduced in these metropoliss non merely to supply an efficient public transit system but besides to better the urban traffic conditions, air and noise pollution state of affairss at that place.

In malice of proper planning and scheduling our undertakings get delayed, we fail to accommodate and implement new technological AIDSs which are successfully practiced by other states.


With the urbanisation of metropolis the population in metropolis additions, the figure of trip on route besides increases and this lead to the traffic congestion on the route. This necessitates a demand to discourage private manners and promote public conveyance debut of a rail based ( MRTS ) Mass Rapid Transit System. Once the Level of traffic along any travel corridor in one way exceeds 20,000 individuals per hr and the population size of metropolis exceed 1 million there is need to be after for tube, so the system would be in place by the clip population is 2 to 3 million and as the population exceed 4 million, extension program for the mass rapid theodolite should be strongly developed. A mass rapid theodolite system was devise to run into the transit demand of a big population by diminishing traffic congestion on the route. It besides produces less noise and pollution. The metro rail is a really environmentally friendly manner of conveyance as it consumes one-fifth energy per rider kilometer compared to route conveyance. It provides citizens security & A ; universe category installations at a cost-efficient rate and offers a comfy travel experience.

In India although its first tube, the Kolkata Metro, started working about 25 old ages ago, the tube rail undertakings in India autumn far behind because of hapless planning, deficiency of financess as it is known that such undertakings require immense capital investings, a long gestation period and complex engineering, the deficiency of integrating between assorted systems of mass transit and the absence of comprehensive traffic and transit planning. Harmonizing to the research workers, the portion of public conveyance should be around 70 ; nevertheless it is merely 35 % –40 % in India ‘s tube metropoliss.

India is looking to develop a universe category substructure with its existent Kolkata and Delhi Metros with the add-on of Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kochi tubes in the following few old ages while proposals for MRTS for Pune, Chandigarh, Ahmadabad, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Bhopal, Indore and Faridabad are being chalked out.

1.3 Aim

The intent of this thesis is chiefly to analyze the assorted facets of Metro Rail Project which includes-

  • Short approachs of Planing
  • Technological retardation with mention to other similar undertaking
  • Government policies and commissariats
  • Marketing schemes adopted
  • Defects in Execution as per planning


For many old ages, India lagged behind the other developing states in the field of urban public conveyance. The demand for substructure is going even more critical as more of the world’s population is traveling into urban centres. But in order to map and sustain growing over the decade’s in front, urban countries will necessitate unconventional, new-age substructure constructs that can, restrict congestion, lessening pollution and promote mobility.

This thesis aims to acquire an penetration of jobs that our tube rail undertakings face during its different stages.

  1. Planing
  2. Government policies
  3. Public Private Partnership in metro rail undertakings
  4. Use of Technology
  5. Complications in executing

Thesis work will include mentions from assorted instance surveies of metro rail undertakings around the universe and by garnering sentiments and positions of forces working in the industry.


A elaborate methodological analysis of the research has been shown in fig 1. For accretion of information about the assorted facets of metro rail we will mention to some instance surveies and carry on a study amongst the undertaking forces and analyze on the footing of these results. Once the information has been analyzed it would interpreted, based on this reading of informations recommendation and chief findings would be listed out.

Fig 1

1.6 Sample Size

Sample Size refers to the figure of units, from where the information is collected. Sample Size shall be such that the sample can adequately stand for a population. Samples that are excessively big may blow clip, resources and money ; while samples that are little lead to inappropriate consequences hence sample size shall be selected carefully.

The aims of this thesis work shall be accomplished by sing equal figure of undertakings with many-sided challenges and issues. We aim to aim six metro rail undertakings in India covering assorted provinces affecting assorted parties and forces.

1.7 Data Interpretation, Findings & A ; Decisions

Data collected for this Empirical research is obtained by observations of undertaking sites sing at their offices and experiences gathered from the same. To analyse the informations and to formalize the same, some statistical tool shall be used which shall take for logical findings and decision so as to prove the hypothesis.

1.9 Recommendations

Based on the findings and decisions we shall urge the stairss that can be implemented to better the defects and carry through the tube rail undertakings that we dreamt of in future.


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