Study Plan Essay

Study plan 1? My background My name is Yu Xiaoyan. I graduated from China Central Radio and TV University in 2008. During my university time , I read many books about management and economy, following closely news which is about management and economy too. I coordinated with my professor well , studying actively. My hard studying got my professors’ high praise. I worked in Tian Yun Shanghai City hotel after I graduated. I combined the theory with reality, managing the sales department effectively. My hard working got clients’ high praise..

During this period I heightened my communicating ability and English level. Even though , I still felt that my ability was limited, I wanted to get more knowledge , heighten my ability. So I had decided to study abroad . I had quitted my job for studying English in a English school.. I have been studying English hard for adapting my life abroad as soon as possible. 2? Why E Thames Graduate School Britain is a developed country, full of different culture. Studying in Britain can help me meet talented people from all of the word.

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That can broaden my horizons. Additional I like the climate and environment of Britain. English is the world language, professional English would make me more confident and convenient. Dalian is an open coastal city Lots of foreigners come to Dalian for travelling every year. More and more World Top 500 companies enter Dalian like Intel, Accenture and Oracle etc. Dalian have become to an international city, so I decided to study in Britain, learning English and world culture. English education is high quality. I quitted my job for getting great education .

English education can meet my need, so I think my choice is correct . E Thames Graduate School locates in London and is a famous school in Britain. Some one who studies in E Thames recommended its to me . According to the information which I found from internet , I confirm that E Thames is a good school. So I decided to study in E Thames. 3? Why School of Tourism& Hospitality Management Dalian is a tourism city, millions of visitor domestic and abroad. Tourism plays an important role in Dalian’ economy. Tourism also makes hotel developing.

The hotel which I worked before is also a famous hotel in Dalian. Dalian develops very quickly , I need to update my knowledge abroad , in that case I can still keep my vantage in my work in future.. English tourism is advanced. There are so many world famous hotels in Britain. Tourism and hospitality management system are well-developed. Studying there is useful for my career. 4? My plan When I enter E Thames, the first thing I want to do is learning English. Besides studying hard in classes, I will make friends with local students to practice my oral English and pure English.

When I begin my bachelor course, I will coordinate with my professor well and read books about my major. Also I will learn actively from my classmates. During holiday I would travel around Britain, leaning from my travelling experience. At the last year, I would look for a internship in a world famous hotel to improve my operating ability on the base of theory. After I graduate I hope to get back my hometown—Dalian, find a job in a world famous hotel and contribute to the tourism and hospitality in Dalian.


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