Study set for Respiration Review

B.glucose O2 enzymes CO2
A biological process that occurs in both plants and animals is shown below.
A+B—->ATP+ D + H20

Which row in the chart below identifies the lettered substances in this process?
A.O2 CO2 glucose enzymes
B.glucose O2 enzymes CO2
C.enzymes O2 CO2 glucose
D.glucose CO2 enzymes O2

(3) cells carry out the process of respiration
All life depends on the availability of usable energy. This energy is released when
(1) organisms convert solar energy into the chemical energy found in food molecules
(2) respiration occurs in the cells of producers and high-energy molecules enter the atmosphere
(3) cells carry out the process of respiration
(4) animal cells synthesize starch and carbon dioxide
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Study set for Respiration Review
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b. digestive and respiratory
Which two organs systems provide materials required for the human body to produce ATP
a. Reproductive and exvretory
b. digestive and respiratory
c. respiratory and immune
d. digestive and reproductive
c. respiration
Which process is directly responsible for the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate molecules?
a. digestion
b. excretion
c. respiration
d. circulation
c.cellular respiration
The cellular process which uses oxygen and sugar to produce energy is called
a. photosynthesis
b. cell division
c. cellular respiration
d. DNA replication
a. mitochrondrion
Base your answer to the following question on the diagram below represents some events that take place in a plant cell.
sugar + 02
ADP —> ATP —> CO2—>H20

a. mitochrondrion
b. chloroplast
c. lysosome
d. ccentriole

a. to remove to carbon dioxide and supply oxygen to the body.
What is the main function of gas exchange
a. to remove to carbon dioxide and supply oxygen to the body.
b. to remove oxygen from the body
c. to supply carbon dioxide and remove oxygen from the body
d. to supply water to the body cells.
d. alveoli and capillaries
In humans most gas exchange happens between the
a. excretory tubules and body cells
b. arteries and body cells
c. skin and air
d. alveoli and capillaries
b. Mitochondria, ATP
Choose the answer that correctly fills in the blanks in the following statements

Carbohydrates are used by our cell organelles called
________________ to perform respiration and produce a molecule of energy called_________________.

a. ribosomes and DNA
b. Mitochondria, ATP
d.Mitochondria , DNA

b. chemical energy in the bonds of organic molecules
During the process of photosynthesis energy from the sun is converted into
a .chemical energy in the bonds of inorganic molecules
b. chemical energy in the bonds of organic molecules
c. enzymes used to produce inorganic molecules
d. enzymes used to produce organic molecules
b. photosynthesis
Which process is directly used by autotrophs to produce glucose
a. diffusion
b. photosynthesis
c. respiration
d. active transport
c. carbon dioxide and water
Which susbstance must a green plant obtain from its environment to carry on photosynthesis?
a. glucose and water
b. oxygen and chlorophyll
c. carbon dioxide and water
d. carbon dioxide and oxygen
a.cellular respiration
Which process directly results in energy being stored in ATP molecules
a.cellular respiration
b.cellular reproduction
The carbon containing molecule that humans exhale is called Co2. The process is called cellular respiration.
Identify carbon containing molecules that humans exhale and the process that produces it.
The simple organic molecules that is produced is called glucose. The process is called photosynthesis.
Identify the simple organic molecules that forms in the leaf and the process that produces it.
The cellular respiration formula C6H12 + O2 enzyme CO2 +H20+ATP. Humans get the materials needed to perform respiration by using energy glucose molecule. Plants get the materials need to perform respiration by receiving solar energy in which it converts chemical energy in bonds of organic molecules.
Write out the formula for cellular respiration. Explain how humans get the material needed to perform respiration and explain how plants get the materials to perform respiration.
The formula for photosynthesis Co2 + H20 enzyme (light energy). C6H1206+02. Autotrophs get the energy they need to perform photosynthesis from the sun. All organisms depend upon photosynthesis because they need glucose and oxygen to perform respiration in order to stay alive.
Write out the formula for photosynthesis. Where do autotrophs get the energy they need to perform photosynthesis? Why are all organisms dependent upon photosynthesis.

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