Study on Use of Mobile Sample Essay

A decennary back. Mobile phone was considered a luxury. But today. it is a necessary tool for communicating. even for the pupils. Students of NITK vary in footings of parental income. involvement. age. attitude. topographic point of legal residence. gender. They use nomadic phone for information. amusement and to remain connected with their household and friends. For some pupils nomadic phone is besides a fashion-oriented merchandise and the usage of nomadic phone is straight affected by the alteration in prevalent manner. The present survey was undertaken maintaining in position the above factors.

The survey of applications of nomadic phones by pupils of NITK was conducted with the following aims:

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Study on Use of Mobile Sample Essay
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1. To analyze the intents for which Students of NITK use Mobile phones 2. To analyze the disposition of pupils towards specific Applications supported in Mobile Telephones
3. To analyze the relationship between gender. category of survey ( B Tech/M Tech/ Ph D/MBA etc ) and the extent of use of nomadic phones.


1. The survey was conducted on the pupils of NITK in the month of October / November 2012. 2. Quota sampling was used to pull samples of pupils of B Tech and other pupils. Within each quota convenience sampling was used to pull the samples. 3. While planing the sampling program. it was proposed to cover 72 % of B Tech pupils and 28 % of staying pupils ( MBA/MCA/MSc. MTech and PhD ) . It was besides proposed to cover 75 % male childs and 25 % misss in the study. But due to clip restraint and practical jobs the interruption up of sample drawn was 63. 5 % for B Tech and 36. 5 % for others ( MBA/MCA/MSc. MTech and PhD ) . However the ratio of male childs to misss could be maintained ( 76 % male childs. 24 % misss ) as planned.

Reappraisal of Literature.

Prior to get downing the undertaking. articles on similar topics. available on the cyberspace. were studied. Website of NITK ( World Wide Web. nitk. Ac. in ) was besides studied. The literature which has direct and indirect bearing on the aims of the present probe were studied. In the literature studied1 60 % of the respondents used nomadic phones chiefly for maintaining in touch with friends and naming place when they are out. The Gender wise analysis shows that the inclination to name place is more among adult females than among work forces and the inclination to name friends is more among male childs particularly teens in the age group 15-19 old ages. 51 % used nomadic phones when they were in theodolite and 30 % used it when they were at place.

Lady respondents were more annoyed than work forces. with loud talk on Mobile by people around them. This one of the grounds why more adult females than work forces set their Mobiles on soundless manner. 60 % of the respondents could non make without a nomadic phone even for a twenty-four hours. The intent of utilizing the phone i. vitamin E Safety. Status. Connectivity. Information or amusement were besides studied in these researches.

The different OS available Mobile phones was studied from the wikepedia site. ( World Wide Web. wikepedia. com )

1 A study on survey of nomadic phone use among adolescents and young person in Mumbai. Market Research and Consumer Research Organisation. MACRO. 2004.


Quantitative protocol was used in the survey. to obtain a current snapshot of use of nomadic phones by pupils of NITK. This protocol involves aggregation of informations through a detailed-questionnaire to be administered to pupils of NITK. with sample allotment to roll up the needed information. The structured questionnaire was designed to arouse information on assorted facets of use of nomadic phone by the pupils of NITK. The questionnaire has a mix of open-ended and close-ended inquiries in it.

The questionnaires were handed over to the pupils of NITK straight by one of the squad members of this undertaking or their familiarity and the responses were obtained from the respondents. The intent of the survey was explained to the respondents prior to disposal of the tool. Clarifications sought by the respondents were given and any elucidation required from the respondents were besides obtained on the same twenty-four hours. The respondents were informed that the information obtained is for academic research intent merely and would be kept confidential. Besides. in the questionnaire. the respondents were free non to uncover their individuality ( Please mention Question 11 of the questionnaire ) . All the inquiries are short and pertinent. Based on the pick of the respondents. the inside informations of this survey will be sent by electronic mail to the respondents. Responses obtained were combined. processed and analyzed to get at decisions on assorted issues related to use of nomadic phones by pupils of NITK. Summary of the methodological analysis used in the survey is given below:

Research type: Conclusive ( Exploratory research plus Hypothesis Testing
–Descriptive )

Time Dimension of survey: This survey is Cross-sectional/snapshot survey. Since engineering of nomadic phones alterations fast and is prone to obsolescence the decisions of this survey is relevant for the present clip merely. Hence this survey will portray the applications of nomadic phones by pupils of NITK for a period of six months.

Sampling techniques to be used:

During initial treatments random trying was thought to be suited trying method for carry oning this survey. But the undermentioned restraints made the squad to choose for non-probability sampling:

I ) Time and attempt involved in obtaining the list of all pupils of NITK who are soon analyzing in NITK i. e. complete list of BE. M Tech. PhD. MBA. MSc. MCA pupils. two ) Time and attempt required in turn uping the pupils who have been indiscriminately selected and administrating the questionnaire to them and obtaining their response.

In order to get the better of the above restraints. and in position of the limited clip and resources available to the squad. non-probability sampling technique was preferred. The trying method used was Quota sampling. The inside informations are given below:

Population: It includes all the pupils of NITK ( Population size = 5400 )

Sampling Frame: Students of NITK soon go toing categories at NITK

Sample size: 200 pupils

Sampling technique: Quota sampling ( non-probability sampling )

Quota: Based on the strength of pupils at NITK for assorted classs the following quota was decided: 72 % for B. Tech. 28 % for M. Tech and all other
plans ( MCA. PhD etc ) . Within each of the Quota mentioned. the method of trying was Convenience Sampling. It was besides decided to keep a ratio of 75: 25 between male childs and misss while pulling the sample. The quota has been arrived at based on the strength of pupils of assorted classs.

Collection of informations: Collection of informations will be through questionnaires. A sample questionnaire is enclosed.

Method of Analysis: The filled up questionnaire were entered in to MS Excel. The information entered in Excel was checked with the original informations to rectify informations entry mistakes. The information was so processed. tabulated. classified. analysed for statistical interventions in the visible radiation of aims of the survey.

Statistical steps Used: Percentage: Comparisons are made on the footing of per centum. Graphic Representation: Graphic representation has been used wherever it was felt necessary.

The research Questions. Fact-finding Questions and Research Objectives are given below:

|Sl |Research Question |Investigative Questions |Research Objective | |No | | | | |1 |What are the intents for |1. What is the extent of use of nomadic phones by pupils of |To survey the applications of nomadic phones by | | |which |NITK? |students of NITK. | | |Students of NITK usage |2. How many nomadic phones used by Students of NITK? | | | |Mobile phones |3. What classs of nomadic phones are used by pupils of NTIK? | | | | |4. Which of the characteristics available in the nomadic phones are used | | | | |frequently / most used by pupils of NITK? | | | | |5. For what continuance are each of the characteristics used? | | | | |6. Which OS are used by pupils of NITK? | | | | |7. What are the grounds for pupils of NITK to utilize nomadic | | | | |phones? | | |2 |What decides the |1. What are the common applications that pupils use in twenty-four hours to | | | |Inclination of |day life? |To study the benefits provided by applications | | |Students towards |2. What is the part of “Internet Facility “to the |used in the nomadic phones. | | |Specific |application that can be run on the Mobile? | | | |Applications supported in the |3. How much dependant are applications run on the nomadic phones on| | | |Mobile phones? |availability of cyberspace installation? | | | | |4. Do applications in nomadic phones provide additions to do the | | | | |mobile like a ready to hand desktop computing machine? | |


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